1-25-04+O2...AMERICAN BANDSTAND [1970] <9.30> (vgq)
   I Want You Back ~ ABC ~ Lookin’ Thru’ The Windows - very small Michael joking with Dick Clark
2-49-20-t4...AMERICAN BANDSTAND [1975] <13m> (gq)
   Dancing Machine - Dick Clark interviews the Jacksons - Moving Violation - Michael solo Just A Little Bit Of You
0-11-05-o4...AMERICAN BANDSTAND [1979] [Jacksons Day] <20.29> (vgq)
   Shake Your Body ~ interview ~ ABC ~ Push Me Away ~ interview ~ Things I Do For You ~ Blame It On The Boogie
2-18-39-o4...AMERICAN BANDSTAND [1972] <18.30m> (vgq)
   Rockin’ Robin ~ Ben ~ Michael answering fan’s questions ~ I Want To be Where You Are ~ interview ~ Lookin’ Thru The Windows
0-29-45-u4...AMERICAN BANDSTAND [1970] <2m> (vgq)
   Zip-A-De-Doo-Dah, presented with award
2-53-20+P4...BEST OF ED SULLIVAN SHOW <3.26m> (eq)
   I want you back
1-17-00+H1...BEST OF HOLLYWOOD PALACE [1969] <2.38m> (vgq)
   I Want You Back
2-14-00+P4...BEST OF MIDNIGHT SPECIAL <24m> (eq)
   Shake Your Body, Blame It On The Boogie, Destiny, Things I Do For You, Shake Your Body
1-56-36-t4...BLACK EXPO [1970] <7.30m> (gq)
   I Want You Back ~ I Want To Be Where You Are
0-39-10-u4...BOB HOPE TV SPECIAL [1973] <8m> (gq)
   Ain’t Nothin’ Like The Real Thing, Get It Together, Dancing Machine
2-37-10-o4...CAROL BURNETT SHOW [1975] <5.30m> (gq)
   Jackson Five introducing themselves ~ Body Language ~ Forever Came Today
0-34-53-t4...CAROL BURNETT SHOW [1974] <2.32m> (gq)
   Dancing Machine
0-00-00-o4...CHER SHOW [1974] <5.30m> (qgq)
   I Am Love ~ The World Is A Mess ~ Cher and Michael singing a medley of I Want You Back ~ I’ll Be There ~ Never Can Say Goodbye ~ The Love You Save ~ Dancing Machine with The Jackson Five
2-57-31-d2...CHER SHOW [1974] <5m> (qgq)
   I Want You Back ~ I’ll Be There ~ The Love You Save - Dancing Machine, Cher singing with The Jackson Five
2-39-48-p4...CHILDREN’S TV SPECIAL [1974] <2.10m> (vgq)
   Free To Be You and Me
2-10-05-e2...DIANA ROSS SPECIAL [1980 <8.30m> (vgq)
   Michael and Diana singing and joking together
2-42-37-o4...DIANA ROSS TV SPECIAL [1971 <14m> (gq)
   Mama’s Pearl ~ The Love You Save - Michael impersonating Frank Sinatra - skit – I’ll Be There ~ All Right
2-08-57-t4...DINAH! [1975] <1.40m> (gq)
   Moving Violation
1-01-20-y2...ED SULLIVAN SHOW [1969] <6m> (eq)
   I Want You Back ~ The Love You Save
2-55-37-p4...ED SULLIVAN SHOW [1969] <8m> (qgq)
   Stand ~ Who’s Loving You ~ The Love You Save - Diana Ross claiming credit for discovering the Jackson Five
0-30-09-u4...FLIP WILSON SHOW [1972] <9m> (gq)
   Skit - Michael adding up crazy numbers
2-50-55-q4...FLIP WILSON SHOW [1970] <10.25m> (eq)
   I Want You Back ~ ABC ~ The Love You Save ~ skit ~ Ain’t Nothin Like The Real Thing
1-01-23-o4...GOIN’ BACK TO INDIANA <53m> (gq) TV special, live songs, skits etc. Bill Cosby as Scoop Newsworthy trying to track down the Jackson Five
   so he can interview them but always just missing them
2-03-20-q2...HELL’S A POPPIN’ [1972] <23m> (really bad quality)
   I Want You Back ~ ABC ~ The Love You Save - skit - Never Can Say Goodbye - skit - Reach In - skit - Sugar Daddy ~ Got To Be There
2-56-12-o4...HELL’S A POPPIN’ [1972] <9m> (vgq)
   Sugar Daddy ~ Got To Be There ~ Brand new Thing
1-18-16+O2...HOLLYWOOD PALACE [1969] <2.30m> (vgq)
   I Want You Back
2-15-04-p4...HOLLYWOOD PALACE [1969] <8m> (gq)
   Can You Remember ~ I Want You Back - Diana Ross joking with Michael and pulling him about - Sammy Davies pretending to be Michael then dragging him off stage
2-07-00-t4...J5 CONCERT [1973] <1.57m> (gq)
   Hallelujah Day
1-53-38-o4...JACKSON FIVE SHOW [1972 <25m> (vgq)
   I Want You Back – skits – Ben – skits – Daydreamer – skits – The Love You Save – Never Can Say Goodbye
0-00-00+K1...JACKSONS SHOW [1] <26m> (eq)
   Samuels and Cohen, Joey Bishop - I Want You Back ~ ABC ~ Never Can Say Goodbye
0-25-57+K1...JACKSONS SHOW [2] <22m> (eq)
   Redd Fox - Enjoy Yourself ~ Blues Away ~ Keep On Dancing
0-47-03+K1...JACKSONS SHOW [3] <21m> (eq)
   Johnny Dark, Caroll O’Connor - Opening song ~ Show You The Way To Go
1-11-05+K1...JACKSONS SHOW [4] <24m> (eq)
   Samuels and Cohen, Ed McMahon - Rockin’ Robin ~ World Of Sunshine ~ The Love You Save
1-35-45+K1...JACKSONS SHOW [5] <25m> (eq)
   David Letterman, Tim Conway - Dancing Machine ~ World Of Sunshine ~ Body Language
1-59-22+K1...JACKSONS SHOW [6] <23m> (eq)
   George Miller, Dom DeLuise, Mohammed Ali - We’re Gonna Change Our Style ~ Style Of Life ~ Life Of The Party
2-23-20+K1...JACKSONS SHOW [7] <24m> (eq)
   David Letterman, Georgia Engle - Sugar Daddy ~ Ben ~ I Am Love
2-47-33+K1...JACKSONS SHOW [8] <22m> (eq)
   John Byner - What You Don’t Know ~ Get Ready ~ Good Times
0-00-00+G1...JACKSONS SHOW [9] <26m> (eq)
   Samuels and Cohen, Sony Bono - Forever Came Today ~ Try A Little Tenderness ~ Dancing Machine
0-00-00-f1...JACKSONS SHOW [10] <25m> (vgq)
   Mackenzie Phillips, Samuels and Cohen - Especially For Me ~ Ben ~ Goin’ Back To Indiana
0-25-00-f1...JACKSONS SHOW [11] <25m> (vgq)
   Tim Thomason, Lynda Carter - Get Happy ~ Living Together
0-49-00-f1...JACKSONS SHOW [12] <23m> (vgq)
   Johnny Dark, Betty White -Get It Together ~ Dreamer ~ Just A Little Bit Of You Every Day
2-55-45-y1...JACKSONS TV SPECIAL [1976 <6m> (qgq)
   Medley of songs
1-53-48-t4...JOEY BISHOP SHOW [1970] <2.48m> (vgq)
   I Want You Back
0-03-30-u4...MERV GRIFFIN SHOW [1974] <12m> (gq)
   Dancing Machine, Michael going into the audience and getting people to sing with him - Jackson Five plus Randy speaking about working in Las Vegas and school, eight-year-old Janet speaking about performing, Randy and Janet singing and doing skits
0-31-34-o4...MERV GRIFFIN SHOW [1974] <12m> (qgq)
   It’s Too Late To Change The Time - interview Jackson Five plus Randy talking about working in Las Vegas, how they got their names and school - Dancing Machine
1-09-20-u4...MIKE DOUGLAS SHOW [1974] <11.07m> (gq)
   It’s Too Late To Change The Time ~ interview ~ Dancing Machine
2-47-00+C6… MIKE DOUGLAS SHOW <11m> (gq)
   Jackson 5 in Las Vegas All I do is think of you live ~ playing Ball on a trampoline
0-28-14-t4...MIKE DOUGLAS SHOW [1977 <3.38m> (gq)
   Enjoy Yourself
2-11-37-t4...MIKE DOUGLAS SHOW [1977] <2.58m> (vgq)
0-17-03-u4...MILLS BROTHERS SPECIAL [1974] <13gq> (gq)
   Motown medley, joking, old time songs medley
1-49-18-t4...MISS BLACK AMERICA PAGEANT [1969] <4.30m> (gq)
   It’s Your Thing
2-57-23-q2...MISS BLACK AMERICA PAGEANT [1969] <4m> (qgq)
   I Can’t Quit Our Love
3-04-20-o4...MUSIK LADEN [1977] <2.56m> (vgq)
   Enjoy Yourself
2-28-38 t4...RICH LITTLE SHOW <13m> (gq)
   Welcome Back Cotter skit - Forever Came Today – skit
0-19-05+O2...ROCK AND ROLL SPORTS CLASSIC <28m> (qgq)
   Celebrities in two teams competing against each other - Jacksons arriving, Michael warming up wearing cute shorts, Michael and Jackie running in the 100 yard dash, LaToya in ladies 100 yard dash, Randy in swimming event etc, Michael being asked about sport and evading the questions, Michael swimming in the relay, tug of war
2-41-10-t4...SONY AND CHER SHOW [1976] <8.10m> (gq)
   Michael joking with Sony and Cher - J5 singing Lookin’ Thru The Windows - Michael solo Ben
0-15-14-u4...SONY AND CHER COMEDY HOUR [1974] <2m> (gq)
   Dancing Machine
0-31-51-t4...SONY AND CHER COMEDY HOUR [1976] <3m> (gq)
   Jacksons medley
2-42-00-p4...SANDY IN DISNEYLAND <2.30m> (gq)
   I Want You Back/Nautical song [dressed as pirates]
1-05-10-t4...SOUL TRAIN [1974] <39m> (gq)
   Dancing Machine ~ Joe showing home movie of his sons at Encino home, interview with J5 ~ Jermaine singing You’re In Good Hands ~ Interview/audience questions ~ Get It Together Michael interview ~ With A Child’s Heart ~ Don’t Say Goodbye Again ~ Whatever You Got I Want ~ Michael interview/audience questions ~ If I Don’t Love You This Way ~ What You Don’t Know Won’t Hurt You
0-47-27-u4...SOUL TRAIN [1975] <22m> (vgq)
   Just A Little Bit Of You, Forever Came Today, interview, All I do Is Think Of You, We’ve Got Forever
0-42-50-t4...SOUL TRAIN [1972] <12.30m> (gq)
   Jermaine singing That’s How Love Goes ~ interview ~ I Want You Back Jermaine interview
2-01-05+H1...SOUL TRAIN <11m> (qgq)
   Whatever You Want I Got - Michael answering questions first Don Cornelius then the audience - If I Don’t Love You This Way ~ What You Don’t Know
0-55-18-t4...SOUL TRAIN [1973] <10m> (gq)
   Michael interview/audience questions ~ Corner Of The Sky ~ Jermaine singing Daddy’s Home ~ Looking Through The Windows
3-04-01-t4...SOUL TRAIN [1975] <2.40m> (gq)
   All I Do Is Think Of You
2-15-24-t4...THE DATING GAME [1971] <12.30> (gq)
   Michael singing Rockin’ Robin then playing the game, asking three hidden girls questions before choosing which he will take on a date
2-23-48-p4...TONIGHT SHOW WITH BILL COSBY [1974 ]<16m> (gq)
   Dancing Machine - interview - Killing Me Softly ~ By The Time I Get To Pheonix ~ Danny Boy
0-00-00-u4...TONIGHT SHOW WITH JOHNNY CARSON [1974] <3.30m> (gq)
   It’s Too Late To Change The Time