0-00-00-z4 - CAPTAIN EO<17m> (eq)
   Perfect picture, not in 3D
1-48-33+D5 - Celebrity Death Match <7m> (eq)
0-00-00+V2 - COVER STORY: JERMAINE JACKSON <30m> (eq)
   Rocumentary covering Jermaine’s career and making him appear the most talented and famous Jackson brother, some wonderful footage of Michael backstage on the Victory Tour
1-20-25-u4 - FAMOUS FAMILIES - THE JACKSONS {1999} <90m> (vgq)
   Their raise to fame and what it cost to keep it. Wonderful video footage, some very rare, of Michael and his family and people speaking of how they became the first family of pop. It begins with the birth of the Jackson Five and ends with 3T. There is no sensationalism, no mention of the abuse allegations, just the music side of it all and mostly positive
0-00-00+N5 - FAMOUS FAMILIES – THE PRESLEYS {1999} <106m> (vgq)
0-00-00+V2 - FREE WILLY <90m> (eq)
   Michael’s environmentally friendly movie
0-03-12-u3 - GHOSTS (General release version) <40m> (eq)
2-03-00-r3 - GHOSTS (Original version [Japan]) <39m> (qgq)
0-00-00-d4 - GHOSTS (Original version [Australia]) <40m> (vgq)
0-44-25+G1 - MAD, BAD WORLD OF MICHAEL JACKSON <20m> (gq)
   Unveiling star, Victory tour press conference, says he hasn’t anything to say, donates share of proceeds to charity, Guinness Book speech, sales, Michael Jackson Burns Centre donation - shakes hands then walks away, at Madam Tusauds, plastic surgery, bizarre behaviour, Bubbles, Michael’s letter to media to leave him alone, skin colour change, on stage in Germany, Pepsi speech, in Tokyo, Heathrow Airport, backstage Wembley with Charles and Di, at White House, Ryan White funeral, on stage Victory tour
0-00-00+V2 - MADONNA AND MICHAEL TOGETHER <48m> (eq)
   Compares Michael and Madonna’s careers - the differences and similarities, their private lives. Launch of the LA Gear Campaign, UNCF Degree Function, Circus visit, Century Plaza Good Scout Award. Madonna and Sandra Bernhardt singing "I Got You Babe” at an AIDS Benefit. Pictures of Michael and Madonna together
2-01-30+V4 - MICHAEL JACKSON HIStory BOOK 1 <42m> (gq)
2-01-32+V4 - Carmina Burera <3.20>
2-04-53+V4 - Video clips from CD1 <2.27>
2-07-40+V4 - HIStory Promo <4.07>
2-11-47+V4 - They Don’t Care About Us {Brazil short version} <4.42>
2-16-43+V4 - They Don’t Care About Us {Prison short version} 4.37>
2-21-22+V4 - They Don’t Care About Us {Prison Rev 2} <5.03>
2-26-49+V4 - They Don’t Care About Us {Prison Rev 3} <5.03>
2-32-20+V4 - They Don’t Care About Us {Brazil long version} <7.07>
2-40-10+V4 - 2BAD “teaser” trailer <1.05>
2-41-32+V4 - 2BAD “The Making Of” trailer <60s>
0-00-00+V2 - MICHAEL SPEAKS <38m> (eq)
   A description of Michael’s career up to Dangerous era, news footage of Michael, Launch of the LA Gear Campaign, UNCF Degree Function, Circus visit, Century Plaza Good Scout Award
1-44-00+K4 - MICHAEL JACKSON - KING OF POP <30m> (eq)
   Frank Dileo, Steve Howell, Seth Rigs, Elizabeth Taylor, Jeanie White, J Randy Tarroborelli, Valentino Johnson {look-a-like}speaking about their relationships with Michael and showing pictures of him with them.. People speaking about the abuse allegations, Michael’s “I am Innocent” statement. Children’s Choice Award
0-00-00+V2 - MICHAEL JACKSON: THE LEGEND CONTINUES {UK version} <53m> (eq)
0-00-00-n2 - MICHAEL JACKSON: THE LEGEND CONTINUES {USA version} <53m> (vgq)
0-00-00+V2 - MICHAEL JACKSON: THE SHORT FILMS <112m>(eq)
   Home video of Michael speaking to and about his animals, behaving naturally and bursting into song when he feels like it then speaking with LaToya and singing a duet with her
0-00-26+W4 - MOMENTS IN HIStory <115m> (vgq)
   Official video only released in Japan to promote the HIStory album. Compilation of the tracks on CD1, preview compilation of Money, Stranger In Moscow, Scream, Earth Song, They Don’t Care About Us, over lovely footage of Michael being Michael, HIStory continues … Liberation video, Billie Jean, Black Or White, HIStory continues … preview compilation, Thriller, HIStory continues … preview compilation, Liberation video, Billie Jean, Black Or White, CD1 compilation, preview compilation
0-33-10+J1 - MOONWALKER {English version} <90m> (eq)
1-10-00-n2 - MOONWALKER {German version} <90m> (eq)
2-31-40+H5 - NEIGHBOURS <7.19m> (gq)
   Characters accidentally wander into Wembley and speak with Jennifer Batten then get interviewed on TV show, then at Wembley concert.
0-00-00-l1 - THE JACKSONS - AN AMERICAN DREAM <240m> (eq)
0-00-00+I3 - WIZ <128m> (eq)