0-00-00+E2...THE BIG STORY <25m>
   Investigative report heavily slanted towards Michael being guilty of the abuse allegations which is a shame as there is lovely footage of Michael in it
0-43-48-i5…WOLF FAMILY IN NEVERLAND <8.23m> (eq)
   The Wolf Family, who lost their home in the German floods, visit Neverland and spend time with Michael
2-28-07-w5…BET <2.02m> (vgq)
   Discussing the 2003 Awards
2-25-04-d1...CALENDAR <96s> (eq)
   Sheffield concert report and coach presentation
1-51-29+O4…AXN <105s> (eq)
   Michael’s disguises
1-40-54-j5… DATELINE <9.20m> (vgq)
   Michael lives like a king and spends like a king too. The real state of Michael’s finances, is he running out of money. What he earns from music royalties, what he spends his money on. Costs of running Neverland, stupid Voodoo rumours, his income.
0-11-58-x4...AJ <4.49m> (vgq)
   The Big Split. A report on the divorce and speculation that he marriage only took place so a divorce could happen, all arranged by the Scientologists. The jokes that have come from the split
0-18-30-x4...AJ <3.36m> (vgq)
   The Big Split. Report on Priscilla’s role in the marriage and the filing for divorce, David Stanley and Flo Anthony telling the details of her dislike and distrust of Michael
0-34-16-w2...BACK IN THE USA <4.32m> (gq)
   Report on the Bad tour going to Kansas City. Live footage from Victory and Bad tours, Tatiana speaking about performing with Michael
1-05-37+L3...EYEWITNESS <4m> (vgq)
   Security camera video of Michael shopping in disguise and almost being arrested for being suspicious. Shopkeepers speaking about Michael and what he bought
1-00-03+L3...EYEWITNESS <3m> (vgq)
   Michael at the Santa Barbara Circus. News reports showing Michael at the circus with children
2-20-30+Z5…HOLLYWOOD AND CRIME <32m> (gq)
   Child abuse allegations against Michael, The murder of DeeDee Jackson, LaToya’s allegations against her family, Janet’s divorce from Rene Elizondo
2-42-34+I1...LIFESTYLES OF THE RICH AND FAMOUS <5.30m> (gq)
   Encino and Neverland Home Report - Encino house, garden, animals. Neverland house, grounds, dining room, kitchen, games room, bedroom etc, Encino house and grounds, auction
2-21-30+E1...MICHAEL JACKSON'S DECADE <7m> (eq)
   Film, video, news, speaking, dancing, performing, being controversial, what he did, where he went, whom he saw
   Local Japanese news reports and footage of Michael being dressed in a judo outfit, still with his hat on, then presented with his Black Belt, and Medallion, his "Thank you" speech, walking about, Press Conference about the formation of Prosperity Global Enterprises, Michael speaking about forming Michael Jackson Japan Co Ltd which is to specialise in Theme Parks and toy stores, banquet - Michael eating Sushi with his fingers
1-07-22+O2...SOUTH AFRICAN VISIT <6m> (gq)
   Reports and video footage showing the positive side of what happened when Michael was being crowned King
0-37-30+M2...TAJ MAHAL REPORT <4.30m> (eq)
   Donald Trump entertaining Michael at the opening, showing him to his suite, wandering about the Casino, saying goodbye
0-57-31+L3...THE BAD TOUR IS OVER <9m> (vgq)
   Footage of the last concert of the Bad tour and Michael confirming that this is the last show ever, no more touring. Receiving an Award from Los Angeles Mayor. Michael's evolution
0-18-25+G3...THE MANY FACES OF MICHAEL <2m> (gq)
   Photographs of Michael and people dissecting how he's changed through the years
2-52-39+R1...TAJ MAHAL REPORT <3.30m> (eq)
   same report as above but with different footage
2-05-00 L1...MICHAEL’S PRIVATE SUITE <2.30m> (gq)
   In the Royal Plaza Hotel
    (picture rolls)
   The evolution of Michael's face
1-56-16+D4…TV MOMENTS OF TRUTH <3.56m> (vgq)
   A report about the allegations 8 years after it happened
0-04- 31+Y5…THE MICHAEL JACKSON MACHINE <2.36m> (gq)
   Michael highly visible as part of the publicity machine for Invincible. Other artists using Michael’s work in their videos. Can he overcome the Wacko Jacko image?
0-13-04+D3…WORD TO THE BADD <11m> (vgq)
   Jermaine “accidentally” releasing his song ridiculing Michael. Jermaine trying to explain why he wrote it and his “relationship” with Michael. Lovely video footage of Michael
0-05-15-s1...WORD TO THE BADD <2.30m> (eq)
   Jermaine being rude about Michael, explaining Word To the Badd is to heal not hurt