0-59-00-o5…ARTISTS ON MICHAEL JACKSON <21m> (eq)
   Missy Elliott, Dionne Warwick, McCauley Culkin, “NSYNC”, R Kelly, Levelled Smith, Wyclef Jean, Lauryn Hill, Anastacia, Britney Spears, Teddy Riley, Brian McKnight, D’Angelo, JA Rule, Tristian Payne, Janet Jackson, Alien Ant Farm, Usher, Bomfunk MC’s, Gorillaz, Sisqo, Slash, Roger Sanchez, Steve Barron, Genuwine, Groove Armada, Sophie Ellis Bextor, Faithless, Super Furry Animals, speak about working with, performing with and being influenced by the King of it All
1-55-30-s5… CBS 'MICHAEL JACKSON SPECIAL <43m> (vgq)
   Beyonce Knowles, Missy Elliott, Dick Clark, Mary J. Blige, Carson Daly, Shaggy, Savion Glover, Pharrell Williams, Wyclef Jean, Quincy Jones and Jennifer Lopez are among the artists who pay tribute to Michael. The artists and celebrity guests speak about Michael’s music and videos and his impact on pop culture. The special offers new takes on Michael’s classic songs by combining the digitally restored original music videos with live performances that have been filmed over the years from his 'Off the Wall' and 'Thriller' eras. Also featured on the program is 'History' tour footage and other behind-the-scenes footage from Michael’s career
2-12-00-w5… E! TRUE HOLLYWOOD STORY <6.57m> (vgq)
   Emmanuel Lewis: just the Michael bits
1-42-22+X5…E! TRUE HOLLYWOOD STORY <86m> (vgq)
   Lisa Marie: Starts with how Elvis met Priscilla then shows pictures of Lisa as she grows up had relatives speak about the young Lisa and how she coped with the death of Elvis. Her troubled teen years, Danny Keogh, Michael, Nick Cage, her singing ambitions
0-45-00-w5…E! TRUE HOLLYWOOD STORY <87m> (vgq)
   Michael: [This is mostly nice and although the facts are sometimes a little inaccurate it’s good to watch and fairly presented]
   Is Michael an innocent victim or a genius, the stranger than fiction story. Some great video footage from all eras. Michael’s musical beginnings in Gary. Friends, neighbours and relatives reminisce about when Michael was a very small boy. Michael’s teacher speaks about his school days, early talent shows and nightclubs, Taraborrelli adds information. Gordon Keith signs the J5 up. Big Boy, Apollo Theatre, Bobby Taylor saw a genius in Michael. Motown signing, the decision to pretend Diana Ross discovered the J5. The boys move in with Diana and mix with all the top celebrities of the time. Joe Jackson gets pushed out. Michael and groupies, he keeps quiet about the sex. Michael evolving into a solo artist. Jane Fonda speaks about Michael. Move to Epic, dating Tatum O’Neil, the Wiz, Michael finds a new freedom in New York, goes back on the road, joins up with Quincy Jones and Off The Wall is created. At 22 Michael is a millionaire and full of contradictions, his friend Jane Fonda tells about Michael and Peter Pan, his friendship with Katherine Hepburn. Thriller and the sensation it and it’s singles generated. Motown 25. The Victory tour controversy, Pepsi commercial that burned Michael’s hair. Grammy’s, 8 awards and two guests – Brooke and Emmanuel. Corey Feldman speaks about his obsession with Michael. Animosity during the Victory Tour. Pepsi endorsement, hypobaric chamber story, Elephant Man’s bones and the nick name Wacko Jacko is borne. Diane Dimond gives her opinion on Michael. The surgical mask becomes part of Michael’s dress code. The palening of Michael’s skin. Bad album and the media bitchiness begins, Bad tour, surgery, Neverland has it’s own landfill so Michael doesn’t have to throw his garbage out for people to sift through. Friendship with Macauley Culkin, Brian Oxman explains Michael’s sleeping arrangements. Dangerous album and tour. Michael genuinely the King of Pop but the bigger the star the bigger the target. Oprah interview. Album sales rocket and the abuse allegations begin, the Dangerous tour ends. Pepsi cancel their endorsement with Michael. LaToya lashes out at Michael and later recants her statements. Michael declares his innocence in a live link from Neverland. Michael wants an end to the media circus and settles out of court. Marriage to Lisa. Case closed. Marcel Avram court case settled out of court. History album released. For One Night Only announced, Michael collapses and it’s cancelled. Lisa flies to his side and asks for a divorce. Debbie Rowe is pregnant, then pregnant again. Janet speaks about Prince. Debbie and Michael divorce. Prince gets lost in the Mall. Invincible is released and is not well received. War against Sony in general and Tommy Mattola in particular begins. Michael demonstrates. Joins up with Al Sharpton and gives racist speeches. What More Can I Give recorded and dropped, the lawsuits begin. Blanket is borne and dangled. Rumours begin that Michael is bankrupt and all his appearances are connected to court cases. Bitten by a spider. Jane Fonda supports Michael. Bashir sells Michael out. Michael airs the footage that wasn’t meant to be seen. Vanity Fair publish the Voodoo story, more imminent Bankruptcy stories appear and people forget that Michael is a genius who has been entertaining for many decades
0-42-38-i5… E! TRUE HOLLYWOOD STORY <70s> (vgq)
   Cory Feldman: Michael’s influence and friendship
0-00-00+I6…HOLLYWOOD HUNT CLUB <20m> (vgq)
   Paparazzi’s video footage of Michael at Barry White’s ash spreading ceremony. Showing still pictures they have taken, going to Gary to shoot Michael on his visit there then showing the video footage they got.
1-30-00+F6…IT’S GOOD TO BE MICHAEL JACKSON <20m> (eq)
   How Michael spends his money, what he owns and what he’s worth. Charity donations
1-53-44-q4…JACKO’S MILLIONS <56m> (eq)
   Investigation the finances and spending habits of the Pop superstar Michael Jackson. This report is not as bad as everybody thought it would be. It shows a fascinating insight into how much Michael is worth and although they would like to rubbish him they mostly do the opposite because his career has been amazing and there is no doubt about it. This shows footage of a warehouse full of stage outfits and memorabilia belonging to Michael and his family – it details his astute business decisions and shows what he paid for Neverland Valley and what it’s now worth as well as other properties he has invested in. It delves into his other business ventures – advertising, marketing, merchandising, ATV catalogue etc. It also has people speaking about what a great artist/performer Michael is. The only negative stuff is Mike Walker from the National Enquirer saying his usual stupid comments and the occasional silly remark by the presenter
0-33-30-s5…LOUIS, MARTIN & MICHAEL <72m> (eq)
   Louis Theroux trying to get an interview with Michael. Nice video footage. Michael in London at Parliament and at Devon Football Club. Speaking to Mark Lester [child star in Oliver and friend of Michael’s since he was a child], Sony protest, Michael on the bus. Meeting Uri Geller who talks rubbish about Michael and supports Martin Bashir. Las Vegas - where Michael has been, E. Casanova performing, Majestic Magnificent trying to speak to LaToya, saying of his connection to the Jacksons, how Mohammed Ali introduced him to Michael and he lived at Havenhurst. Joe Jackson’s fee and Majestic’s bonus. Meeting Joe, asking what makes Michael special but getting no answers. Looking for Debbie Rowe unsuccessfully. Arguing with fans in Germany. Speaking to Danny Oliver. Baby dangling incident, Bambi Awards, upset fan, speaking to Terry George about the phone sex between him and Michael, playing the interview Terry did with Michael at the Dragonara Hotel Leeds in February 1979. Catching up with Joe Jackson in a shopping mall, at 2 am the interview starts, Michael scared of Joe, he doesn’t care what Michael feels, whups Michael, calls him names, what Joe thinks of Michael’s nose, is Michael troubled, why Michael never grew up, won’t talk about Michael’s nose, Michael’s not crazy, he’s smart. Is Michael gay? Katherine would go mad if Michael had a boyfriend. How Uri Geller feels now about Bashir. Michael no longer speaks to his.
3-00-00 k4...MICHAEL JACKSON’S FACE <49m> (eq)
   Documentary exploring how the superstar’s appearance changed during the high and low points of his career. Featuring interviews with friends and family, the programme attempts to reveal the reason for the singer’s apparent obsession with his looks. This would be interesting if it were not littered with nasty, rude, incorrect and stupid remarks to belittle Michael at every opportunity. There is some nice footage in it
1-24-36-o5…MICHAEL JACKSON VIDEOGRAPHY <120m> (eq)
   Rock With You ~ Billie Jean ~ Beat It ~ Bad ~ Dirty Diana ~ Smooth Criminal ~ Leave Me Alone ~ Black Or White ~ Remember The Time ~ In The Closet ~ Who Is It ~ Jam ~ Give In To Me ~ Will You Be There ~ Scream ~ You Are Not Alone ~ They Don’t Care About Us ~ Stranger In Moscow ~ Blood On The Dance Floor ~ History ~ Ghosts ~ You Rock My World
0-11-25+U5…MTV’s THE MICHAEL JACKSON STORY <150m> (eq)
   Charting Michael’s career from cute little boy with the Jackson Five up to Invincible. The story runs across the bottom of the screen while videos and performances play
0-00-00-w5...4-28-45-w4…PRIMETIME SPECIAL EDITION [2003] <45m> (eq)
   The Many Faces Of Michael Jackson. An examination of the changes in Michael. Berry Gordy speaks on the J5 years, Taraborrelli speaks of the teenage years, a showcase of what he did during his career, Thriller video pivotal to how Michael is, he wants his life to be the greatest show on earth. Does Black or White mean his skin colour change? Cosmetic surgeon speculates on how Michael thinks. Michael’s nose is a sad deformity. What next for Michael, does he want to go back even if he could? Fall out from the Bashir interview. Do we want to hang on to the Michael we once loved? Comic gags. Michael the man-boy’s record sales rocket. Bashir is interviewed and speaks about how Michael’s children are made to suffer through Michael’s excitement by being surrounded by fans and his bizarre fathering skills. Bashir states that Neverland is a dangerous place for underprivileged children. Bashir thinks children are at danger from Michael but also thinks Michael is totally sexually innocent [contradiction?] Michael is the King of Retail therapy, he spends $4m in a few minutes in a store. Bashir’s “professional” opinion on Michael’s psychological being. Barbara Walters introduction to “Living With Michael Jackson”
1-13-00-r4... THE ESSENTIAL MICHAEL JACKSON <40m> (eq)
   Series profiling contemporary black icons. Musical legend Michael Jackson's career began at the age of four as the lead singer of the Jackson 5, and went on to record the most popular album of all time - 1982's Thriller, which sold 46 million copies. This programme looks at how Jackson's troubled and controversial private life and the speculation on his behaviour in the tabloid press served to eclipse the fact that Jackson paved the way for black artists to become megastars in their own right. Featuring interviews with Michael's brother Tito, producer Nile Rogers, video director Hype Williams and musicians inspired and influenced by Jackson's music
   Michael’s fabulous life where money is no object. Shopping sprees with Michael showing what he spends his money on. Lovely footage of Michael.
   Marlon Jackson showing lovely videos and telling us how the J5 evolved into the Jacksons. MSG performers speaking about the Jacksons and clips of the Jackson Five performing at the MSG concert. Marlon’s daughter Valecia asking the Jackson brothers about MSG, performing and their early days
0-00-00-z5…VH1 DRIVEN <43.20m> (vgq)
   Lisa’s life leading up to her launching her singing career. Celebrities and family members reminiscing about Lisa’s childhood. Elvis dies and Lisa becomes part of the media craziness. Teen years and marriage to Danny Keogh. Her children, the Michael Jackson era., Elvis tribute. Lisa records an album
1-28-26+S5…VH1 FANCLUBS [2001] <42m> (eq)
   The stories of four fanatics of Michael Jackson. Joe Yennish [MJNI], San, Simone and E' Casanova [impersonator] comments about Michael from many celebrities
0-10-54-i5…WE ARE FAMILY <8.51m> (eq)
   The Jacksons: Lovely vintage footage of the Jackson Five chronicling their rise to superstardom