0-30-00-p3...ALL ABOUT MICHAEL {1997} <25m> (eq)
   MTV's attempt to explain Michael using J. Randy Taraborrelli, Rick Sky, tabloid news reports, look-a-likes, a psychotherapist, the opinions of many people who have never met Michael, Gloria Haydock and 3T. There's some lovely footage of Michael but the accuracy is questionable
0-01-20-e3...ARTE MUSIC PLANET <95m> (eq)
   A French Rocumentary that uses subtitles when Michael is speaking so you hear what he is saying instead of being dubbed. A very young Michael speaking, clips of Michael all ages, teenage Michael speaking, more clips, Dick Clark speaking about Michael, more clips, unavailing of the History statue, more clips, Janet speaking, making Scream, clips of newspaper covers, Katherine speaking, 2300 Jackson street, baby pictures, Joe speaking, Michael speaking, clips, Quincy Jones speaking, Suzanne De Passe speaking, clips, Marlon speaking, clips, Tommy Tong speaking, very young Michael speaking then singing, Smokey Robinson speaking, very young Michael speaking, Blame it on the Boogie, Jackie speaking, Katherine speaking, The Triumph, The Wiz, Rock With You, Off The Wall era speaking, Don't Stop 'Til You Get Enough, ET, making of Thriller, Say Say Say skit, Billie Jean ~ live Victory tour, Michael announcing that he is donating all his Victory tour money to charity, clips, We Are The World, White House visit, Captain EO, Bad clips, live Bad footage, Face changes, Spitting Image, Leave Me Alone, Weird Al Yankovic, Fat ~ Bad mixed together as a duet, Dirty Diana, Black Or White, clips, Dangerous Tour kick-off, Heal The World, making Remember The Time, Slash speaking, making Give In To Me, Dangerous live clips, Dangerous Tour facts, Larry Feldman speaking, Quick reference to abuse allegations, clips, LaToya speaking, Katherine and Jermaine speaking, Michael's I am innocent speech live from Neverland, marriage, Elvis tribute, filming in Hungary, History Promo, You Are Not Alone
   History concert clips with reviews
0-00-00+B5*20...BET HISTORY TOUR SPECIAL <29.22> (eq)
   At airport waving to fans, with fans, with fans in Bremen, millionth ticket sold in England, John Issacs speaking about photographing Michael and showing photos he took of the tour, Taco Falcon speaking about choreographing the children for Earth Song, History tour facts and figures, lots of footage of Michael playing in Disneyland - on rides, with fans, signing autographs, Poland, BSO History concert, Michael backstage, Scream/TDCAU live, SIM/Wanna Be live, History
2-54-18+J4...BOY BANDS <4m> (eq)
   Motown's music factory, Pete Waterman, Fonce Mizell, Berry Gordy, Nile Rodgers, Trevor Horn explain Pop songs and dissect ABC/I Want You Back
0-10-34+I4...BRAVO HISTORY TOUR REPORT <7m> (eq)
   Fans speaking, arriving in Bremen, hugging fan, balcony speech, in hotel, wandering about, fan grabbing him and having to be pulled off by security, look-a-likes dancing, LaVelle Smith speaking, Scream live, Jennifer Batten speaking, They Don't Care About Us live
3-01-48-c4...CHANNEL [V] <2.4m> (gq)
   History special excerpts
0-43-13-k4...CIRKUS MICHAEL JACKSON {Bremen 1997} <25m> (eq)
   Arriving, waving and playing at airport, technical stuff, setting up stage, fans who met Michael speaking, Michael wandering about, Dancing the Dream, Sheraton Hotel Manager speaking and showing the hotel where Michael stayed, Michael arriving, fans showing photos of Michael outside hotel, playing in Phantasialand, reporter speaking, lovely clips of Michael being Michael, more talking and clips, more talking, Michael waving from balcony, allegations, clips of Michael
1-02-00-p3...DAS MICHAEL JACKSON SPEZIAL {1997} <80m> (eq)
   Scream live Bremen, early footage of Jackson Five, little Michael speaking about performing and the songs he sings, in helicopter, Ben, Jackie speaking, Janet speaking, Goin, Places, Blame It On The Boogie, Dancing Machine, Michael speaking, Rock With You, Michael speaking, Don't Stop, Quincy speaking, Beat It, Grammy clips, Thriller, Billie Jean Victory Tour, running with uniforms, We Are The World, kissing babies, at White House, Pepsi, New York, Guinness Book of Records, Say, Say, Say, Bad, TWYMMF, Man In The Mirror, Dirty Diana, Smooth Criminal, Leave Me Alone, Neverland, swimming, wandering about stadium, meeting fans and accepting a signed T-shirt then more wandering and mingling, stage being set up and fans arriving for concert, Scream live, pictures, posters, T-shirts, fans, arriving in Bremen for concert, Black or White, Jam, Heavy D, Naomi Campbell, In The Closet, Remember The Time, Oprah interview, Will You Be There, with boys, allegations, Taipei, Wanna Be Startin, Somethin, live, fans, Japan, with Lisa, I am innocent speech, morphing from baby Michael to present, Heal The World, Hungary, handing out presents, freeing Europe, throwing stuff to fans, Scream, MTV video awards, Janet speaking, 2300 Jackson St, Taryll speaking, Taj speaking, Why, You Are Not Alone, VH1 Honours, Wetten Dass, Tunisia, setting up stage, sorting out cameras, Michael arriving, speaking about how much he loves his fans, They Don't Care About Us live, Michael speaking about being a workaholic and goofing off, making Stranger In Moscow, Ghosts, Michael speaking about how he loves to create and make magic, making Ghosts, fans pictures of Michael and his baby, look-a-like, Parkhouse Hotel, Michael hugging a fan then wandering about and being attacked and the minders flapping about and Michael leaving quickly, fans running They Don't Care About Us live, History live
0-00-00+H5...HISTORY IN BRAZIL {1996} <60m> (qgq mostly b/w)
   Local news reports of Michael’s visit - running with the Army, helicopter arriving, aerial view of Shanty Town, wandering about, Bob Jones, filming TDCAU, saying "I love you Brazil" then kissing TV anchorwoman, Hotel, airport, look-a-like, fans, waving from hotel window, Spike Lee, Michael visiting the boy his van knocked down in hospital, airport, wandering about with Children, filming the video, playing, shopping, with children
0-00-00+I4...HISTORY IN BREMEN <10.30m> (vgq)
   Bremen concert report, Jackson Five, arriving in Bremen, at airport waving to fans in car Stranger In Moscow live, fans and look-a-likes waiting, Beat It live, studying photos of Michael from Bad to History and discussing his facial changes, Ghosts, computerised image of Michael ageing then showing it to fans waiting for the concert to begin, They Don't Care About Us live
2-02-15-m4...HISTORY IN BUCHAREST {1996} <12m>
   Setting up the stage, technical stuff, support band sound check, fans arriving, clips from the concert, dismantling and packing up stage, Michael walking about greeting and hugging fans, waving from plane, leaving, sad fans
0-00-00-m4...HISTORY IN GOTHENBURG <25m> (eq)
   Setting up stage, preparing stadium, fans waiting, videos, backing singers and dancers speaking of performing with Michael, Smooth Criminal live, build-up to the concert, back stage, Scream/TDCAU live, fans
2-42-20-r3...HISTORY IN JAPAN <19m> (gq)
   Japanese TV news reports and video footage of Michael arriving, presented with bouquets of flowers, on stage, waving and throwing things from his hotel window, wandering about, Japanese speech, signing things, given things, saluting, smiling saying, "I love you" and grinning. another speech, ceremonial handprint in concrete and signing it, another speech
3-01-45+T4...HISTORY IN MALAYSIA <20m> (vgq)
   Teaser, Heal The World {Dangerous}, Michael arriving for History, lots of History concert footage with fans, Michael meeting people, signing autographs, sightseeing, at children's party slotted in
1-35-55-w3...HISTORY IN POLAND {1997} <13.30m> (eq)
   Polish TV news reports showing footage of Michael's arrival, walkabouts, shopping expeditions and concert in Warsaw
0-00-00-p3...HISTORY IN PRAGUE {ARD} <30m> (eq)
   Michael walking about waving to fans and shaking hands and signing stuff and being given stuff, History concert footage, BRAVO magazine editor showing pictures of Michael, speaking about Michael, fan club president, hotel room, fans, Michael arriving in Prague, waving from hotel balcony, walking about and waving, shopping, being photographed, playing, watching puppets, fan lifting his mask up and kissing him, hotel manager, walking about greeting fans and being given stuff, presentation, sightseeing, meeting dignitaries, tour details, signing more autographs, Scream/They Don't Care About Us live, fans, Michael returning to his hotel
1-57-00-e4...HISTORY IN PRAGUE AND AMSTERDAM <20m> (gq)
   Scream, TDCAU, MTV competition winner reporting on History tour, arriving in Amsterdam, riding in barge on canal, given flowers, at hotel window, fans outside his hotel, in video store, on canal, getting mobbed, Sophia Hospital, Michael in Budapest with Lisa
0-00-00-s4...HISTORY IN SOUTH AFRICA <22m> (gq)
   People speaking about how important it is for Michael to be in South Africa, Michael in record store, wandering about, orphanage visit people describing where he went and what he did, erecting stage, fans anticipating the show, Scream, Michael Bush describing how the costumes are made and work and how Michael wears them, Lavelle Smith, Jennifer Batten and Brad Buxton speaking about working with Michael and how the show is put together, TDCAU, playing with children, clips while Michael speaks
0-00-00+R1...HISTORY OF MICHAEL JACKSON 1991 <12m> (eq)
   Where it began, where it went, where it's going 1-48-49+Z4...HISTORY OF THE POP VIDEO <13.55m> (eq)
0-47-40-c4...HISTORY PROMOTIONAL TAPE <18m> (vgq)
   Compilation of videos from History CD1 - marketing strategy, diary of what has happened and will happen during the build-up to release, Mega video mix
0-00-00-m4...HISTORY WORLD TOUR IN GOTHENBURG <25m> (eq)
   Setting up stage, preparing stadium, fans waiting, videos, backing singers and dancers speaking of performing with Michael, Smooth Criminal live, build-up to the concert, back stage, Scream/TDCAU live, fans
1-57-26-l4...HISTORY WORLD TOUR IN HELSINKI <36m> (eq)
   Stage arriving and being erected, crew speaking, costumes, fans queuing, Michael arriving at airport, achievements to date, people speaking about Michael and lovely pictures of Michael signing stuff, grinning and waving
1-48-36-w3...JACKSON IN WARSAW <16m> (vgq)
   Fans anticipating Michael's arrival in Poland, Michael getting off plane, formal greeting and flower presentation, Hotel, walkabout, shopping, walking and waving, fans, dignitary presentation, fans, vice Premiere speaking, Michael arriving and walking down loads of stairs, Kindergarten visit, shopping, walking about, shaking hands concert venue, security
0-37-11-w3...JACKSONMANIA {POLSAT} {1997} <59m> (vgq)
   Building the stage, in the Marriott Hotel preparing the suit for Michael's arrival, the piano, bed and bathroom, fans, preparing the row of children who are to present Michael with bouquets, Michael disembarking and being welcomed by singing children, waving, grinning, signing getting tangled up in lots of police motorbikes, lots more walking, waving, signing, nodding, grinning and speaking with fans. His 13 suitcases arriving, Michael in the foyer and outside motorcade driving off, shopping, more walking about and telling everybody, "I love you very much". Standing and nodding while people photograph him. Legoland. People speaking, fans. Sitting in the foyer, singing to himself then drinking orange juice before having people presented to him and asking them how they are. Finance Minister speaking about Michael then Michael being presented to him. Photoshoot with children, pointing and grinning, nodding and signing, lots more walking about. Stage construction, rehearsals, fans arriving, support act, The Way You Make Me Feel/Heal The World live. People saying how wonderful Michael is. More walking about then leaving
0-26-35+W5...KING OF VIDEOS: MICHAEL JACKSON <82m> (gq)
   A one gloved salute to the undisputed King of Pop. Nice pictures of Michael with the Jackson Five to History with Michael speaking and contribution from Alan Light - Spin Magazine, Ann Powers - New York Times, Quincy Jones, Don’t Stop ‘Til You Get Enough, Danyel Smith – Time Inc, Rock With You, Steve Barron – Director of Billie Jean, Sting, Billie Jean, Bob Giraldi – Director Beat It, Weir Al Yankovic, Beat It, John Landis, Pat Benatar, Will Smith, Paul McCartney, Say, Say, Say, Peter Gabriel, Tatiana Thumbtzen, Leave Me Alone, Another Part Of Me, Slash, Herb Ritz, Janet. Michael Jackson is still the King of Videos!
1-52-32+Q5...MICHAEL IN CANNES <24m> (gq)
   Ghosts, showing how Michael dancing in a skin tight black body-stocking with balls converts into a dancing skeleton, transforming Michael into different characters, clips, fans outside Cannes Hotel, Stan Winston speaking about making Ghosts, walking down celebrity red carpet, fans outside Michael’s hotel, Michael arriving dressed as an Arab, leaving hotel and walking about getting mobbed, walking to theatre, in foyer, going back to hotel, Michael and Stan Winston walking
0-00-00+A5...MICHAEL IN DETROIT {1998} <95m> (qgq/gq)
   The first 28 mins the quality is not good then it gets better. Local news of Michael's visit to Detroit with Don Barden. Includes arriving at airport, interviewed by local news, shopping at Mall, Press conference, visit to Motown with Stevie Wonder, commercial to encourage people to vote, Michael's political speech, hugging voters
   Michael wandering about playing with fans and clips of him live on stage
0-15-51+O5...MICHAEL IN NAMIBIA [1998] <6.23m> (vgq)
   Arriving in Windhoek, with dignitaries, World Economic Forum speech, wandering about
0-47-09+E4...MICHAEL IN POLAND {1997} <22m> (gq)
   Arriving at airport, presented with flowers, watching dancers, walking along runway, helicopter blowing his hat off, sightseeing, signing stuff, hugging and kissing girl, hiding behind book, more signing stuff, attending piano recital with President, presented with book and plaque, "I love you Poland and I'd like to live here" speech, tea party, more walking and signing, ceremony with President and speech, watching dancers, receiving gifts and handing out presents to sick children , walking up lines of soldiers, on place wrapped in blanket, more sight seeing, fans crowding him for autographs
3-21-45+T4...MICHAEL IN PRAGUE <22m> (vgq)
   Arriving, meeting people and being welcomed at Airport, standing on hotel balcony ledge and waving to fans, Earth Song, TDCAU, SIM videos with clips of Michael wandering about, with fans, watching fans perform for him
0-25-41+Q5...MICHAEL IN SOUTH KOREA {1996} <43m> (gq)
   Arriving, concert clips, fans, airport, wandering about, speech, Hotel staff lining up, Hotel suite, chaos as Michael arrives and leaves, concert clips, Michael shopping in record store, pressing his hands in cement and signing his name, in park hugging a crying fan, in Pizza Hut, jumped on by fan, video clips, fans, signing autograph, in school presented with flowers, at Press Conference, holding baby, setting up stage, tickets, TDCAU, BI, BJ, ES, HTW, History clips, fan running up crane and joining Michael, Michael with priest, leaving
1-17-27+Q5...MICHAEL IN THE PHILIPPINES {1996} <35m> (gq)
   Ghosts, Michael in Disneyland Paris, Mayor won’t let Michael perform in Manila, clips of Michael, Hotel getting ready for Michael’s arrival, arranging food, security, students cut classes to watch Michael arrive through service elevator, fans don’t care about molestation charges, Scream, Thriller, TDCAU, IBT, ES, TDCAU clips, Michael with fans, getting off plane and hugging and kissing fan, getting crushed and knocked down, waving from Hotel balcony, demonstrators trying to stop concert, Mark Quindoy, fans welcoming Michael, grinning, walking, waving, visiting children in Hospital, giving presents, Scream, Michael and Debbie
2-48-00+W4...MICHAEL JACKSON AT 40 {BBC2} <36m> (eq)
   A positive look back over the life and career of the greatest performer of all time
   Video Mega mix - Bill Bellamy interviewing Michael, 11 VMA nominations, Michael then Janet speaking about making Scream together, how he makes videos, his favourite video. In the studio re-recording They Don't Care Us. How he chose which artists he wanted to collaborate with, who he would to work with that isn't about any more. Boyz II Men and others speaking about working with Michael, You Are Not Alone, out-takes
0-01-15-q3...MICHAEL JACKSON HIS STORY IN MUSIC <150m> (eq)
   An MTV Rocumentary charting Michael's career from cute little boy with the Jackson Five up to History era. The story runs across the bottom of the screen while videos play: ABC/I Want You Back ~ Who's Loving You ~ Show You The Way To Go ~ Even Though You're Gone ~ Blame It On The Boogie ~ Don't Stop 'Till You Get Enough ~ She's Out Of My Life ~ Rock With You ~ Can You Feel It ~ Billie Jean ~ Beat It ~ Dynamite ~ When The Rain Begins To Fall ~ Centipede ~ Heart Don't Lie ~ Torture ~ Say, Say, Say ~ Thriller ~ Muscles ~ We Are The World ~ Control Nasty Boys ~ What Have You Done For Me Lately ~ When I Think Of You ~ Bad ~ Dirty Diana ~ The Way You Make Me Feel ~ Another Part Of Me ~ Liberian Girl ~ Leave Me Alone ~ Smooth Criminal ~ Rhythm Nation ~ You're Gonna Get Rocked ~ 2300 Jackson Street ~ Black Or White ~ Jam ~ Escapade ~ Black Cat ~ Give In To Me ~ Remember The Time ~ Alright ~ You Want This ~ Anytime , Any Place ~ In The Closet ~ Who Is It ~ Gone Too Soon ~ Heal The World ~ Will You Be There ~ Scream ~ Runaway ~ Earth Song ~ They Don't Care About Us ~ You Are Not Alone ~ Stranger In Moscow
   Billie Jean ~ The Way You Make Me Feel ~ Black Or White ~ Rock With You ~ She's Out Of My Life {live} ~ Bad {full} ~ I Just Can't Stop Loving You {live} ~ Man In The Mirror ~ Thriller ~ Beat It ~ Remember The Time ~ Don't Stop 'Till You Get Enough ~ Wanna Be Startin' Somethin' {live} ~ Heal The World
   How Michael evolved from cute little boy to sex symbol - Dating Game, Sony and Cher Show, Free to Be You and Me, 1980 AMA’s, 1983 Billie Jean moonwalk at Motown 25, Michael owned the Pop world and said goodbye to his bubble-gum image, The unveiling of Thriller, occult problems, 1984 Grammy’s Michael wind 7 awards, Pepsi burns, We Are The World, Pepsi BAD, Michael goes on the Arcinio Hall Show, 1991 Michael and Madonna at the Academy Awards, Black or White premiers, Video release Events, “I am Innocent” from Neverland, the Kiss, 1997 20/20 interview, 2000 World Music Awards. Contributions from: Rebecca Rankin, Ann Powers, Pat Benetar, Lil’ Kim, Will Smith, Brooke Shields, Bob Giraldi, Alan Light, En Vogue, Emil Wilberkin, Lionel Ritchie, Danyel Smith, Madonna, John Landis, John Singleton, Naomi Campbell, Herb Ritts, and Michael speak
   Michael in India. Clips, welcomed at Hotel, lighting candles, hotel suite, clips, showing what Michael wrote on the bed linen while a guest, watching dancers, presented with plaque and little statues, meeting people, fans anticipating the show, Bombay YANA girl describing how she was chosen and her experience on stage with Michael {in English}, Scream/TDCAU
0-18-25+F5...MOLLY MELDRUM <44m> (gq)
   Lovely footage of Michael showing how he and his career evolved from a little boy up to the release of Black or White. Molly explaining the significance of the final segment of the video [fascinating], Australian media knocking Michael over weird stories before the release of Dangerous but now are behind him all the way. Pepsi Australia promotion, Donny Wahlburg, Remember The Time, in the Close
1-05-07+F5...MOLLY MELDRUM <16.13m>
   Molly in Neverland introducing the History teaser, competition, Janet speaking about her album, Michael speaking about school work and Janet, Janet speaking about working with Michael on Scream, Jimmy Jam speaking about Michael and Janet, footage of Michael and Janet making Scream
   How it all began and now he's here again, the biggest musical roller coaster of all time. TDCAU live, Can You Feel It. Michael's arrival, the lengths to which Michael's fans will go in order to meet him. Michael coping with fan adulation, attending Ghosts premier, problems leaving, Michael's romantic history, crazy stories about his wedding in Australia, relationship with media, Live link to SCG, tour logistics, 1988 interview, SIM
1-49-28+P2...MTV GREATEST HITS <39m> (eq)
   News report on previous album sales ~ The Party Zone Massive vs. Michael Jackson History Begins The Mix ~ Smooth Criminal {short version}
   Tito and his sons 3T dressed as the Jackson 5 talking and showing videos of the old days, videos include; ABC Medley, Blame It On The Boogie, Who's Lovin' You 1990 remix, Show You The Way To Go, Can You Feel It, Smooth Criminal short version, Black Or White, Earth Song, Scream
0-21-24-s4...MUSIC FACTORY SPECIAL {1997} <21m> (gq)
   History in Amsterdam - Fans singing and speaking about Michael, BOTDF, airport, Michael arriving, at the stadium, Wanna Be Startin' Something', Stranger In Moscow
0-23-03-x3...ON THE ROAD WITH 3T <85m> (vgq)
   Saying why they are 3T and not using the Jackson name and how they got started, performing etc, in their hotel bedrooms goofing about and speaking photo shoot, leaving their hotel and getting mobbed by fans, riding about Paris, performing, rehearsing, playing different instruments, recording, arriving at another hotel, hugging fans, riding Thunder Mountain, signing autographs, speaking, concert footage, girl singing "Why" for them, Why live and video mixed together, speaking about fans screaming etc, lots of concert footage and live performances
1-30-54+K5...PERTH MJ DAY ’97 <30m>
   Video compile – 10 year-old-Michael speaking, J5 cartoon, I Want You Back, Rockin’ Robin, One Day In Your Life, Ben/introducing his family in Mexico, Enjoy Yourself, Blame It On The Boogie, Mexico audience participation, The Wiz, DSTYGE, RWY, OTW, SOOML, Motown 25, Guinness Book Of World Records Speech, SSS, Grammy’s, Madam Tusauds, BJ Victory Tour, Pepsi, Grammy’s, Speech compile – Molly Meldrum ’78 and ’88, Oprah, Diane Sawyer, Molly Meldrum ’96, Top of the Pops Christmas, HTW, Americares, Tour kick-off, Heal LA, Golden Otto Award, Captain Eo, Bad, Pepsi, Bad, Good Scout Award, LA Gear, concert rehearsals, APOM, Bad concert clips, Sammy Davies Jr Tribute, Dreams, Billboard Award, MTV10, Whatzupwitu, AMA’s, Dance in desert, Soul Train, Dangerous concert clips
0-59-18-u3...TRACKS - MICHAEL JACKSON SPECIAL <27m> (eq)
   With fans, on stage, Ghosts , arriving in Bremen, fan speaking, wandering about, fans, speech to fans from Hotel de Ville balcony, signing visitors book, Give I n To Me, Isaiah Sanders speaking about playing in Michael's band, Scream live, Blood On The Dance Floor launch, Tito speaking, concert's technical background, They Don't Care About Us live, Blood On The Dance Floor, Stan Winston speaking about making Ghosts, and showing behind the scenes footage, Dirty Diana, look-a-like, Can You Feel It
1-38-15-d5…VH1 BEHIND THE MUSIC <2.15m> (vgq)
   Allegations and The Kiss
1-42-33-w4...VH1 VIDEOTIMELINE <25m> (vgq) Janet Jackson. A lovely compilation of video footage, Janet speaking and facts chronicling Janet's career from birth to 1998
1-20-44-w4...VH1 VIDEOTIMELINE <25m> (vgq)
   Michael Jackson. A lovely compilation of video footage, Michael speaking and facts chronicling Michael's career from birth to age 40. Factual and positive, no garbage