1-54-23+E4...BEST OF BRAVO HITS <5m> (eq)
   Michael and Janet
3-39-59+I5...MTV AUSTRALIA <16m>
   Superstars Weekend, Will You Be There - Free Willy version, snippets of news in-between Music videos, J5 I Want You Back live, ABC live
0-50-08+A2...CBS DANGEROUS TOUR SPECIAL 1992 <8m> (gq)
   Clips over Carmina Burana into Brace Yourself, more clips of performances and videos, making Black Or White, Michael wiggling and sliding on conveyor belt, more clips of Michael at all ages with facts
0-18-06+I1...DANGEROUS DIARY {MTV} (All 6) <96m> (eq)
   Michael off stage, just being Michael, all through the tour, Interviews with Michael's people, band etc, setting up stage, having makeup and hair done, how the sound works, Marlon Jackson "just happening to be there", with Mickey Mouse, at hospital while paparazzi try to stick cameras up his nose, how pictures to jumbatron screens work, Michael costume changes, Wembley control room, Promoter Manager, explosions, lighting, backing singers, food, hotel, girl with ball, tour busses, Michael's bedroom on his private tour bus - his bed, pillow, dressing gown, towels, microwave etc, chatting with band.
   LIVE performances: Black Or White (Munich), Billie Jean (Munich), Wanna Be Startin' Somethin' (Belgium), Jam (Dublin), Beat It (Dublin), I Just Cant Stop Loving You (Hamburg), Motown Medley (Hamburg), Jam (Cardiff), She's Out Of My Life Working Day and Night (Wembley), Human Nature (Leeds), Beat It (Leeds), Will You Be There (Berlin), I'll Be There (Berlin), Heal The World (Madrid), Black or White {with Slash guesting} (Oviedo), Man in The Mirror (Madrid)
0-12-55-u1...DANGEROUS DIARY {MTV} {short version} <65m> (eq)
   Condenced version of the above
0-00-00-q2...DANGEROUS DIARY {French version} <56m> (vgq)
   Live footage similar to the MTV version but the rest is mostly different, original footage has been messed with in a very amusing way so Michael appears to be doing things that he isn't
1-43-44-m3...DANGEROUS IN ARGENTINA <32m> (qgq)
   Michael arriving, accepting flowers from children, hotel suite, meeting with dignitaries, presenting them with his book, "Dancing The Dream", being photographed with them and chewing gum, wandering about an amusement park, riding, concert clips, airport, arriving at hotel, on balcony waving to fans, Michael's image through the years, Who's Loving' You, Michael in slowmo to Carmina Burana, Jam, hotel room, on hotel Hyatt balcony grinning, waving and blowing kisses to the fans, clapping to and conducting music, Wanna Be Starting' Somethin, in San Telmo getting into car, Jam/Wanna Be, leaving
1-27-30+C5...DANGEROUS IN BANGKOK <18m> (vgq)
   Fans, with gifts for Michael singing and shouting at his hotel, anticipating the show, clips, arriving on a trolley, Press conference, bowing and blessing people, leaving on the trolley, Benny Collins, building stage, dancers and backing singers speaking about Michael and performing, Wanna Be Startin' Somethin', magician, cancelling concert speech, stadium, clips, shopping, at wailing wall, stage, Wanna Be Startin' Somethin'
3-15-00 I4...DANGEROUS IN ISRAEL <23m> (gq)
   Wandering about, waving, marching, goofing about, fans, setting up stage, where stage structure came from, fans, arriving at airport, given presents, waving, clips, shopping, looking at posters of himself speaking to crowd, videos and books he bought, more wandering about and goofing with fans, playing in amusement park, Michael’s people saying about Michael and how it is touring with him, and Michael’s God given gift stage structure, Benny Collins telling it how it is, waving from helicopter as it takes off, Michael’s mother arriving
0-53-48+M2...DANGEROUS IN MEXICO <20m> (eq)
   Footage of Michael with boys shopping, walking along a street, meeting the President
1-54-00+Q3...DANGEROUS IN ROMANIA <26m> (vgq)
   Opening titles, running, marching, waving, exploding into Jam, getting off plane, presented with flowers [upside down], walking about airport, history of Michael over Man In The Mirror, clips, in woodland walking about carrying a pink flower, arriving at orphanage, shaking hands with people, watching children, signing their books and looking at their work, meeting a very old lady, kissing a baby, with children in playground cutting ribbon and wandering about the playground, Heal The World over clips, press conference welcoming Michael to Romania while he giggles, fidgets, waves an grins then makes a long speech about healing our planet and announcing the Bucharest concert will be recorded for HBO, exploding into Jam. With President and given a cut-out and statue, chewing and talking with his mouth open and sorting out the army, then inspecting them, then running with them, leaving
0-25-33-m4...DANGEROUS IN RUSSIA <42m> (eq b/w)
   Black or White live, Michael arriving at airport, driving to Hotel Metropol, I'll Be There live, fans speaking, Billie Jean live, wandering about, Jam live, Michael wandering and waving, Wanna Be Starting, Somethin live, marching about and sorting out the Russian army, She's Out Of My Life live
2-06-00+P3...DANGEROUS IN TENERIFE <22m> (gq)
   Fans screaming, Michael appearing and disappearing on Hotel roof, private video of Michael at airport being presented with flowers and waving, walking with children, getting in van, playing about on Hotel roof, fans chasing van, at Hotel, news clips Jam live, news reports, Wanna Be Starting Somethin'
2-25-38+H5...DANGEROUS NEWS TENERIFE <6m> (gq)
   Local news reports - arriving, posing for photos with children, presented with flowers, fans, Jam, WBSS, fans
1-27-30+S1...DANGEROUS P.O.P. SPECIAL <36m> (eq)
   Michael walking with lots of different uniforms, then running, lots of quick clips from Bad and Thriller era. First night of Dangerous tour (Munich), Billie Jean live, rehearsals, Benny Collins talking, tour facts, Dangerous clips, in airport hanger shooting "Give In To Me" video with Slash, London press conference with clips of Michael playing with kids in Africa, arriving in Germany, given a hat and flowers, waving, in hotel, on coach, signing book, nearly dropping statue, hiding in scaffolding walking with uniforms, live on stage (end of Bad concert) wearing pilots hat, Black Or White live
1-13-20+E3...DANGEROUS TOUR WORLD PREMIER <15m> (vgq)
   Jason Priestly introducing mini Rocumentary, Black Or White ~ Billie Jean live Munich, making Give In To Me
0-00-00+U1...DEF II <30m> (eq)
   Lots of clips, facts and figures. Live Black or White and Billie Jean. "Who Is It" video
0-06-12+V1...EXPLOSIV <6m> (eq)
   Michael look-a-like going to airport, hotel, restaurant, school pretending to be the real thing
1-07-00-q2...EXPLOSIV 1992 <7m> (vgq)
   Scandals that surround the Jackson family - Joe's illegitimate child, LaToya's abuse allegations, Randy beating his wife, Katherine hitting Gina Sprague, Paula Abdul's affair with Jackie, Michael's surgery so he doesn't look like Joe, Michael's obsession with children
0-12-00+E3...INTERGALACTIC PREMIERE <20m> (vgq)
   Master T comparing the different Michaels thru the eras
1-36-18-f1...JACKSON IN ACTION 1992 <20m> (vgq)
   Arriving, fans, waving, Pepsi conference, fans, arriving in Munich - given German hat and flowers, walking with uniforms, live clips, hotel suite, food, making "Give In To Me", Jam {Munich}, after show party, riding dodgems and being bumped, candy floss, presented with award, thank you, setting up stage, Orient Express, at hotel, fans, Billie Jean {Munich}, Dreams, clips
0-36-33-e2...JAPANESE SHORT FILM <6m> (vgq)
   Jam over footage of Michael wandering about in Japanese airport, meeting people, waving, clips from Tokyo Dome 12-12-92
1-55-40-y1...MEGA SPECIAL <40m> (gq)
   Michael arriving, waving, running, fans, walking and running with uniforms, clips, facts and figures strung together with Black Or White soundtrack, Kriss Kross on stage, Jennifer Batten and Benny Collins speaking, Michael walking about in a cloak, Wanna Be Starting Somethin' ~ Man In The Mirror ~ I Just Can't Stop Loving You, In The Closet video, Pepsi advert, Jam video, lots of making Give In To Me, post concert party, Remember The Time video, Pepsi, Michael in Harringay Hospital, in Disney, on Thunder Mountain, fans, party, stadium, Kriss Kross, Wanna Be Starting Somethin' ~ I Just Can't Stop Loving You, party, clips
2-12-00+R4...MICHAEL JACKSON: MEXICO 93 <58m> (gq/qgq)
   Walking, riding, shopping, in Hard Rock Café, fans, setting up stage, rehearsing, JAM ~ Smooth Criminal ~ Black or White ~ Heal The World live, with President, in record store, fans, Bad clips, children, attending a party in Hard Rock Café giving out presents and watching the children play, live Bad clips, fans, Dangerous clips, wandering about, clips
0-52-56 x2...MICHAEL JACKSON STORY {1992} <45m> (eq)
   Jumbatron build-up, lots of lovely clips of Michael while people say he's wonderful .... "If there wasn't a Michael Jackson they would have to invent him". History of how he got to where he is - Jackson Five and Jacksons, Motown, lots of gorgeous clips of J5, brothers talking baby Michael saying who he likes and what music he likes, lots of clips of Jacksons videos and live, Quincy speaking about making albums, Katherine speaking about Michael, a bigger Michael speaking about how he feels about things, choreography, video and live clips from J5 to Dangerous, Frank Dileo saying Michael's smart, comedian changing the words of Say, Say, Say, Michael's name available for advertising, making "Dreams" and Pepsi relationship, donating all the money he makes from the Victory tour to charity, welcomed to the White House, Pepsi conference, Heal the World over lots of lovely clips of Michael, Encino home - grounds, statues, animals. Joe and LaToya talking, Moonwalk book, Spitting Image, plastic surgery, making Thriller, making Give In To Me, setting up stage, Michael arriving at Olympia stadium, lots of live clips from Bad and Dangerous edited together
1-41-59-z2...MICHAEL THRU THE YEARS <15m> (gq)
   Rockin' Robin ~ I Want You Back ~ I Wanna Be Where You Are ~ Dancing Machine ~ Papa Was A Rolling Stone ~ Goin' Places ~ I Want You Back {different} ~ Tito speaking ~ 2300 Jackson Street ~ Jackie speaking ~ Jermaine speaking ~ Dangerous tour Promo ~ clips of live performances from all eras ~ video clips
0-00-00+I5...MOLLY MELDRUM’S JACKSON JAM {1992} <11.34m> (vgq)
   Advert, Molly in Munich announcing competition for fans to go to Wembley Dangerous concert, clips of B&W, RTT, ITC, premiere of Jam, competition details with very nice footage from BAD, live clips from the Munich concert
   More Dangerous than ever. Clips edited together over Dangerous, Black Or White, celebrities saying Michael is wonderful, Jam over clips, Black Or White over clips, J5 era split screen 1971/1984, Off The Wall Album, achievements, Victory Tour, Bad album, clips, Dangerous sales, MTV 10, behind the scenes of Remember the Time
1-15-06+S1...PARALLEL 9 REPORT FROM LEEDS <13m> (eq)
   Sound check, back stage, talking to Michael's people, photograph, signing book. Jam ~ Black Or White live
0-54-54+S1...RAY COKES MOST WANTED <21m> (eq)
   Ray talking to David Williams and Jennifer Batten. Jam ~ Wanna Be Startin' Somethin' live from Wembley
0-00-00+O3...RTL PRESENTS MICHAEL JACKSON <77m> (eq)
   Pictures of Michael then videos - Beat It, Billie Jean, Black Or White, Dirty Diana, Bad, Will You Be There, Remember The Time, Who Is It, Thriller, Give In To Me, In The Closet, Heal The World
   Michael walking with lots of different uniforms, then running, lots of quick clips from Bad and Thriller and era, Billie Jean live from first night of Dangerous tour in Munich, rehearsals, Benny Collins speaking, tour facts, Dangerous clips, in airport hanger filming Give In To Me video with Slash, London Press Conference with clips of Michael in Africa playing with children, arriving in Germany, given a hat and flowers, waving, in hotel, on coach, signing book, nearly dropping statue, hiding in scaffolding, walking with uniforms, Black or White Live
   Clips over Carmina Burana, details of tour size, mania as Michael arrives in Munich, Billie Jean live, making Jam then full video, making Give In To Me, Heal The World Foundation, Benny Collins speaking, Black Or White live
   John Norris paying on rides and touring Neverland while introducing a countdown of Michael's videos
0-00-00-x1...VIVA JAM <50m> (eq)
   A video history of Michael's career from very young to present day with German narration - clips of Michael at different ages speaking, Janet, Katherine and Joe speaking - making videos, on stage, magazine covers, baby Michael and early pictures - behind the scenes of videos, tour facts, live performances, abuse allegations, marriage