2.59.44 +C5…STAR SPANGLED BANNER <40s>
   Jackson 5 sing The National Anthem to kick off the 1970 World Series
2-52-42-w5…30th ANNIVERSARY CELEBRATION [MSG Sept 2001] <6.27m> (vgq)
   Michael/Britney Duet The Way You Make Me Feel
1-27-10+E5…AMERICAN BANDSTAND 50 [2002] <6.15m> (vgq)
1-33-00-i1...AMERICAN MUSIC AWARDS [1977] <4.47m> (gq)
   Good Times
1-45-51-e2...AMERICAN REUNION GALA 1993 <13m> (vgq)
   Speech ~ Gone Too Soon ~ Heal The World
2-57-30-i1...AMERICAN REUNION GALA 1993 <4.30m>
   Joins Fleetwood Mac in Don’t Stop Thinking About Tomorrow
1-27-10+E5…A NIGHT AT THE APOLLO <4.40m> (vgq)
0-53-06+S5...BET PERFORMANCE <6.20m> (gq)
   You Are Not Alone
1-44-10-u5…Carousel Of Hope [2001] <11m>
   Shake Your Body - finale
1-34-00+U1...CLINTON INAUGURATION PARTY [HBO] <12m> (eq)
   We Are The World ~ America
2-48-07-w5...DISNEYLAND PERFORMANCE <4m> (eq)
   Michael in Disneyland singing "Wish Upon A Star" while standing on a rock in a pond, "Yellow Brick Road" dancing about with Disney characters, "Ease On Down The Road" with the seven dwarfs
1-38-13+E4...ELIZABETH TAYLOR’S 65th BIRTHDAY <14.30> (eq)
   Just the Michael bits Michael sings Elizabeth, I Love You
2-43-26+A4...ELIZABETH TAYLOR: A Celebration In Music <4.24> (eq)
   Just the Michael bits
0-00-00+P5...GRAMMY’S 1988 <11m> (vgq)
   The Way You Make Me Feel /Man In The Mirror
0-22-33-w2...JERMAINE <2.11m> (vgq)
   Let’s Get Serious
0-00-00-j2...JACKSON THREE <4.50m> (vgq)
   Art Of Madness
2-02-25+N5...JERRY LEWIS TELETHON <3.45m> (vgq)
   Dancing Machine
2-21-02+K4...LIVE AND KICKING <9m> (eq)
   3T singing "Anything" and talking, skit
2-51-15+K4...LIVE AND KICKING <7m> (eq)
   3T 24/7
0-34-00+J1...MOONWALKER [English version] <5.5m> (eq)
   Man In The Mirror
1-44-10-d2...MOONWALKER [German version] <5.30m> (eq)
   Man In The Mirror
0-00-00+B1...MTV’s 10th BIRTHDAY PARTY <48m> (eq)
   Full Show. Tom Cruise, George Michael, Previous lives - Madonna ~ MTV collage, Flashback, Mel Gibson, Aerosmith, Previous lives - Billie Idol ~ MTV collage, Cher, Madonna, Previous lives - Hammer, Spike Lee, Rap section, Kim Bassinger, REM, Previous lives Mick Jagger ~ MTV collage, Michael Jackson and Slash, Credits
0-37-47+B1...MTV’s 10th BIRTHDAY PARTY <9.25m> (eq)
   Just the Michael bits. Black Or White, Will You Be There
   Rockin’ Robin
2-33-00-a2...SAMMY DAVIES JR TRIBUTE <7.20m> (eq)
   You Were There
2-15-02-f1...SIEGFRIED AND ROY <3.10m> (gq)
   The Mind Is The Magic
1-52-10+G1...SIMPSONS <2.4m> (eq)
   Liza It’s Your Birthday
2-14-20-f2...SNOW PERFORMANCE <5.30m> (qgq)
   Blame It On The Boogie ~ Shake Your Body
2-16-15-r4...SNOW PERFORMANCE <2.55m> (gq)
   Shake Your Body
2-43-08-w2...SOUL TRAIN HALL OF FAME SPECIAL [1995] <16m> (eq)
   25th Anniversary
1-45-48+U1...SUPERBOWL PERFORMANCE [UK TV Jan, 31 1993] <15m> (eq)
   Michael performs a medley of Jam, Billie Jean and Black Or White and Heal The World in the Rose Bowl Stadium, Pasadena, California before a crowd of 100,000 in the stadium
0-33-40+D5...SUPERBOWL PERFORMANCE [USA TV Jan-31-1993] <15m> (eq)
   Michael performs a medley of Jam, Billie Jean and Black Or White and Heal The World in the Rose Bowl Stadium, Pasadena, California before a crowd of 100,000 in the stadium
0-41-40-s4...TELERGATTI TV SHOW <11.30m> (vgq)
   Michael arriving and ordering people about, Blood On The Dance Floor, Michael announcing the collaboration between himself and Pavarotti. Becoming bewildered
   Michael Jackson, Frank Sinatra, Madonna, Whitney Houston, Steve Martin, The Muppets say goodbye to Jim Henson, Diana Ross
2-50-14+K4...THE GREAT BRITISH SONG CONTEST <60s> (eq)
2-34-18-p4...TONIGHT SHOW <5.20m> (gq)
   Killing Me Softly, By The Time I Get To Phoenix, Danny Boy
2-40-40+K4...TOP OF THE POPS <9.30m> (eq)
   3T Anything
2-49-50-j3...TOP OF THE POPS <4.19m> (eq)
   Doesn’t Really Matter [Janet]
2-43-37-u1...TOP OF THE POPS [Feb 1979] <3.30m> (eq)
2-54-21-u1...TOP OF THE POPS [May 1977] <3.01m> (eq)
3-00-18+B1...TOP OF THE POPS <3.25m> (eq)
   Even Though You’re Gone
2-31-32+T1...TOP OF THE POPS 1972] <2.35m> (eq)
   Rockin’ Robin
0-33-11-j3...TOP OF THE POPS 1977] <2.39m> (eq)
   Show You The Way
2-53-08-r2...UNCF PARADE OF STARS BENEFIT [1992] <7.25> (gq)
   Heal The World
1-10-29+G3...UNCF PARADE OF STARS BENEFIT [1992] <6m>
   Shorter but better quality than the above
1-14-34-x4...UNCF PARADE OF STARS BENEFIT [1996] <3.50m>(gq)
   3T performance
1-38-05+E5…UNITED WE STAND <5.36> (vgq)
   What More Can I Give
3-37-54+X4…VH1 DIVA DUETS <7.33> (vgq)
   Lisa Marie Presley sings “Lights Out” and with Pat Benatar “Heartbreaker”
2-07-33-x1...WETTEN DASS [1995] <17m> (eq)
   Dangerous ~ Earth Song
2-38-00+P4...WETTEN DASS [1999] <13.30> (eq)
   Michael announcing his charity concerts