NEWS 1 <30m>
   Thriller advert - Greatest Hits advert - Off The Wall advert - Burned by Pepsi, on stretcher waving - Victory Tour controversy - clips from Soul Train - Jonathan King on Victory Tour - Marlon and Tito - Victory footage - Unveiling star - at Madam Tusauds - talking about waxwork of himself - on roof of limo - dashing through crowds - waving - Bad sales - with Katherine and Joseph - Rockiní Robin, Wogan being rude - USA Top Ten clips - Bad album advert - Mirror advert - People advert - clips - dancing, stamps, magazine covers, at circus - Moonwalk Book/Video advert - Spitting Image x 2 - Interview with Bubbles - at circus
NEWS 2 <37m>
   Whitney Houston presenting Pepsi #1 Video Award and Philips Hall of Fame Achievement Award, video tribute - Soul Train - The Legend Continues review - Soul Train - Janet speaks, Michael speaks, clips, Michael speaks, clips, Michael speaks, clips, Thriller Award, clips, Top Ten Jackson Hits of the 1970ís, celebrities saying Michael is wonderful, clips, Michael speaks, clips
NEWS 3 <23m>
   Spitting Image - ABC - Michael winking - repeatedly - Call Her Miss Ross/Michael controversy - LA Gear speech - Jermaine speaking about LaToyaís book - 2300 Jackson Street clip Michael Jackson Auditorium Presentation, speech, singing with kids - J5, Ed Sullivan, Pepsi speech, in airport, Lisa Minnelli, car chase, UNCF Honorary Degree, Reagan, Moonwalker dancing, Hitsville USA Museum opening, Berry Gordy, Michael thanking Berry Gordy, Janet, Liz Taylor presenting 1989 Heritage Award and Sammy Davies Jr Award, Michaelís acceptance speech, goofing with Eddie Murphy
NEWS 4 <33m>
   Michaelís face change in the 1980ís - Review of the 1980ís - UNCF - with Princess Di - with Police - dancing - Michael speaks of his future plans - face change making Disneyland real life - Clive James - Michaelís decade - Film, video, NEWS, speaking, dancing, performing, being controversial, what he did, where he went, who he saw - Clive James - Cilla Black - Stadiums - fans - Cheryl Crow - home video review - Bubbles as actor on sitcom - 110 Million record sales - Michaelís hair extensions - Profile [German] - 110 million sales of albums - Sammy Davies Jr Tribute - escorting Ella Fitzgerald on stage, singing "You Were There" - Moonwalker advert - Ryan Whiteís funeral - MTVís MJ Saturday promo - Somebodyís Watching Me - Backstage with Sammy Davies - chimps - BMI award acceptance speech, concert clips, celebrities saying Michael is wonderful, Joseph and Katherine speaking about their wonderful son
NEWS 5 <31m>
   Sale of Michaelís Bad stage outfit - Horoscope - This Noteís For You [Michael bit] - Paul Kingís birthday tribute to Michael - Mary Wells - highest earner - Do The Bartman collaboration - Michael backstage with Sammy Davies - LA Gear advert - Katherine speaking about Michaelís sexuality, nose etc - Michael dancing in disco tech - speaking about always being on stage - Cheryl Crow - Beat It with Alvin the Chipmunk - 1991 predictions - LA Gear promo - Michael finances search for Abominable Snowman - backstage with Sammy Davis Jr - Bartman banned by BBC - computer game [Sega] - Michael disguised - Magic And The Madness - Michael in strip clubs, Thriller controversy , Moonies - Spitting Image - Lenny Henry - Michael and Madonna at Iveyís - Michaelís $ billion Sony deal - Nation label - Michael and Madonna at Oscarís and Spagoís - Spielberg speaking about Michael and Peter Pan - Profile [Night Flight] - The Magic And The Madness [ET] - cosmetic surgery, bizarre activities, Grammyís, Captain Eo, in Encino, Neverland Valley, with Bush, controversy over LaToya, sexual abuse, speeches, Bad Tour
NEWS 6 <22m>
   Ruffin funeral - Madonna makeover image of Michael - Michael chocolate - Michael and Macaulay in Disney World - Jackson Museum/Restaurant - Joan Rivers - Moonwalker film finances - Pepsi advert - MTV history - Michaelís influence to give black artists air play - Quincy Jones life - Michael speaks - movie deal - "Mid-knight" - Timothy White interview with 19-year-old Michael on Wiz etc - Bubbles at Liz Taylorís wedding - MTV Video Vanguard Award and why itís named after Michael - Michael moonwalking with llamas - with Sammy Davies Jr - Michael talking about his success - back stage on Bad Tour
NEWS 7 <34m>
   Liz Taylor and Michael at Cinema Awards - Lizís wedding film of Neverland Valley [ET] - Michael with Dan Quaille - Dangerous promo - LaToya and Jermaine on abuse, Jermaineís album - Jermaine being rude about Michael, explaining Word To The Badd is to heal not hurt [ET] - MTV tribute - John Landis and Teddy Riley praising Black Or White video, Robert Sandal trying to figure out why Michael acts as a psychotic delinquent in the end section - Black Or White controversy [The Word]* [MTV] - Reading Michael's "Iím sorry" statement about the Black Or White video [ET] - Psychiatrist Stanley Greenspan advising parents how to cope with the Black Or White video ending - Dangerous album advert - Michael to buy land in Nevada desert so he can build a landing strip and fairground for Martians to land on when they visit the USA - ET/US Poll on reactions to offensive content of Black Or White video, concern over the lack of responsibility shown by TV companies who broadcast it without warning of contents, Brooke Shields defending Michael, predicting potential effect on Dangerous sales - Dangerous theft [MTV] - Jermaineís Word To The Badd [MTV] - Black Or White video is too off colour for his fans, ET/US Poll to determine if Michael is a good role model, Taraborrelli defending Michael, skin colour controversy [ET]
NEWS 8 <26m>
   MTV MJ Weekend promo - Dangerous #1 sales [MTV] - Hammer Vs Michael dance contest [VIVID] - Auction of Michaelís glove, Ernest Valentino modelling it [ET] - Michael sold most records in 1980ís, 1991 Review of Michaelís activities [ET] - Legend continues CBS special, [ET] - Making the video "Remember The Time" [ET] - Heal the World speech [C4] - Captain Eo - Heal The World speech [SKY] - Record deal with Pepsi - Heal The World speech [MTV] - MTV promo Remember The Time - Heal the World speech [NEWSROUND] - Beau Bridges auditioning kids to play the young Jacksons in The Jackson - An American Dream, New York Pepsi sponsorship signing [ET] - Making Remember The Time [MTV] - MTV My Dinner with Michael promo - Michaelís Africa mystery [MTV] - Sally Jesse Raphael on skin bleaching - Michael mania in London [MTV]
NEWS 9 <35m>
   Liz Taylor 60th birthday [SKY] - Ivory Coast controversy [ET] - Motown Hits album advert - Michaelís week in London after fleeing from Africa - Making Remember The Time - Ivory Coast disaster/London [MTV] - Richest star - Tour dates - Video #3 - Oprah Winfrey/Liz Taylor on Michael - Cory Feldman speaking about Michael and drugs [ET] - Nabob award - UNCF thank you speech - Pepsi advert - NABOB Lifetime Achievement Award [MTV] - Michaelís marriage with Pepsi [ET] - Liz gives Michael an elephant - Michael having dinner in Bombay Beach, playing in Disneyland [ET] - Making In The Closet - [MTV] - Captain Eo - How valuable is Michael as a spokesman for Pepsi, ET/US Poll to determine if Michael should endorse Pepsi [ET] - Making In The Closet [NEWSLINE] - Spitting Image - Back stage on Victory tour - Making In The Closet [ET]*[MTV]
NEWS 10 <25m>
   Michaelís interview in Ebony [MTV] - Dancing The Dream [MTV] - Michael x 2 [CNN] - Fox Network decide In The Closetís too racy to show - Movieland Wax Museum - 1,000 Points of Light award - Kris Kross talk about making Jam video with Michael [MTV] - ET Michael - Eddie Murphyís Album - Michael sings on Yeah - Michaelís Greatest Hits remix of early hits - Pinnacle Michael - Rolling Stoneís 25th Anniversary issue Michael interview [ET] - Michael kicking off Dangerous Tour [FILM NET] - Michaelís magic kingdom, buying Scottish Castle [HI] - Michael to headline the Superbowl half time show [HM] - Herb Ritts on location [ET] - Dangerous tour heavies ever pound by pound [ET] - Operation One To One award - Michael to be sued for $22m by Crystal Carter for allegedly stealing Dangerous [MTV] - Michaelís bid for Benny Hillís joke book [C4] - Jonathan Ross - Pepsi commercials - Jam video/NBA [CNN]
NEWS 11 <21m>
   Making Jam - Crystal Carter sues Michael for allegedly stealing Dangerous [ET] - Dancing The Dream [MTV] - Michaelís plane too heavy [MTV] - Dangerous kick-off speech, Michael arriving in Germany [C4] - Dangerous kick-off speech [CNN]*[C4]* [SKY] - Michael with Mary Hart - Dangerous Tour kick off speech - MTV MJ Weekend promo - Olympia Stadium [PREMIER]*[MTV] - Pepsi Advert [rolling can]
NEWS 12 <21m>
   Jacksonís mini series [MTV] - Making Give In To Me - Joan Rivers - Last Wogan - Tour kicks off [E!NEWS]*[TELE 5]*[PREMIER] - ET picture - Michaelís handwriting analysis - Comments on new Pepsi commercials [E!NEWS] - Dangerous Diary promo - Secret files kept on Michael [MTV] - Michaelís nose a No-No [MTV] - Michael Vetoís Video [MTV]
NEWS 13 <21m>
   Michael to perform at Superbowl half time show [CNN] - Michaelís minder injured [CNN] - Michael to perform at Superbowl half time show - CNN on Pepsi Advert [MONEYLINE] - Diana Ross - Michael dances with Snow White - Sex Scandals - Michael sues the Mirror [CNN]* [C4]*[ITN]* [BBC] - Mirror picture [TVAM] - Michael sues the Mirror [SKY]*[MTV]*[CNN]*[ITN]*[SKY] - Cosmetic Surgery [NEWSLINE] - Michael arrives in UK [ITN] - Mirror picture, Michael still an international phenomenon Robert Sandal saying how wonderful Michael is and predicting how sinister heís becoming, [C4] - Michael sues the Mirror [CNN]
NEWS 14 <31m>
   Mirror picture and legal action, [TV-AM] - Mirror suing - hospital visit [SKY]*[MTV] - Pepsi Commercial [Dreams] - hospital visit [ITN]*[SKY]*[BBC] - Dreams [ET] - hospital visit [SKY]*[BBC]* [CNN] - Mirror suing [C4] - hospital visit [ITN] - Michaelís nose and Mirrorís second picture, Nina Myskow speaking about the interview she did with Michael aged twenty when she dressed him up as Charlie Chaplin [TV-AM] - in London [SKY] - The Mirrorís critical report on Michael [BBC]
NEWS 15 <31m>
   Michaelís legal action against the Mirror [TV-AM] - in London - wants to play "Mr Freeze" - Why Michael is suing the Mirror and what the future holds for him [TV-AM] - Critical report on Dangerous Michael [TV-AM] - tour dates change - hospital visit [MTV] - Bert Fields defending Michael, report on Mirror picture [ET] - in London/ Wembley [SKY]* [ITN] - saves suicide fan - with Prince Charles - competition - in London/Wembley - cancelled Wembley concert [BBC]*[ITN]*[SKY] - Week in Rock [MTV]
NEWS 16 <27m>
   Michael better [ITN] - sick [BBC] - Michaelís illness [TV-AM] - better [C4]*[SKY] - with Prince Charles [BBC] - Michael playing in Euro Disney [ET] - sick [CNN] - Chris Cardell plugging his book and telling stories about Michael, Paul Gambaccini dissecting Michaelís career [TV-AM] - Backstage at Wembley 1992 Michael leading the camera crew along backstage passages [ET] - Wales joke [CNN] - Thomas Dalby describing his visit to Encino, Michael sitting on a throne ordering his nephews about - Leeds concert advert - Sun commercial - erecting stage at Leeds
NEWS 17 <29m>
   MTV text - Jennifer Batten speaking about performing with Michael [TV-AM] - resumes tour - TV-AM discussing Michael - paparazzi - pictures - Jackoís backo [SKY] - Jennifer Batten - to sing in Rumania - Parallel 9 Leeds report [BBC]
NEWS 18 <37m>
   Plaster cast - 14 million sales - Cardiff report - Sotherby's - with Prince Albert - Foster Brown - Jennifer Batten - taking Magic to clinic - MTV promo - MTV VMA's [CNN] - to do Superbowl half-time show - VMA's count-up - earnings - at Disney for New Year - LA Gear suing - Premier promo - montage of Michael - Alphabites advert - tour kick-off [CNN] - sets off to Africa - cuts Africa short - shooting video in Africa - no way to Pakistan - in Kenya - earnings - given a football - with Slash on stage - Hollywood kids - Premier promo - arrives in Rumania [CNNx2]
NEWS 19 <30m>
   Premier promo - Premier promo - Moonwalker game - Premier promo - Michael rocks Rumania [HM] - Premier promo - RTL tribute - in Rumania [ET] - scraps tour [C4] - HBO concert [CNN] - scraps tour [MTV]* [C4]*[Premier] - Japan dates [MTV] - Jackson gossip - scraps tour [CNN]*[Premier] - HBO concert [CNN] - perfume [C4] - Japan dates [MTV] - house [C4] - with Madonna in the closet - Madonna - Paris trip/tour start - worst dressed list [C4] - in children's hospital - with Eddie Murphy on Arcinio Hall Show - Raisin advert - MTV ident - pictures - visits girl eaten by dogs - Black Or White cut planned - Dangerous sales - Spitting Image
NEWS 20 <30m>
   What Fox Network cut from In the Closet video - Jacksons: An American Dream [C4] - Spitting Image - Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck - Michael builds landing strip for UFOís [ET] - with Donald Trump - unauthorised autobiography - with Madonna - Playback stars [PREMIER] - given flowers - Children Of The World Video Award - at Oscars - at White House - painting - Helmsley Palace - with Charles and Di - award - Smash Hits award - MTV Video Vanguard Award - Suzuki motorbike advert - Techno Dance Music Award [MTV] - Janetís movie - Report on Jacksons: An American Dream [ET] - Report on Jacksons: An American Dream [ET] - perfume [WORD] - Motown release of unheard J5 songs on American Dream CD [ET] - superstars right to privacy [MTV] - aid to Yugoslavia [MTV] - premier promo - Kennedy airport [CNN]*[SKY]*[C4] - Jacksons: An American Dream [CNN] - to buy Benny Hillís house [MTV] - Jacksons: An American Dream [WORD] - counter sues LA Gear [MTV]*[CNN]
NEWS 21 <32m>
   Americares speech - Nobel Peace Prize nomination [PREMIER] - aid the last to get through [MTV] - Our Price Ad - Smash Hits - Michaelís motorised glove [ET - Billboard award [C4] - Heal The World [MTV] - Michael to perform at 1993 AMAís [HM] - Billboard Awards - nominations for AMAís [CNN] - Cleveland Orchestra wins settlement [CNN] - gives £5,000 to British school kids [C4] - "Make Peace" board game [MTV] - picture - Going Live Children's Congress - Billboard Awards promo - perfume [C4] - NAACP Award [CNN] - Billboard Awards - Everybody Dance Now [C4] - TOTP Speech - Rockiní Robin [BEADLE] - 1992 review [PREMIER] - Clive James - odds on LaToya really being Michael in drag - Back Track 1992 [ITV] - Nobel Peace Prize nomination [MTV] - private zoo/perfume [PREMIER] - Michael in 50-yearís time
NEWS 22 <30m>
   Michael not to perform at Clintonís party [MTV] - Super models in videos [ITV] - Joan Rivers - Diana Ross - Give In To Me release date [MTV] - white boy in Pepsi advert controversy [BBC] - returns to number one [MTV] - to be interviewed by Oprah [MTV]*[PREMIER] - communicating visually [CNN] - career change - press conference denying rumours [MTV] - at Presidential party - NAACP award - on Yacht with Diana Ross - Prince song knocking Michael - sing-a-long with Clinton - Prefab Sprout new album based on Michaelís life - Clintonís pre-inauguration party PREMIER]*[C4] - Report on Clintonís pre-inauguration party/Michael visiting children's hospital [ET] - American Gala [SKY]*[SKY]*[CNN]*[CNN]*[ET] - NAACP Image Award [ET] - American Gala [ITV] - We Are The World [HBO] - Clinton party [ET] - to play phantom - Clinton party [MTV]*[BBC]
NEWS 23 <31m>
   Paul McCartney moaning [MTV] - Black or White [Badesalz] - AMAís [PREMIER]* [CNN]*[C4]*[ET]*[MTV] - Pepsi advert controversy [MTV] - Heal LA Speech - Pre-Superbowl build-up - speech - NBA advert - Pepsi controversy over Michael using a white kid to portray him [ET] - Pre-Superbowl hype [ET] - Superbowl coming up - half time show - Pepsi advert [duet with self as child] - Pepsi controversy [SKY] - Superbowl highlights [SKY] - Superbowl/Pepsi [PREMIER]
NEWS 24 <26m>
   Stamps [ET] - ancestry [WORD] - French messing with Michael - Jacksons: An American Dream controversy
NEWS 25 <31m>
   Michael sued [CNN]*[MTV] - Pepsi controversy [MTV] - sued [PREMIER] - interview with Oprah [[CNN]*[C4]*[C4]*[ABC]*[NEWSROUND]* [MTV]*[ITV]*[BBC] - promo - interview with Oprah [CNN]*[ITV]* [CNN]*[GMTV]*[PREMIER] - Michaelís revelations in the Oprah interview [ET]
NEWS 26 <36m>
   Michael interview with Oprah [BBC] - Oprah interview promo - duet with Axl Rose [MTV] - Paul Gambaccini - Dr Hilary Jones - Oprah interview promo - Did Michael steal the Oscar statue? [CNN] - Dangerous album rockets from 131 to 26 in charts [ET] - Michael didnít steal the Oscar statue [CNN] - 60,000 Dangerous albums sold in one week and climbs from 149 to 12 in charts [CNN] - Oprah interview [MTV] - to perform and receive award at Grammyís [MTV] - puts his money where his mouth is [MTV] - offered help for skin problem [C4] - Sony idea for new artists [BBC] - to perform at Grammyís [MTV] - offered help for skin problem [MTV] - Joe denies beating his children [C4] - Clive James - Grammyís [GMTV]* [CNN]*[SKY]*[SKY]*[SKY]* [ABC]*[MTV]* [NEWSROUND]*[CNN]* [CNN]*[CNN]
NEWS 27 <21m>
   Israelis offer a dip in their sea to cure skin problem [MTV] - Today [C4] - Grammyís [BBC] - Polygram party, American Dream on home video [ET] - Eddie Murphy - to perform at Soul Train Awards [CNN] - Celine Dion - Look-a-like [EE] - Diana Ross - forms film company [CNN]* [MTV] - Soul Train [MTV]*[CNN]*[C4] - Dangerous number ten in USA [ATT] - top ten autographs [MTV] - salute to Liz Taylor [CNN] - Quincy Jones "Listen Up" promo [PREMIER] - Soul Train [PREMIER] - Black Or White [retro] [MTV] - touring USA in the summer [MTV] - Quincy Jones "Listen Up" [PREMIER] - Soul Train [HR]*[MTV]* [MTV] - with kids in Rumania - Children of the World award - sending off aid - Jocola [EE] - to breed gorillas [C4] - film company [HR] - blonde and blue-eyed [MTV] - with Michael Jordan [WORD] - to produce and maybe star in Jack and the Beanstalk [CNN] - Soul Train [MTV]
NEWS 28 <31m>
   Michael to release rap versions of Beatles songs [SKY] - to share Disney Adventure comic with Pinocchio [MTV] - Michael to heal the world single-handedly [MTV] - in Euro Disney disguised at Tigger [C4] - to perform with J5 in New Jersey in December 1993 [MTV] - Spitting Image puppets [MTV] - Eddie Murphy/Whatzupwitu [C4]*[MTV] - to play Nuryev [MTV] - Janet [C4] - skin problem [NBC]*[ABC] - behind the scenes of "Dreams" - Rumanian speech [GALA] Rumanian report [SUPER] - US ambassador welcoming Michael to Japan - With A Child's Heart [retro]
NEWS 29 <30m>
   Behind the scenes of "Remember The Time" - James Bulger funeral - Captain Eo report - Hugo Zaccarelli thumps Michaelís lawyer [CNN] - Eddie Murphy speaking about Michael and showing clips from when they were making the video [MTV] - Whatzupwitu number twenty - Who Is It number twelve - gets role in Beverly Hills Cops III - Carter immunisation program [CNN] - sued for $76m for not releasing Beatles as rap - Atlanta Immunisation program - zipper on Michaelís pants coming undone - Paul McCartney - speech - Ryan White funeral - Jacksons tug-of-war - talking about his education - kissing statue - Oprah interview/tax problems [Inside Edition] - 1,000 points of light - with Spanish police - in Monaco [PREMIER]
NEWS 30 <28m>
   Michael sued again [MTV] - attacked in Monte Carlo [MTV] - to unveil statue [MTV] - new release [MTV] - to write song for Culkin movie [MTV] - to make movies with Disney [MTV] - receives achievement award [CNN] - unveils statue [C4] - plans for Jackson's special [ET] - unwanted guest [CNN] - World Music Awards [C4]*[MTV] - Slash Music awards promo - Rod Temperton award for Thriller [E] - making Whatzupwitu [C+] - in Barcelona [TVE] - Spanish tour dates [C+] - Someone Put Your Hand Out [C+] - Spanish Pepsi advert [C+] - Who Is It [retro] [C3] - making Jam [T5] - given guitar [C3] - Heal The World [retro] - Martin Luther King Award - Superbowl speech - in Rumania - Superbowl - kissing statue