2-07-54-j3 - 2300 Jackson Street <4.27>
1-54-32+F3 - ABC Medley <2.45m>
0-15-36-f3 - Another Part Of Me <4.39m>
1-08-30-d1 - Bad {long version} <17m>
0-00-00-z1 - Bad {short version} <5.02m>
0-48-00+D1 - Beat It {censored} <5.15m>
1-42-46+A1 - Beat It {uncensored} <4.14m>
0-19-21-j3 - Ben <2.30m>
2-50-55+F5 - Ben {excerpt from the movie Ben} <2.25m>
1-34-49+B1 - Billie Jean <5.47m>
0-30-18-z1 - Black Or White {uncensored} <11.27m>
0-00-00+E3 - Black Or White {with Bart Simpson intro} <12m>
0-13-46+L1 - Black Or White {Zoom in} <8.30m>
3-00-40+F5 - Black Or White {with subtitles} <2.48m>
1-57-42+F3 - Blame It On The Boogie <3.50m>
1-11-00-j3 - Blood On The Dance Floor <5.24>
2-08-42+B1 - Can You Feel It <3.48m>
0-03-28-y1 - Can You Feel It {Kaleidoscope graphics} <3m>
2-40-46+R3 - Can You Feel It {The Triumph} <6.42m>
1-50-42-e3 - Childhood <4.26m>
1-48-33+J1 - Come Together <5.37m>
2-31-50+A1 - Corner Of The Sky <1.34m>
2-33-24+A1 - Dancing Machine <2.50m>
0-19-30-z1 - Dirty Diana <5.06m>
1-50-47+B1 - Donít Stop 'Till You Get Enough <4.5m>
2-33-20+R3 - Earth Song <6.50m>
0-38-21+I3 - Ease On Down The Road <2m>
0-59-50-j3 - Ghosts <3.56m>
2-34-07+T1 - Give In To Me <5.27m>
2-38-37-f4 - Gone Too Soon {Diana tribute} <4.08m>
2-45-56+B1 - Heal The World <6.22m>
1-16-24-j3 - HIStory <4.19>
2-32-43+1 - In The Closet <6m>
1-36-04+T1 - In The Closet {Club Mix} <6m>
0-04-44+D1 - I Want You Back <2.40m>
1-59-47-j3 - I Want You Back - Motown 40 Forever {Puffy Coombes í98 remix} <4.10>
1-43-35+T1 - Jam {Full} <8m>
2-18-33+B1 - Leave Me Alone <4.30m>
2-49-20-d2 - Let It Be {acappella} <60sm>
0-24-36-z1 - Liberian Girl <5.42m>
2-48-06-c1 - Man In The Mirror <5.04m>
0-48-14-z1 - Remember The Time <9.40m>
1-09-17+A1 - Rock With You <6.11m>
0-11-21+U2 - Say, Say, Say <5.22m>
2-34-48-d2 - Scream <4.50m>
2-27-00 R3 - Scream {TOTP 1995} <6.12m>
0-32-06+D1 - Sheís Out Of My Life <3.24m>
1-55-38+B1 - Smooth Criminal {long version} <9.20m>
1-12-15+A1 - Smooth Criminal {short version} <3.53m>
0-58-22+J1 - Speed Demon <5.34m>
0-14-02-j3 - Stranger In Moscow <5.17m>
0-49-30-d4 - Stranger In Moscow {V2} <5.36m>
2-27-22-f4 - Stranger In Moscow/2Bad/TDCAU Prison <10.30m> (gq)
2-30-00+F3 - The Party Zone Massive v.s. Michael Jackson HIStory Begins The Mix <5.18m>
0-05-02-z1 - The Way You Make Me Feel <9.24m>
2-47-25+R3 - They Donít Care About Us {Brazil} <4.40m>
1-13-10-x1 - They Donít Care About Us {Brazil Ė extended version} <7.12m>
0-08-42-j3 - They Donít Care About Us {Prison} <5.03m>
0-16-00+A1 - Thriller {full version} <14m>
1-15-00-q2 - Video Mega mix <4.56m>
2-38-43+B1 - We Are The World <7.13m>
2-47-13+T1 - Whatzupwitu <3.25m>
2-57-22-u1 - Whoís Loving You {1992 remix} <4.20m>
0-41-45-z1 - Who Is It {UK version} <6.29m>
2-40-16+U1 - Who Is It {US version} <4.20m>
0-25-10-j3 - Why <4.32m>
2-52-06+U1 - Will You Be There <5.25m>
2-51-41-u1 - Will You Be There {whale} <3.40m>
1-20-22-x1 - With A Childís Heart <3.36>
2-43-46-d2 - You Are Not Alone <5.34m>
0-31-02+I3 - You Canít Win <3m>
1-46-55+B5 - You Rock My World [short version] <4.52>
2-51-47+B5 - You Rock My World [long version] <13.52>