2-48-20+E2...Alfonso Ribeira <3m>
Child in "Street" Pepsi advert, now grown up
0-28-13-p1...Alister Campbell <2.40m>
The Mirror’s critical report on Michael
2-51-00+C2...Andy Bull {Independent} <2m>
Abuse allegations
3-00-00+S3...Barbara Walters <2.10m>
Speaking about her telephone conversation with Michael when he called to tell her 
that a piece she had done on cosmetic surgery had made him unhappy
1-34-56-d5…Barbara Walters [20/20] <126s>
Macauley Culkin speaks about his friendship with Michael
2-23-40-d5…Beat It <2.30m>
Lil Kim, Lionel Ritchie
2-27-00-a5…Bert Fields <5.04>
Michael’s former attorney and now representing Sony speaks about Michael’s recent behaviour. 
Michael is being misguided, he has a high IQ and is intelligent.
2-19-17-d5…Billie Jean <4.23m>
Steve Barron [Director], David Allan Grier, Lionel Ritchie and Michael speak about making the Billie Jean video
0-39-13+D3...Black Or White Video Autopsy <4m>
Critics arguing over the sexual implications of the final section of the video
2-53-20+F5...Bob Giraldi <78s>
Speaking about making Beat It and working with Michael
1-35-18+V1...Brandon Adams On Going Live <5m>
Working with Michael on Moonwalker
0-26-33+Y5…Brandy <46s>
Speaks about meeting Michael and embracing him
2-24-20-e4...Bret Livingstone-Strong <3.40m>
Telling how he brought Michael and Lisa together, his opinions on them and his painting of Michael
0-26-07+I5 ...Brett Livingstone-Strong <2.50m>
Speaking of painting Michael’s portrait and showing footage of him showing the painting to Michael and saying how he got the inspiration from Michael, project to sculpture Madonna as a 16 foot tall Venus
1-30-16+V1...Brooke Shields <5m>
On Jonathan Ross Show discussing her relationship with Michael
1-36-59+L3...Brooke Shields <3m>
Inside The Mind Of Michael Jackson. Brooke Shields explaining Michael
2-35-30+V3...Carina Trimmingham <2.30m>
The announcement that no abuse charges will be filed against Michael
2-50-38-f4...Caroline Aherne <46s>
0-08-22+C1...Cheryl Crow <70s>
Speaking about performing with Michael
2-12-49+G5...Choreography <7.51m>
Michael Peters, Vincent Paterson, Barry Lather, Mr Wiggles, 
Martin Scorsese speaking about choreographing and filming Thriller, Smooth Criminal, 
Motown 25, Grammy Performance, Bad
0-35-06-p1...Chris Cardell <3m>
Why Michael is suing the Mirror and what the future holds for him
1-17-14+E5...Chris Rock <69s >
Meeting Michael.
2-01-30+C2...Christopher Rich <3m>
Child look-a-like who danced at the MJ Days at Hammersmith Palais
0-27-19+Y5…Cosmetic Surgery <90s>
2-32-10+O2...Critical Report On The Dangerous Album <3m>
1-40-28+V1...Critical Reports On Moonwalker <8m>
1-52-29+D2...Danny Kelly {Q Magazine} <2m>
Abuse allegations
1-58-29+X2...David Jensen <3m>
Abuse allegations
0-59-12+B3...David Jensen And Michelle Elliott <9m>
DJ and child psychologist discussing Michael’s "I am innocent" statement immediately after he had finished speaking
1-03-10+X2...David Kershaw {Saatchi and Saatchi} <4m>
Abuse allegations
2-29-08+B2...David Sinclair {Times} <2m>
Abuse allegations
1-51-40-g4...Deepak Chopra <1.50m>
Michael’s spirituality
3-00-08+G1...Denise Pfeiffer <3m>
Describing her passion for Michael and telling how she follows him about
1-30-00+Y5…Des O’Connor and Mel Sykes <30s>
Speak about Michael’s face
2-09-13-w2...Diane Sawyer <4.25m>
Her impression of Michael as a person
0-20-09+Y5…Donny Osmond <70s>
Speaks about Michael
0-02-54-t5…Donny Osmond <65s>
Lists the similarities between the Osmonds and the Jackson Five 
2-36-14+Y5…Donny Osmond <60s>
Speaks about baby-dangling incident
1-42-04+A6…Donny Osmond <48s>
Speaks of the duet he and Michael were to do
0-17-17+H3...Dr Joyce Brothers {Psychologist} <5m>
Abuse allegations
0-06-04+G5...Eddie Murphy in Beverley Hills Cops <64s>
Mentions Michael
0-18-45+H6…Edward Moss – Michael look-a-like <86s>
0-08-40-i5…Elizabeth Taylor speaks to Larry King Michael <2.14m> (eq)
The real Michael
2-14-00+J2...Gary Bushell {Sun}, David Frost and others <6m>
Discussing the media coverage of Michael’s addiction
1-58-38+J2...Glen Wilson {Psychiatrist} <4m>
Speaking about Michael’s addiction to painkillers
1-25-46+D2...Gloria Haydock {Editor, Off The Wall} <4m>
Abuse allegations
2-06-54+T5…H from STEPS <20s>
Blasts Michael for knocking them off #1
0-42-47+D3...Hammer Vs Michael Dance Off <4m>
Amusing pre game warm up slanted very heavily in Michael's favour
0-34-50+D3...Hammer Vs Michael Dance Off <3.30m>
James Brown and Hammer rubbishing Michael to promote Hammer's video "Too Legit Too Quit"
2-21-50+B2...Janet Charlton {Star Magazine} <6m>
Abuse allegations
1-18-5+E5…Janet Jackson <2.25m>
Tribute to Aaliyah
2-04-26+T5…JAY–[Z] <33s>
Speaks about mixing with Michael
0-42-18+C1...J Randy Taraborrelli <3.30>
Speaking about his book on Michael, The Magic And The Madness - cosmetic surgery, 
bizarre activities, Grammy's, Captain Eo, in Encino, Neverland Valley, with Bush
1-32-50-p1...Jennifer Batten [tv-am] <4.30m>
performing with Michael
1-41-56-p1...Jennifer Batten <2.30m>
Defending Michael
0-44-20+Z2...Katherine And Jermaine Jackson <13m>
Abuse allegations
0-05-35+C1...Katherine Jackson <2.30m>
Promoting her book and speaking about Michael's sexuality, nose etc
0-50-28+M3...LaToya <7.30m>
Speaking about the Jackson Family Honours and gossiping about her family
2-23-56+O4…Lenny Henry  <2.19m>
speaks about the Bashir Interview and making the skit about it for Comic Relief
0-15-10-h4...Lisa-Marie <3.43m>
Explains her beliefs, opening the Memphis Scientology chapter
1-14-19+Z2...Liz Taylor <30s>
Abuse allegations
2-58-13+Y5…Lisa and David Guest <118s>
Explain that Michael is a regular guy
1-37-09-d5… Macauley Culkin on TRL <66s>
Speaking of his friendship with Michael and being Godfather to Prince and Paris
0-55-29+C2...Majestic Magnificent {Jackson Family Friend} <4m>
Abuse allegations
3-01-26+H5...Maria Carey <72s>
Speaks about "I’ll Be There"
3-46-23-r4…Maria Carey <57s>
Speaks of Michael and Tommy Mattola
1-39-30+A6…Mark Lester <2.34m>
 Child star from Oliver - speaks of his friendship with Michael which has lasted for over 
30 years since they were both youngsters 
2-36-00+T5… Mark Lester [Child star] <70s>
Friendship with Michael
2-04-12+E1...Michael's Face Change In The 80's <20s>
Different Michael
2-00-12+D4…Michael’s Style Coup <70s>
Pop fashion got a jolt, celebrities speak about Michael’s different looks
2-26-10-d5…Musicians Explain <5.21m>
Michael’s influence bringing black culture to main stream
2-28-06+X2...Neil Fox <4m>
Abuse allegations
1-00-54-l2...Nicky Horne <4m>
On Michael’s visit to the UK for his Brit performance
2-54-44-s1...Nicky Horne <90s>
Face controversy, how Michael looked at first night in Germany
0-24-03-p1...Nina Myskow <2.30m>
Speaking about the interview she did with Michael aged twenty when she dressed him up 
as Charlie Chaplin. Michael's nose and Mirror's second picture
1-54-16+J2...Noel Campbell {Psychiatrist} <4m>
Speaking about Michael’s addiction to painkillers
2-23-45+T5...NSYNC <60s>
Speak about Michael performing with them at the VMA’s and MSG concerts
2-43-14+T5…NSYNC <50s>
Speak about working with Michael and how kind and helpful he is
0-24-10+H6…NSYNC <43s>
Speak about getting Michael on stage to perform with them 
2-45-38+T5…NSYNC <10s>
Say no matter how famous you are the one person you really want to meet is Michael
0-16-09+F5 ...Olivia Newton-John <135s>
Speaking about Michael
2-02-28-g1...Oprah Winfrey <6m>
Oprah speaking about the interview immediately after the broadcast ended
1-02-23+Z2...Paul Gambaccini <2m>
Abuse allegations
0-39-22-p1...Paul Gambaccini <60s>
Critical report on Dangerous Michael
1-40-50+B5...Philadelphia Black Or White Preview <95s>
Dance students discect the video
1-01-44+C2...Piers Morgan {Sun} <4m>
Abuse allegations
2-37-00+T5…Quincy Jones <5.26>
Speaks about making the Wiz, OTW, Thriller and Bad with Michael
1-17-00+J2...Reebie And Tito Jackson <4m>
Abuse allegations
1-33-42+X2...Robert Lefever <10m>
Addiction specialist, Charter Clinic Director
0-49-40+X2...Robert Lefever <6m>
Addiction specialist, Charter Clinic Director
0-11-13+M3...Robert Sandal <3.30m>
Abuse allegations
0-10-51-p1...Robert Sandal <4m>
Speaking about Michael's face, Mirror picture, Michael’s career
0-24-50+J3...Robert Sandal {Rock Critic} <3.30m>
Abuse allegations
1-58-55+Z2...Robert Sandal {Rock Critic} <4m>
Abuse allegations
1-13-06+S5… Rosie O’Donnell <3.40> (gq)
Rosie trashing Michael while Carson Daly supports him
0-40-00+C2...Samantha Royston {Image Maker; Lyn Franks PR} <4m>
She worked on the Heal The World Foundation PR
2-23-15+T5…Sheryl Crowe <30s>
Speaks about Michael and NSYNC
1-28-11-f4...Sheryl Crowe [Midday] <2.20m>
Working with Michael
3-06-30+Z2...Simon Bates <4m>
Abuse allegations
2-04-49+B2...Simon Bates <4m>
Abuse allegations
2-58-28+J2...Simon Cole {Unique Broadcasting} <2m>
Abuse allegations
0-14-49+F5...Smokey Robinson <80s>
Speaking about Michael
1-18-23+E5...Snoop Dogg <33s>
1-56-27+D5...Tatiana Ali <2.50m>
Speaking about being signed to Michael’s record label and Donny Osmond reading a message from Michael to her
3-59-52+H4 ...Tatiana Thumbtzen <6m>
Speaking about making "The Way You Make Me Feel" video and working with Michael
1-35-30+A6…The Perfect Video <4m>  (vgq)
Thriller – facts and figures. Celebrities paying homage to Michael.
1-22-42-p1...Thomas Dalby <3.30m>
Describing his visit to Encino, Michael sitting on a throne ordering his nephews about
2-13-33-d5…Thriller <5.44m>
Kevin Bacon, Lionel Ritchie, John Landis, Rick James and Michael speak about making the Thriller video
1-06-03+C1...Timothy White <3m>
Speaking of his Rock Lives interview with 19-year-old Michael on The Wiz etc
0-24-20+G3...Tim Whitehead <4m>
Telling stories about his famous cousins and plugging his record
0-09-25-w4...Todd Gold <2m>
Speaking about Michael and They Don't Care About Us controversy
2-34-12+V1...Various People <14m>
Michael speaking about himself, Sammy Davies Jr speaking about Michael, 
Diana Ross speaking about Michael over video footage of them together, 
Madonna speaking about Michael, Bruce Swedien describing how Michael 
makes his music and albums and plans his concerts
1-46-20+Z5…Wade Robson <3.40m>
Speaks about how he won a dance competition to meet Michael and how he became Michael’s protégée. Dancing and choreographing for Britney
0-23-03-d5…What’s My 20? <44m>
Clips of 20 favourite Jackson videos with fans describing their feelings about the videos and Michael in them
1-36-09+O4…Will Smith <32s>
Speaks about Michael in MIB II