1-26-34-i5…NEWS 6 <2.20m>
Michael causing chaos in the Aventura Mall
1-20-47-5…NEWS 7 <5.47m>
Michael back at the Aventura Mall in South Florida, Michael in the music section of the Mall, 
helicopter pictures of Michael running from the Mall
1-33-36-i5…NEWS 7 <2.24m>
Michael’s exit from the Aventura Mall
2-12-49-z5…NEWS 4 <111s> (vgq)
70’s party invitations, Michael at the party in an enormous afro wig
1-28-54-i5…NEWS 4 <4.42m>
Michael at the Aventura Mall, what he bought and where he went
2-33-05-w5…NEWS 10 <40> (vgq)
Michael shopping at the Aventura Mall Disney Store, speaks to a fan on the phone
4-10-40-w4…NEWS 7 <2.23m> (vgq)
Debbie Rowe Speaks for Michael, Lisa speaks against Michael.  Theout-takes that prove Bashir was not truthful.  Michael and surgery
0-53-30-p5…NEWS 7 <3.22m> (vgq)
Michael apologises for baby dangling,  Sparks off a global storm. Is he a danger to children?
2-54-42+U5…NEWS 7 <3.04> (eq)
Michael Jackson Blasting the Biz. Michael is stirring up the music industry with the help of Al Sharpton and Johnnie Cochran and Sony firing back. Demo outside Sony offices
3-30-00+Y5…NEWS 7 <90s> (vgq)
Baby dangling
3-04-11+Y5…NEWS 7 <30s> (vgq)
Michael in court
3-10-07+Y5…NEWS 6 <43s> (vgq)
Judge makes Michael remove his mask and reveals his bandaged nose
0-45-59-p5…NEWS 4 <2.10m> (vgq)
Michael takes his children to the Zoo and support is shown
3-31-30+Y5…NEWS 4 <55s> (vgq)
Michael’s a danger to children
3-39-13+Y5…NEWS 4 <47s> (vgq)
Can the dangled baby breathe under the towel?
2-00-04+N5...US NEWS <20s> (vgq)
Michael buys Oscar statue for $1.5m
2-11-57+H5...US NEWS <16s> (qgq)
LaToya goes to hospital, her husband goes to court
3-31-00+X4…WHEN IN ROME <54s> (vgq)
Michael wears a Spiderman mask and asks Congressman why there isn’t a Taco Bell in the area