0-07-05-t5…RI:SE <97s> (eq)
How Bashir stitched Michael up.  Michael takes legal action
3-32-20-p5…RI:SE <3.58m> (eq)
Mindy Burbando reports on the Take 2 documentary and shows clips. 
Ed Laskos from Fox News reports from Neverland
4-47-25-e5…RI:SE <19.24> (eq)
Viewing clips from “Living With Michael Jackson” and discussing them with a psychologist and a Plastic Surgeon
2-22-05+D4…RI:SE <7.52m> (eq)
Report from outside the Renaissance Hotel and Exeter
0-34-10-j5…RI:SE <34s> (eq)
Internet baby dangling game
2-33-43+Y5…RI:SE <34s> (eq)
Bambi Awards