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Michaelís 39th birthday surprise on stage in Copenhagen. 
No commentary, just Michael as he happened
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Tickets, programs, fans, Scream, Seoul 11-10-96
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In Windhoek, Namibia 17-5-98
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Michael in Cannes wandering about. 
No commentary, just Michael as he happened
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Michael, Lisa and kids in Phokeng, Africa 11-10-97
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Walking about and welcomed to Seoul 10-10-96
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Walking about, TDCAU Seoul 11/14-10-96
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Arriving in Tokyo getting knocked down by fans 11-12-96
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Plaque presentation, fans, Smooth Criminal Taiwan 19-10-96
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Michael walking about in Tunis 7/8-10-96
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Michael giving presents to children in Manila 7-12-96
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TDCAU Singapore 25-10-96
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Arriving at hotel in Singapore 23-10-96