1-24-14+I5...MTV NEWS Australia <12.12m> (gq)
Video tribute, CBS, tribute, tour promoter tribute, KISS FM I Just Can't Stop Loving You premiere, Siedah Garret speaking about how Michael phoned her to ask if she would sing with him, Beat It
1-16-08+I5...MTV NEWS Australia {1988} <5.24m> (gq)
Michael's collapse and suspected heart attack after Bad, plans for his new album "Decade". Predictions for 1989, MTV Ident, Dileo fired, Branca hired
2-07-13+I5...MTV Australia {1983} <4.02m> (qgq)
Report on Michael’s innovative effect on MTV
3-17-33+I5...MTV Australia <62s> (gq)
Leave Me Alone premiere
3-05-30+I5...MTV Australia <30s> (gq)
Smooth Criminal premiere
2-13-25+H5...MTV Japan <9.34m> (qgq)
Special report on MTV10, Where it's going
2-23-27+H5...MTV Japan  <2.11m> (gq)
Fans being chosen to attend the MTV10 filming, being taken to the secret location
2-19-05+T5…MTV UK <3.16m> (eq)
Invincible #1 both sides of the Atlantic. Virgin Record signing
2-01-08+T5…MTV UK <2.56m> (eq)
Invincible release.  MJNI party at the Hippodrome report
3-13-27-v4…MTV UK <2.17> (eq)
Weekly roundup London and Exeter Report
2-39-00-w2...MTV UK SPECIAL REPORT <4.08m> (eq)
Lookback at Michael's year {1996}
1-31-40-x1...MTV UK SPECIAL REPORT <2.50m> (eq)
Michael's arrival in Prague
1-34-30-x1...MTV UK SPECIAL REPORT <2.50m> (eq)
Michael Jackson's HIStory tour has started
0-00-00-d1...MTV UK SPECIAL REPORT <2.15m> (eq)
Michael in Hawaii
1-58-55-x1...MTV UK SPECIAL REPORT <90s> (eq)
Michael's Ghosts
1-27-40-x4...MTV US <75s> (vgq)
Report on the marriage and divorce
1-11-34-x4...MTV US  <60s> (vgq)
Michael/Jesus Christ controversy BEFORE Michael's 
performance at the Brit awards
2-10-15-H5...MTV US  <43s> (qgq)
Michael at Harboro Toys/his publicist denies he’s 
going to perform with his brothers