3-48-00 Y5…MSNBC [Lester Holt Live] <5.40m> (vgq)
Should Michael be prosecuted or not? Michael’s apology and strangeness, 
he has many fans all over the world, cosmetic surgery
4-00-18--v4…MSNBC <3.37m> (eq)
Michael v.s. Sony controversy
3-32-25+Y5…MSNBC <3.01m> (vgq)
Is it illegal to dangle babies? 
Leading “expert” says Michael was inappropriate but not illegal. 
Michael’s nose is falling off
3-36-00+Y5…MSNBC <51s> (vgq)
Is Michael a fit parent
2-42-10-a5…MSNBC <28s> (eq)
Michael is to blame not Sony
0-48-09-p5…NBC NEWS <2.05m> (vgq)
German police investigate Michael