1-09-10+G5...MOLLY MELDRUM <5.34m> (gq)
Rubbishing "Too Legit To Quit" and championing Black or White, 
competition winners, speaking about their dinner with Michael in the desert, 
showing pictures of themselves with Michael
3-01-22-f4...MOLLY'S MELODRAMA <2.30m> (gq)
In his own inimitable way Molly introduces the Australian premier of Ghosts
0-00-00-g4...MOLLY'S MELODRAMA <2.20m> (vgq)
Stranger In Moscow, HIStory concert, Ghosts, MJ Special
2-51-25-e4...MOLLY'S MELODRAMA <2.20m> (gq)
HIStory album's progress
1-54-45-G5...MOLLY'S MELODRAMA <105s> (eq)
The Oprah interview was NOT the only interview Michael 
had done in 14 years - Molly showing highlights of the interview 
he did with Michael in Japan during the Bad tour
0-35-47-g4...MOLLY'S MELODRAMA <89m> (vgq)
Hour long Special, live interview with Michael from SCG, 
to appear at the Sydney Opera house at 12 noon
3-00-55+G5...MOLLY'S MELODRAMA <80s> (qgq)
Royalty meets royalty. Michael meeting Prince Charles and Princess Diana backstage at Wembley
1-00-00-f4...MOLLY'S MELODRAMA <77s> (gq)
Stranger In Moscow promotion and tour dates
1-13-04-f4...MOLLY'S MELODRAMA <52s> (gq)
Michael's baby's birth
1-15 33+G5...MOLLY'S MELODRAMA <45s> (gq)
Showing clips from the first Dangerous concert in Munich
2-51-47+H5...MOLLY'S MELODRAMA <35s> (gq)
Letter from Michael to Molly.  Michael at Harboro Toys/his 
publicist denies he's going to perform with his brothers