2-16-45-z5…INSIDE EDITION <73s> (vgq)
Michael with Prince and Paris at the Epcot Centre
3-33-56+X4…INSIDE EDITION <42s> (vgq)
Michael’s money woes, Neverland tax problems
4-26-53-w4…INSIDE EDITION <102s>
Startling revelations from Debbie Rowe
3-46-51 INSIDE EDITION <2.53> (vgq)
Michael’s ex-wives speak about his after the Bashir interview. Preview of the Dateline special about Michael’s cosmetic surgery
4-36-00-w4…INSIDE EDITION <3.54> (eq)
Neverland Secrets.  Bodyguard says he say Michael in bed with children and also abusing the animals. He says he has the names of all the children Michael slept with.  Brian Oxman disputes there allegations
2-13-00+G3...INSIDE EDITION <10m> (eq)
Smoke, Mirrors, Money-Michael Jackson under the microscope. Christopher Andersen and investigators proving Michael is a paedophile and guilty of all the charges against him. Gorgeous pictures of Michael
0-44-37-i2...INSIDE EDITION <9m> (vgq)
LaToya speaking about Michael and Oprah interview, report on Joe and LaToya's tax problems
2-31-24+G3...INSIDE EDITION <9m> (eq)
Surveillance video of Michael molesting a boy. Taraborrelli putting the story straight
0-00-00-p2...INSIDE EDITION <8.36> (vgq)
LaToya family bashing. The threats she has received and being booed off a Spanish talk show, saying the abnormal and unusual things Michael has done and how mixed up and dysfunctional and suicidal the Jackson family is. What she's seen so she knows all about Michael and what he does with little boys and that the settlement is buying off and she's saying all this because it helps Michael
2-15-00-h2...INSIDE EDITION <8m> (vgq)
Look back at Michael's troubles leading up to Jermaine speaking out in Michael's defence and suing the Express for a false article
2-49-56+G3...INSIDE EDITION <7.10m> (eq)
The relationship between The Prince of Pop and the Queen of Camelot during the creation of "Moonwalk"
1-28-55-x4...INSIDE EDITION <7m> (vgq)
Reactions to the divorce announcement from journalists and the differences between Michael and Lisa. What Lisa hoped to get out of the marriage, Michael is now considered more weird than he was before the marriage, LaToya speculating
0-35-30-x4...INSIDE EDITION <7m> (vgq)
LaToya speaking about Michael and Lisa marrying and divorcing and telling all she knows about it even though she hasn't spoken to Michael for over five years. Janet supporting Michael. Teaser for next weeks exclusive footage of Michael filming prison footage for "They Don't Care About Us" video
1-58-48+G3...INSIDE EDITION <6.30m> (eq)
Presley family reaction to Michael/Lisa marriage. David Stanley, Elvis' stepbrother, speaking of a young Lisa and her power and how she wielded it. What the late Elvis would have thought about it and why Lisa did it
0-30-15+J2...INSIDE EDITION <6m> (vgq)
Disguised ex-employee telling tales about Michael's indiscretions. Quindoy's lashing out at Michael
2-57-00+G3...INSIDE EDITION <6m> (eq)
Donna Flemming throws her two boys off a bridge and Michael attends the funeral of Craig, who died
0-52-25+J2...INSIDE EDITION <6m> (vgq)
Concert report, Michael's suite in Hotel, Jacksons, Liz Taylor, Toys R Us visit, media/minders fight, Michael in VIP lounge at Tai Pai airport trying to make a video of him saying "goodbye" to his fans while Bill Bray tries to throw the video crew out. Michael given a puppy by fans outside Toys R Us, media/minder fight
0-39-15+L3...INSIDE EDITION <6m> (vgq)
A disguised ex employee telling stories about Michael and the bizarre happenings at Neverland but admitting he never actually saw Michael doing anything inappropriate
2-09-29+O2...INSIDE EDITION 6m> (vgq)
Joe Jackson responds to LaToya's abuse allegations
0-29-41+M2...INSIDE EDITION <5.40m> (gq)
Report on Taiwan, in hotel, suite, family arriving, Toys R Us visit, trying to say goodbye, at airport, given puppy, Toys R Us
2-25-45+G3...INSIDE EDITION <5.30m> (eq)
Tacky Taste Awards 1994
3-40-00+Y5…INSIDE EDITION <5.05> (vgq)
Is it safe for children to be around Michael?  Michael appears again with a different child, issues a statement, Marlon supports Michael
1-41-00-p2...INSIDE EDITION <5m> (vgq)
Jermaine speaking about Michael, Word To The Badd, supporting Michael then denying the Daily Express interview and saying he will sue. Saying Michael is not in a psychiatric hospital in Connecticut
1-25-46+L3...INSIDE EDITION <5m> (vgq)
LaToya discrediting everything Michael said to Oprah when she interviewed him
3-12-53+E1...INSIDE EDITION <5m> (eq)
The first TV sample of the missing J5 tapes
0-08-36-p2...INSIDE EDITION <4.30> (vgq)
Santa Barbara Grand Jury questioning witnesses and LaToya telling more stories about Michael and little boys, especially one boy who Michael allegedly had a fixation over then slept with ad wouldn't let LaToya into the bedroom and no way is he on pain killers
1-49-05+X3...INSIDE EDITION <4.20> (eq)
Dee-Dee's drowning mystery
1-54-47+G3...INSIDE EDITION <4.20m> (eq)
E. Casenova (The Shadow of Michael Jackson) winning celebrity look-a-like competition in Las Vegas
0-51-00-x4...INSIDE EDITION <4.10m> (vgq)
Sandy Dawns, Michael's former administrative assistant telling how Michael and Lisa behaved when together. Lisa never stayed in the main house at Neverland but instead stayed in a guesthouse with her kids. Michael spent more time with animals and other kids than with Lisa. Speculation Lisa will now return to Danny Keough
2-29-00-y2...INSIDE EDITION <4m> (vgq)
Eddie Reynosa saying Michael tried to molest him and that Michael has always had a problem with young boys. Tells of Michael phoning him from Switzerland to say he was never coming back and was moving all his holdings out of the USA
0-53-24-p2...INSIDE EDITION <4m> (vgq)
Eddie Reynosa describing his experiences with Michael and how he and everybody else knew ages ago that Michael's a paedophile and how Michael propositioned him. Describing Michael's phone call saying he was moving all his assets out of the USA and never going back. How he found a dead cat on his car threatening him
2-09-00+G3...INSIDE EDITION <4m> (eq)
Morphing. Computer turning Michael into Lisa, Madonna into Letterman, Brooke Shields into Agassi, Johnny Depp into Kate Moss
2-03-07+O2...INSIDE EDITION <4m> (vgq)
The war game of the media. The Globe etc trash sheets master plan to get into Neverland to film the Liz/Larry wedding-the air assault, strategies, bizarre wedding plans
2-21-29+E2...INSIDE EDITION <4m> (vgq)
LAPD, LaToya, people in the street saying if they think Michael is a victim or a monster
3-23-00-c1...INSIDE EDITION <4m> (eq)
LaToya appearing at a strip club, running of stage and not stripping, causing a punch up amongst disappointed punters
0-34-40-j5…INSIDE EDITION <3.44m> (vgq)
Bambi Awards, German family meet Michael. Is it Michael or a look-a-like at the hotel window? Marlon speaks for Michael, Michael signs autographs in a museum
2-46-40+G3...INSIDE EDITION <3.40m> (eq)
Eddie Reynosa discredited as a witness who DIDN'T see Michael molesting anybody
2-01-50-y2...INSIDE EDITION <3.30m> (vgq)
Back In The USA. Johnnie Cochran confirming Michael is back, the route Michael used to re-enter the US
2-05-30+G3...INSIDE EDITION <3.30m> (eq)
The Elvis tribute
4-03-00+P1...INSIDE EDITION <3.30m> (eq)
Jackson Family feud
0-02-52+L3...INSIDE EDITION <3.30m> (vgq)
Michael in Taipei 1993, trying to film a video "Goodbye" at the airport 
while Bill Bray is trying to get the camera crew out of the room
3-02-57+U5…INSIDE EDITION <3.09m> (eq)
Back lash over Michael’s attack.  Sony fires back and Michael’s supporters rally round
1-22-01-p5…INSIDE EDITION <3.01m> (vgq)
Who is the baby Michael dangled?  Who is the Father?  Who is the Mother?
1-06-44-x4...INSIDE EDITION <3m> (vgq)
Trouble following Michael to Brazil. Drug lords, original lyrics and other controversy with lovely footage of Michael in New York and Brazil
4-00-00+P1...INSIDE EDITION <3m> (eq)
Why Lisa's doubly on Hollywood's "Z" list along with LaToya, Joey Buttafuoco, Kato Kaelin and Fabio
0-00-00+L3...INSIDE EDITION <3m> (vgq)
Michael at Hasbro Toy Factory, with Eddie Murphy, Michael Milken partnership, at Educator Awards, Michael Milken speaking
2-23-00+G3...INSIDE EDITION <3m> (eq)
Is the marriage over? A report on what's happening with the marriage
3-16-14+Y5…INSIDE EDITION <2.23m> (vgq)
Day 3 in the Marcel Avran trial.  Michael calls I Love You to fan and gives a message.  Michael 4 hours late for court, Michael’s surgery and testimony
1-16-50+H3...INSIDE EDITION <2m> (vgq)
LaToya trashing Michael, security guards accusing Michael, speculation that Michael will never return to the USA
0-37-27-w4...INSIDE EDITION <2m> (vgq)
Michael moonwalks into marriage #2 with caution
1-23-44+F3...INSIDE EDITION <2m> (vgq)
LaToya turns macho. LaToya dressed as a man, with moustache etc and checking out erotic clubs
3-10-50+Y5…INSIDE EDITION <120s> (vgq)
The mask is off, Michael at Court, explaining magic
1-40-00-e4...INSIDE EDITION <101s> (gq)
Michael in Thailand
3-28-26+Y5…INSIDE EDITION <94s> (vgq)
Michael dangling baby and holding Paris at window, fan is injured
0-44-44-j5…INSIDE EDITION <92s> (vgq)
Gloria Allred files a complaint against Michael in Californian Court
2-15-13+O2...INSIDE EDITION <90s> (vgq)
The plans for a parachutist to float into the Liz/Larry Wedding
3-08-03+Y5…INSIDE EDITION <80s> (vgq)
Michael arriving at Court fans chanting support for Michael
0-25-00-x4...INSIDE EDITION <20s> (vgq)
Michael and Karen Faye dining at the Motown Cafe
0-28-50-x4...INSIDE EDITION <20s> (vgq)
Michael and Karen Faye dining at the Motown Cafe. Exclusive footage of Karen and Michael in the makeup room whilst filming the prison scenes for "They Don't Care About Us"