0-28-53+G3...HARD COPY <4m> (gq)
Michael and the Showgirl. The red-hot romance Michael had with Shoshana Hawley - what really happened
0-25-20-x4...HARD COPY <3.30m> (vgq)
Michael's Mystery Date. Michael at the Motown Cafe with Karen Faye acting intimately, eating and leaving. Also checking out other theme restaurants to get ideas to open his own
1-18-20-x4...HARD COPY <2.20m> (vgq)
Curse Of Thriller. Ola Ray moaning that she wasn't paid enough for her Thriller appearance and blaming Michael for her drug addiction. Now she's suing Michael
1-49-30-h2...HARD COPY <19m> (vgq)
Michael Jackson's Mother. From The Heart. Katherine and Jermaine fiercely defending Michael and saying they don't know where he is and his people aren't looking after him properly, speaking of Michael's drug problem, if he might kill himself. Responding to what the bodyguards have said about Michael and bringing forward another bodyguard to disagree with what the five have alleged. Speaking forcefully about Michael's sexuality and denying that he's gay, saying the media should not judge him
2-05-40-y2...HARD COPY <14m> (vgq)
Michael's Maid. Blanca Francia telling about Michael in the shower, in the bath and in bed with little boys, including her own son. Diane Dimond asking leading questions and prompting Blanca into saying things
0-34-40+G3...HARD COPY <14m> (vgq)
Report on LaToya's allegations and the family's response. LaToya not liking the questions she's being asked and walking off the set, J Randy Taraborrelli speaking, Deborah Weeks reporting on her visit to Encino and having breakfast with the Jackson family. Nice pictures
3-06-30-f1...HARD COPY <13m> (vgq)
Mark and Faye Quindoy talking about Michael's eccentricities and showing pictures of Michael and Neverland. This was before the allegations and there is no mention of Michael doing anything improper
2-22-45-h2...HARD COPY <12m> (vgq)
Katherine Jackson. Her Conversation With Michael. Katherine and Jermaine speaking about Michael and the allegations and the bodyguards and Michael's legal team. Diane Dimond trying to track Michael down in Kansas, Connecticut etc. Video footage of Michael winning a mug in a fairground
2-34-53-g2...HARD COPY <11m> (vgq)
Michael Jackson - Life On The Run. Why Michael disappeared and where he is now. Diane Dimond speculating on new evidence found and new children who will testify and Michael never returning to the USA
1-51-07-y2...HARD COPY <8.30m> (vgq)
Return Of Michael Jackson. The mysterious return of Michael, people who saw him land etc and what awaits him now he's back. Media stakeout at Neverland. LaToya being hysterical. People due to be deposed by Larry Feldman
2-05-42+E2...HARD COPY <8m> (vgq)
Abuse documents. J. Randy Taraborrelli, Anthony Pellicano, David Gascon {LAPD}. Howard Weitzman reading Michael's statement. Michael's friends voicing their support
2-35-34+E2...HARD COPY <8m> (vgq)
Allegations made in Jordan's statement, Chauffeur "telling all", four companion cases, Anthony Pellicano talking, custody battle, LAPD raid
2-58-15=E2...HARD COPY <8m> (vgq)
Michael's migraine and concert cancellation, fans moaning, concert report, Jacksons talking
0-02-09+H3...HARD COPY <8m> (vgq)
Quindoy's press conference trying to incriminate Michael. French employees also "telling all", Macauley Culkin avoiding the LAPD, Pellicano responding to the allegations
0-02-38+J2...HARD COPY <8m> (vgq)
Quindoy's trying to incriminate Michael and Anthony Pellicano discrediting them
2-59-00+S2...HARD COPY <7.30m> (vgq)
Manipulating Michael. Key witnesses say they have become targets. Bodyguards saying Norma Stakos fired them because they knew too much and that Norma has hold over Michael, Pellicano is a snake and their lives are in danger because of what they know. Gary Herns testimony that he drove Michael to the boy's house
2-49-38+S2...HARD COPY <7m> (vgq)
The Truth About Michael. The bodyguards startling revelations on what Michael does with little boys and his addiction to painkillers
0-08-30+L3...HARD COPY <7m> (vgq)
The Michael Jackson Investigation. Report on Michael's visit to Toys R Us and being given a puppy, minders/paparazzi punch up, shopping carts of toys, Diane Dimond putting a new twist on what the Quindoy's said about Michael when they first told of Michael's bizarreness
0-40-25+J2...HARD COPY <7m> (vgq)
Michael's mystery illness, fans singing to Michael, presents being taken into hotel for Michael, going to hospital, Michael in X-ray room, medical briefing and Michael's taped message, extortion tapes, Jermaine and Tito walking off set so they didn't have to answer questions about Michael
1-53-22+O2...HARD COPY <6m> (vgq)
The Liz and Larry Show. An amusing look at the wedding with "The Hillbillies" theme - Liz's pre-wedding shower, security fighting paparazzi, Larry's stag night, aerial shots of Neverland, guests, Larry's relatives, price tag on food, dress etc
1-35-55-x4...HARD COPY <5.25m> (vgq)
From Behind Closed Doors. Revelations about the divorce and Michael's surprise that Lisa was filing. Taraborrelli pouring oil on troubled waters. Lisa never got along with the other Jacksons. Lisa filed at the same courthouse her mother used to divorce Elvis
1-59-08+O2...HARD COPY <4m> (vgq)
Look-a-likes enacting the Liz/Larry wedding with Michael frantically videoing everything in sight, LaToya crashing in and causing havoc etc
0-25-11-w4...HARD COPY <4m> (vgq)
The lost Jackson Five songs to be released on Pre-HIStory CD
0-40-49-w4...HARD COPY <4m> (vgq)
The moment of Truth. Debbie's wild past
2-34-18-h2...HARD COPY <3.30m> (vgq)
Michael Jackson. Liz Takes Charge. Video footage of Michael while Diane Dimond speculating on when Michael will return to the States and discussing Michael's disappearance and the doctors decision that Michael is a-sexual
2-42-30+S2...HARD COPY <3.30m> (vgq)
The Vanishing. Trying to find Michael when he disappeared
0-32-00-x4...HARD COPY <3.30m> (vgq)
Michael's Miracle Cure. London doctors find cure for Vitiligo. Lisa planning to form her own entertainment company with her inheritance and sign up herself and Danny Keough as her first clients
0-28-45-w4...HARD COPY <3m> (vgq)
The goods on the mother of Michael's baby
0-13-42-w4...HARD COPY <3m> (vgq)
Michael in London during bombings, looking for a little respect. David Copperfield helping make Michael hip again, Michael caught up in bomb alert
0-20-00-x4...HARD COPY <3m> (vgq)
Jackson Divorce. Lisa demanded Michael give her a singing career and dump his management team so he decided to dump her but she beat him to it while he was in hospital
0-58-10-x4...HARD COPY <3m> (vgq)
Brazilian resistance. Report on Michael in Brazil filming "They Don't Care About Us", drug dealer pay off
0-29-00-x4...HARD COPY <3m> (vgq)
For Love Or Money. All the details of the divorce settlement. Taraborrelli telling how Lisa hit the "Jackopot" by sticking with him for over a year
0-16-47-x4...HARD COPY <2.07m> (vgq)
Jackson Divorce. Video footage of Lisa with Danny Keough during her marriage to Michael. Taraborrelli saying this was part of the pre nuptial agreement
0-47-46-w4...HARD COPY <2m> (vgq)
Michael becomes a father at 1.17 am and cuts the umbilical cord
0-15-39-t4...HARD COPY <99s> (gq)
Michael and Lisa visiting Memphis Zoo
0-54-17-w4...HARD COPY <97s> (vgq)
Michael cut off his sexuality when he cut off his nose
0-39-22-w4...HARD COPY <90s> (vgq)
Newlywed watch. How does a superstar spend his honeymoon
2-23-23+G5...HARD COPY <70s> (gq)
Michael will not allow Beatles songs to be turned into rap songs
1-09-00-x4...HARD COPY <60s> (vgq)
Authorities laughing at Michael
0-29-10-x4...HARD COPY <50s> (vgq)
Lisa never saw Michael without makeup, when she turned the lights on he would hide under the bedclothes or run into the bathroom
0-42-30-x4...HARD COPY <30s> (vgq)
Message To Michael. Michael warned to stay away from Brazi