3-46-19-w4…FOX NEWS <32s> (vgq)
Viewers letters
3-49-44-w4…FOX NEWS <10.26m> (vgq)
The King Of Pop fights back with his own footage. Brian Oxman speaks about how the Jackson family feel about the Bashir Interview.  Martin Bashir violates his journalistic ethics.  Physicians have violated medical ethics.  Mabelean Ephram , Geoffrey Fieger, Lis Wiehl discuss the implications of the Bashir Interview. Michael was taken advantage of
4-07-58-w5…FOX NEWS <103s> (vgq)
What is Michael Jackson about?
3-42-46-v4…FOX NEWS <7.25m> (eq)
Michael lashes out at Sony, Fox exclusive interview with Michael speaking about Sony, Tommy Mattola, racism and money being the root of all evil
0-43-05-p5…FOX NEWS <2.54m> (vgq)
Jeanie Wolfe and Tom O’Neil discuss the baby dangling and how it effects the financial aspect of Michael’s career
0-56-51-w4...FOX News <2m> (vgq)
Doctors try to find out exactly what was wrong when Michael collapsed
1-14-43-d5…FOX NEWS <60s> (vgq)
Nasdaq opening
3-15-32+Y5…FOX NEWS <42s> (vgq)
Michael shakes hands with fans outside courthouse
3-3-27-07+Y5…FOX NEWS <28s> (vgq)
Baby dangling
0-33-06+O5...FOX NEWS <24s> (vgq)
0-59-20+S5…FOX NEWS <20s> (gq)
Michael collapses
2-42-38-a5…FOX NEWS <20s> (eq)
Michael’s racism accusations