2-14-40-z5…EXTRA <101s> (vgq)
Miami beach party
2-20-37-w5…EXTRA <103s> (vgq)
Michael brought to tears at the BET Awards
0-44-26-z5…EXTRA <71s> (vgq)
Video clips promoting Michael’s Home Movies
0-52-26-z5…EXTRA <2.58m> (vgq)
Michael and Janet playing at Neverland
0-57-05-z5…EXTRA <2.25m> (vgq)
Michael in Bermuda
1-02-04-z5…EXTRA <2.43> (vgq)
Video of Michael shopping with Prince and Paris and LaToya, 
Brian Oxman explains why Michael is a great father
1-30-24-j5…EXTRA <40s> (vgq)
Michael shopping in an Indiana Mall
1-34-01-j5…EXTRA <63s> (vgq)
Michael in Gary saying it’s great to be home and on a shopping spree
1-37-42-j5…EXTRA <28s> (vgq)
Michael accepts the key to the city than visits his Gary home and Roosevelt High School
3-29-24+X4…EXTRA <70s> (vgq)
Michael shops ‘till he drops and ends up in hospital. 
Video of Michael shopping in an Indianapolis 
mall just before he was hospitalised
3-33-49+X4…EXTRA <7s> (vgq)
Michael at P.Diddy’s party
2-24-55+X4…EXTRA <2.49m> (vgq)
Lisa Marie: Her relationship with John Travolta, her rough time, 
Nick Cage was interested in her music, 
Michael wasn’t.  Elton John.
Michael in Palm Beach over the weekend
2-02-12+D4…EXTRA <6.05m> (vgq)
Grammy’s, performing, candid, cool and confident, 
guys asking her out, ready to meet Mr Right, motherhood, last tour
0-21-37-w4...EXTRA <4m> (vgq)
Why Michael's having trouble growing up as he approaches 40. 
Rick Dees defending Michael, eccentricies, 3T speaking about working with Uncle Michael
2-15-00+N5...EXTRA <2.44m> (vgq)
Stage crash in Munich. Performers accidents on stage
3-00-40-e5…EXTRA <2.44m> (vgq)
Liza Minelli’s wedding
0-55-20-d5…EXTRA <2.43m> (vgq)
The undisputed King of Pop holds court again. 
Invincible will find it tough to win over the 18-year-old kid
1-06-52-d5…EXTRA <2.42> (vgq)
MSG report people saying it’s great
2-24-20-a5…EXTRA <2.40> (eq)
King of Pop calls his boss a racist, Michael’s battle plan
2-17-44+N5...EXTRA <2.20m> (vgq)
Michael and Debbie to divorce. 
What’s behind the break-up and who’ll get the children
0-51-00+Y5…EXTRA <2.14m> (eq)
The moonwalking man/child has another 
nose job after the MSG concerts
2-45-52-a5…EXTRA <120s> (eq)
Fireworks are still flying in Michael’s showdown with Sony. 
An all out blitz to label Tommy Mattola a racist. 
VIBE magazine support Michael
0-17-38 w4...EXTRA <120m> (vgq)
Michael kissing a Jew controversy. Brazil controversy
3-34-36-b4…EXTRA <115s> (vgq)
American Bandstand 50 report
1-33-09-d5...EXTRA <109s> (vgq)
NASDAQ report and the fun of his birthday, 
Invincible prospects, charity single
0-23-56+O5...EXTRA <97s> (vgq)
Michael at the Atlantis resort opening. Singing HTW
0-42-14-j5…EXTRA <90s> (vgq)
Gloria Allred wants Michael to pay for dangling the baby.  Michael negotiating with the BBC for an interview.  Back in Court
0-59-30-p5…EXTRA <85m> (vgq)
Michael compared to Mufasa in the Lion King. 
Goes to the Zoo, fans are supportive
3-38-12+Y5…EXTRA <61s> (vgq)
Baby dangling bizarre
1-54-02+N5...EXTRA <50s> (vgq)
Debbie says Prince is OK and is mad at 
Pavarotti for saying Prince is dying
0-11-05+S5...EXTRA <43s> (vgq)
Michael’s home videos stolen
3-26-26+Y5…EXTRA <41s> (vgq)
Michael says the trial is interesting
3-38-36-v4…EXTRA <30s> (eq)
Nose repaired
3-42-16-v4…EXTRA <30s> (eq)
Michael trampled by fans
3-09-21+Y5…EXTRA <28s> (vgq)
Michael in court
1-12-56+S5…EXTRA <10s> (gq)
AMA’s biggest moment