1-36-53-i5…ET <57s>
Lisa Marie in Jane magazine complaining about Michael using songs for advertising
1-37-50-i5…ET <83s>
Edward Moss, Michael look-a-like
1-53-35-z5…ET <25s> (vgq)
Michael to open Neverland for his Birthday
1-56-08-z5…ET <43s> (vgq)
Preview of Neverland party
2-08-33-z5…ET <4.16m> (vgq)
Inside the Neverland Birthday Party, speaking to guests, Michael’s appearance and food fight, singing Happy Birthday while Michael blows kisses
2-16-21-z5…ET <24s> (vgq)
The story behind Michael’s “out to there, hair”
0-17-59+H6…ET <46s>
Ed Sullivan performances DVD
2-31-51-w5…ET <74s> (vgq)
Michael opens up Neverland for the Wolf family to visit
2-22-40-w5…ET <2.27m> (vgq)
Michael on stage and in tears and dancing paying homage to James Brown, LaToya says Michael’s appearance was a secret from James Brown, Eminem pokes fun at Michael
1-32-24-j5…ET <23s> (vgq)
Michael with Chris Tucker in Chicago
0-45-37-z5…ET <6.49m> (vgq)
Michael in the supermarket, pie party and other cute footage promoting his Home Movies
0-55-54-z5…ET <71s> (vgq)
Michael’s relationship with his father
0-59-30-z5…ET <2.34m> (vgq)
Michael looks for buried treasure, Elizabeth Taylor giving Michael an elephant
1-09-42-z5…ET <10s> (vgq)
Michael and the Supa-soakers
1-39-05-j5…ET <41s> (vgq)
Michael speaks in Gary
1-35-01-j5…ET <2.41> (vgq)
Michael’s a hero in his home town, press conference and is given a Jackson Street road sign, waving to fans, returns to the Gary house where he grew up, visits his school
1-50-46-j5…ET <32s> (vgq)
Michael at Gregory Peck’s funeral
2-23-00+X4...ET <115s> (vgq)
What went wrong at the Lisa photo shoot, Michael house hunting, Lisa says how bad her marriage to Michael was, why she married him, Nick Cage.
3-28-17+X4…ET <67s> (vgq)
Michael’s money.  Is Michael a ticking time bomb to bankruptcy?
3-31-28+X4…ET <102> (vgq)
Joe Millionaire and Michael in the movie Castaway, some scenes to be shot at Neverland. Film due for release in the fall.
3-34-38+X4…ET <42s> (vgq)
Priscilla Presley speaks out about Lisa’s marriage to Michael.
4-33-00-w4…ET <3m>
Debbie Rowe speaks about what a hard act Michael is to follow.  Karen Faye speaks about Michael’s Vitiligo, Maury Povich says there are discrepancies in the Bashir Interview.
4-39-54-w4…ET <11.39> (vgq)
Maury Povich speaks about the Take 2 Interview he will be presenting and points out discrepancies.  Jack and Sharon Osbourne speak about Michael, Debbie Rowe discusses her unique relationship with Michael and she has no doubts about Michael as a father.  3T show ET round the Encino home.  Classic Michael, the truth behind the Grammy’s 88 performance
2-16-50+O2...ET <7.30m> (vgq)
LaToya speaking about Joe driving her and her brothers to brink of suicide
2-17-00-e4...ET <6.30m> (gq)
Filming Budapest video
0-11-24-f4...ET <6.14m> (gq)
Marriage a sham but Lisa rushes to his side. Celebrity tributes
0-19-20-h4...ET {US} <6m> (vgq)
Baby pictures and Wembley
2-36-11+G2...ET <6m> (eq)
Verdict on HIStory/Michael's comeback
0-16-33-d5… ET <5.45m> (vgq)
Michael Jackson’s New York bash, concert report and post concert party
3-07-40-e5…ET <5.30m> (vgq)
Liza Minelli’s wedding secrets
0-36-19-f4...ET <5.20m> (gq)
Divorce a public spectacle
1-43-40-l2...ET <5m> (eq)
Michael still using the original lyrics to The Don't Care About Us and Rabbi Marvin Hier of the Simon Wiesenthal Centre still moaning about Michael being anti-Semitic. Spike Lee claiming ignorance and Bob Jones comparing Michael to Jesus Christ, Michael singing and dancing
1-01-10-x4...ET <4.50m> (vgq)
Rabbi Marvin Hier of the Simon Wiesenthal Centre again moaning about Michael being anti-Semitic. Spike Lee claiming ignorance and Bob Jones comparing Michael to Jesus Christ. Michael singing and dancing
2-15-39-d1...ET <4.30> (eq)
Michael's daring documentary
1-41-20-x4...ET <4.30m> (vgq)
Celebrity reactions to the divorce news and what caused the marriage to fall apart, reactions from friends of Elvis. All relatives on both sides are relieved it's over
2-46-26-f4...ET <4.12m> (gq)
Barbara Walters speaking about when she interviewed Michael for 20/20, feed back from viewers
3-32-41+F5...ET <4.11m> (gq)
Michael speaking and singing in Denver court
1-04-59+H2...ET <4m> (eq)
Tour of Michael Jackson's teenage shrine
0-35-45-d1...ET <3.50m>
Elizabeth Taylor's 65th Birthday Party
0-38-24-j5…ET <3.50m> (vgq)
The marriages and divorces of Lisa Marie Presley.  Gloria Allred jumps on the bandwagon  to get Michael over the baby dangling and speaks at length against Michael
0-56-30+C1...ET <3.40m> (eq)
MTV's history - Michael's influence to give black artists air play
1-55-30-w2...ET <3.40m> (eq)
Michael mania hits the Riviera. Michael wandering about Monaco, meeting people and telling the media, "By the way, I love Jewish people." Priscilla's perfume
1-25-52-x1...ET <3.40> (eq)
Michael hanging with his nephews
1-13-56-f4...ET <3.30m> (gq)
Liz's Birthday bash
0-59-40+S5…ET <3.26> (vgq)
Michael/Britney duet that wasn’t shown.  Broadcast digitally remastered.  AMA’s Grammy controversy
1-04-18-f4...ET <3.22m> (gq)
Michael's missus in labour. Liz Taylor speaks of her connection with Michael
2-20-09-d1...ET <3.20> (eq)
Church of Scientology comes to Lisa's defence
1-06-26+E1...ET <3.20m> (eq)
Revealing the controversial Michael bits in J Randy Taraborrelli's "Call Her Miss Ross" unauthorised biography
1-25-47+M3...ET <3.20m> (eq)
LaToya tries a new career singing country music
0-25-06-g4...ET <3.09m> (vgq)
Michael a married man again
1-47-27+G5...ET <3.03m> (gq)
Brooke Shields speaking about Michael, album shoots back up the charts
0-55-10-x4...ET <3m> (vgq)
Brazilian controversy. Footage of Michael in Brazil with children and shooting "They Don't Care About Us". Todd Gold speaking about Michael
0-26-48-s1...ET <3m> (eq)
ET/US Poll on reactions to offensive content of Black Or White video. Concern over the lack of responsibility shown by TV companies who broadcast it without warning of contents. Brooke Shields defending Michael. Predicting potential effect on Dangerous sales
0-32-32-s1...ET <3m> (eq)
Black Or White video is too off colour for his fans. ET/US Poll to determine if Michael is a good role model, Taraborrelli defending Michael, skin colour controversy
3-24-20+F5...ET <3m> (gq)
Jackson Family Honours not gathering the money, Jacksons not promoting good values, big advertisers will stay away, the scandal doesn’t affect his singing, Ex-rated Jacksons
1-51-02+N5...ET <3m> (vgq)
Prince is ill so no Pavarotti concert
0-45-48-C1...ET <3m> (eq)
LaToya denying she said Michael was abused as a child, other problems in the Jackson family, Gina Sprague, Michael calls his brothers the "Gremlins", Speeches, bad tour
1-40-03-d1...ET <2.55m> (eq)
Rock and Roll Hall Of Fame Induction
0-25-08+G5...ET <2.52m> (gq)
Bizarre and shocking – a baby is on the way in the Michael/Lisa marriage
0-33-28+O5...ET <2.50m> (vgq)
Jackson divorce papers. Michael’s Rabbi’s reaction to divorce
3-42-56+F5...ET <2.49m> (gq)
Charlie Michaels alleging Michael molested another boy, fans walk out because Michael doesn’t sing at Jackson Family Honours
0-02-15-d1...ET <2.49m> (eq)
Michael's house-hunting visit to Scotland
1-00-55-p5…ET <2.42m> (vgq)
Marsha Clarke [OJ  Simpson prosecutor] speaks about Michael and the baby dangling incident, there is no criminal liability
0-07-08+G5...ET <2.41m> (gq)
Michael and Lisa married secretly, honeymooning at Trump Tower, judge
2-20-31-f4...ET {US} <2.40m> (gq)
Michael's daring documentary
0-32-38+C1...ET <2.40s> (eq)
Review of J Randy Taraborrelli's Unauthorised biography The Magic And The Madness - Michael in strip clubs, Thriller controversy, Moonies
2-33-01-w2...ET <2.39> (eq)
Chefs to the stars
0-11-48+S5...ET <2.36m> (vgq)
Michael speaking about marriage, kids and life in TV Guide. Thriller #1 video
2-54-06-e4...ET <2.34m> (gq)
Lisa was Michael's second choice for a wife
1-44-16+G5...ET <2.33m> (gq)
Michael Jackson talks to Oprah – everybody’s talking about it
0-42-28-p1...ET <2.30m> (eq)
Bert Fields defending Michael, report on Mirror picture
2-56-14+H2...ET <2.30m> (eq)
Janet's 1996 recording deal, what she has achieved in the last decade
2-57-11-r1...ET <2.30m> (eq)
Report on Michael's revelations in the Oprah interview
0-31-00-l2...ET <2.30m> (eq)
Michael being seen out with Karen Faye
0-22-56-s1...ET <2.30m> (eq)
Psychiatrist Stanley Greenspan advising parents how to cope with the Black Or White video ending
1-13-42-s1...ET <2.30m> (eq)
Michael's marriage with Pepsi
1-20-50-s1...ET <2.30m> (eq)
How valuable is Michael as a spokesman for Pepsi, ET/US Poll to determine if Michael should endorse Pepsi
1-59-10-w2...ET <2.30m> (eq)
Chandlers suing Michael again, why Lisa, Diane Sawyer, ABC and Sony are also being sued
1-01-48-f4...ET <2.30m> (gq)
Details of Superstar baby's birth. Michael looking in Scotland for a new kingdom for his Prince
1-22-36-f4...ET <2.30m> (gq)
Studio 54 report
2-45-56+H5...ET <2.24m> (vgq)
Behind the scenes at the World Music Awards 1992
2-09-27-G5...ET <2.24m> (gq)
Monte Carlo World Music Awards
0-02-31-f4...ET <2.23m> (gq)
Michael one to one with fans on the Internet
1-28-10-d1...ET <2.20m> (eq)
Club 54 report
0-51-47-f4...ET <2.20m> (gq)
TDCAU words controversy
2-30-11-w2...ET <2.20m> (eq)
Michael's musical honeymoon without his pregnant bride
2-03-46-d1...ET <2.20m> (eq)
Lisa's mystery illness
1-25-06-f4...ET <2.16m> (gq)
Sizzling sneak peek at tangoing new dad
0-55-48-f4...ET <2.15m> (gq)
Inside Michael's legal nightmare
2-39-40-e4...ET <2.15m> (gq)
Autopsy on Primetime Live interview
3-19-47+Y5…ET <2.13m> (vgq)
Reporters more interested in Michael’s face than the trial, Michael causes another frenzy, Michael asks for time out to go to Berlin, report on Michael’s cosmetic surgery
1-20-28-f4...ET <2.10m> (gq)
National Enquirer get baby pictures from OK magazine. Michael's strange child raising program
0-33-38-g4...ET <2.09m> (vgq)
Michael and Debbie tie the knot, how Michael spent his honeymoon
0-51-41+O5...ET <2.07m> (vgq)
Celebrity reactions to Michael/Debbie divorce - Berry Gordy, Brooke Shields
2-01-33+G5...ET <2.07m> (gq)
Michael in his private paradise. David Friend speaking of his experience photographing Michael and Neverland for Life magazine
1-03-02+F5...ET <2.05m> (gq)
Behind the Scenes of Scream
0-00-44+G5...ET <2.02m> (gq)
The mystery of Michael’s missing million Dollar portrait
0-21-17-f4...ET <2m> (gq)
Streams of fans, legions of celebrities at Michael's bedside.
Jermaine speaking for Michael
0-20-00+G5...ET <2m> (gq)
A musical merger made in heaven – a hoax that got out of hand
1-52-45+G5...ET <2m> {gq}
Michael to perform at Soul Train, making movie, at Soul Train Awards
2-44-01+H5...ET <2m> (vgq)
Michael in Life magazine as the cover story. David Friend speaking about the photo shoot and Neverland and Michael
0-41-28-g4...ET <2m> (vgq)
Musical Honeymoon continues down under. The women in Michael's past
2-33-54-e4...ET <2m> (gq)
Was Michael the biggest victim in the allegations stories?
2-48-28-e4...ET <2m> (gq)
Have your say about Michael and Lisa, ET poll. Endorsement problems
3-00-30-e3...ET <2m> ( vgq)
Michael in Australia, speaking to Billie Joel, on stage, in Melbourne airport waving, in Parramatta singing, leaving the stage
3-01-01-e4...ET <2m> (gq)
Michael drops everything, including his shorts
1-12-34-x4...ET <2m> (vgq)
LaToya promoting her gossip hotline by using Michael
1-43-05-r1...ET <2m> (eq)
Pre-Superbowl hype
0-18-47-r1...ET <2m> (eq)
Report on Jacksons: An American Dream
0-58-34-m2...ET <2m> (eq)
"They Don't Care About Us" video shoot in New York prison
0-03-22-s1...ET <2m> (eq)
LaToya and Jermaine on abuse, Jermaine's album
0-50-39-s1...ET <2m> (eq)
Beau Bridges auditioning kids to play the young Jacksons in The Jackson - An American Dream, New York Pepsi sponsorship signing
1-23-8-x1...ET <2m> (eq)
August 1996 update on all the outstanding lawsuits against Michael
1-12-16-f4...ET <2m> (gq)
Michael has the most to celebrate on Valentines Day
1-05-26-p5…ET <117s> (vgq)
German police investigate Michael and the baby dangling incident, Jermaine supports Michael, fans mob Michael, German family meet Michael
1-08-35-f4...ET <111s> (gq)
Michael a dad .... Maybe!
2-21-32+G5...ET <111s> (gq)
My Weekend at Michael’s Neverland contest winner’s video
4-02-10+F5...ET <110s> (gq)
Michael’s missing portrait and posing semi-naked with models for a painting
1-58-22+N5...ET <102s> (vgq)
Michael annoyed at the incorrect reporting about himself and Princes’ illness
0-30-10+G5...ET <95s> (gq)
The Michael/Lisa honeymoon taking on a media frenzy
2-23-29-d1...ET <95s> (eq)
Stranger in Moscow first look
0-18-26+G5...ET <94s> {gq)
LaToya’s reaction to the charge she leaked the marriage news to the news, saying her marriage to Jack Gordon is over
0-06-21-f4...ET <91s> (gq)
Michael strapped for cash, Wetten Dass appearance
3-52-10+F5...ET <90s> (gq)
Captain Eo to be yanked as a major attraction at Disney World
0-07-08-l2...ET <90s> (eq)
Michael with Karen Faye at the All Star Cafe and Fashion Cafe, Christopher Anderson speculating on the divorce
1-27-44+H2...ET <90s> (eq)
LaToya's scandal phone line
1-14-23-r1...ET <90s> (eq)
Report on Clinton's pre-inauguration party/Michael visiting children's hospital
0-23-30-x4...ET <90s> (vgq)
Report on the short marriage and the divorce showing it was more of a PR event than a real marriage
2-46-15-e4...ET <90s> (gq)
Michael Jackson tidal wave of PR for HIStory
1-10-00-x4...ET <90s> (vgq)
Michael's singing rattling all of Hollywood
0-51-24-m2...ET <90s> (eq)
Lisa Marie interview and pictorial in Vogue magazine
0-40-19-s1...ET <90s> (eq)
Legend continues CBS special
1-42-58-d1...ET <90s> (eq)
The King Of Pop invades Cannes
0-18-01+Y5…ET <90s> (gq)
Michael dominates two major networks. AMA’s report and CBS concert report
1-30-28-d5...ET <90s> (vgq)
NASDAQ report and speculation on the excitement of the MSG show
0-49-59-f4...ET <88s> (gq)
Brits Earth Song controversy
0-00-00-f4...ET <88s> (gq)
Michael in Disneyland Paris with kids, not Lisa
0-04-54-f4...ET <87s> (gq)
Michael the first inductee into the BET Hall of Fame. Phone cards
2-37-04-e4...ET <86s> (gq)
Speculation the Michael/Lisa marriage is over
0-10-03-f4...ET <82s> (gq)
Lisa eventually visits Michael in Hospital
2-57-43-a5…ET  <82s> (eq)
Michael lashes out again at a summit on racism
1-19-08-f4...ET <80s> (gq)
Why Michael has named his son "Prince"
0-25-17-f4...ET <80s> (gq)
Michael heads to Disneyland Paris to recuperate
3-39-30+F5...ET <80s> (gq)
LaToya speaks out about the Jackson Family Honours
2-23-00-a5…ET <80s> (eq)
Michael releases a tirade against Sony and Sony fire back
2-57-18-e4...ET <78s> (gq)
Did Michael and ABC do a deal?
3-12-49+Y5…ET <78s> (vgq)
Day 2 of the trial, no mask today, testimony, fans
2-58-36-e4...ET <73s> (gq)
Michael in New York announcing MTV nominations
2-59-50-e4...ET <73s> (gq)
Michael's latest publicity stunt
1-28-23-p5…ET <71s> (vgq)
Bambi Awards, no charges from German authorities, trial news
1-30-30-f4...ET <70s> (gq)
Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Induction
2-57-52-p1...ET <70s> (gq)
Californian Raisin advert
2-00-20-x1...ET <70s> (eq)
Ghosts report
2-01-02+D4…ET <70s>
Janet speaks about her divorce and doesn’t want to marry again. 
Prince thanks her for his Christmas present
0-44-21-h4...ET <68s> (vgq)
Michael dedicates Ostend concert to Diana. 
Janet and Lisa's reaction to the tragedy
0-30-29-f4...ET <65s> (gq)
Marriage ends, Lisa files for divorce
2-58-28+U5…ET <64s> (eq)
Michael/Sony controversy
0-01-28-f4...ET <64s> (gq)
Michael on mystery vacation without Lisa
0-54-07-f4...ET <60s> (gq)
Kingdom Entertainment collaboration
0-07-52-f4...ET <60s> (gq)
Michael's disturbing new video
0-02-34-r1...ET <60s> (eq)
Michael builds landing strip for UFO's
1-15-27+Z3...ET <60s> (eq)
Michael's girls
0-25-50-s1...ET <60s> (eq)
Michael to buy land in Nevada desert so he can build a landing strip and 
fairground for Martians to land on when they visit the USA
0-39-1-s1...ET <60s> (eq)
Michael sold most records in 1980's , 1991 Review of Michael's activities
1-40-40-s1...ET <60s> (eq)
Rolling Stone's 25th Anniversary issue Michael interview
2-29-36-e4...ET <60s> (gq)
How long will the Michael/Lisa marriage last?
0-36-12+G5...ET <60s> (gq)
The Elvis channel – psychic opinion on the Michael/Lisa marriage
3-13-18-e5…ET <60s> (vgq)
Michael adopts a baby
3-07-07+Y5…ET <60s> (vgq)
New trouble for Michael in Court, waves to fans, lottery for seats inside
2-28 00-e4...ET <59s> (gq)
Michael and Lisa's separate honeymoon bedrooms
0-43-44-j5…ET <58s> (vgq)
Lisa Marie enjoys shocking people with her marriages
3-29-03+F5...ET <57s> (gq)
Guest list for the Jackson Family Honours
2-03-40+G5...ET <55s> (gq)
Behind the scenes in Monaco, Michael receiving star on Hollywood’s walk of Fame, Award from Guinness World of Records Museum
0-05-16+G5...ET <52s> (gq)
Howard Weitzman’s brushes with celebrities
3-27-34+Y5…ET <52s> (vgq)
Michael in Germany waving to fans and dangling baby
2-31-48+G5...ET <51s> (gq)
Third partnership between Michael and Pepsi
1-57-15+G5...ET <50s> (gq)
Michael Jackson and Michael Milken to team up, behind the scenes of Whatzupwitu
1-27-22-f4...ET <50s> (gq)
From King of Pop to King of Poppas
1-13-07+C1...ET <50s> (eq)
Michael moonwalking with llamas, with Sammy Davies Jr, speaking about his success, back stage on Bad Tour
2-47-45-e4...ET <50s> (gq)
Scream not doing well world wide
2-12-13+H5...ET <47s> (qgq)
Michael on the cover of Disney Adventure comic/LaToya presses charges against Jack Gordon.
3-45-45+F5...ET <45s> (gq)
Janet speaking about Michael’s stress
1-57-19+N5...ET <45s> (vgq)
Prince ill for five days but getting better now
0-00-00+G5...ET <44s> (gq)
Accepting Children’s Choice award
0-29-18-f4...ET <43s> (gq)
LaToya's gossip hot line. Lisa files for divorce
0-09-21-f4...ET <43s> (gq)
Michael hospitalised
0-19-37-f4...ET <42s> (gq)
Suspicions about the severity of Michael's illness
2-38-30-e4...ET <42s> (gq)
$52m raised by We Are The World
0-43-40-h4...ET <40s> (vgq)
Wiz Quiz
2-36-31-e4...ET <40s> (gq)
Webster's opinion on the Michael/Lisa marriage
2-32-43-e4...ET <40s> (gq)
Michael best man at Miko Brando's wedding
2-33-19-e4...ET <40s> (gq)
Michael painting to be auctioned for charity
2-30-18-e4...ET <40s> (gq)
What would Elvis make of the Michael/Lisa marriage?
2-50-56-e4...ET <40s> (gq)
Macauley seeks refuge at Neverland
2-56-38-e4...ET <40s> (gq)
Michael out on the town while Lisa's in Hawaii with Danny Keogh
1-04-46-p1...ET <40s> (eq)
Michael playing in Euro Disney
0-22-20-s1...ET <40s> (eq)
Reading Michael's "I'm sorry" statement about the Black Or White video
1-10-46+S5…ET<40s> (gq)
AMA’s developments
2-28-59-e4...ET <39s> (gq)
Michael to play the leading role in the remake of Dr Lao, Gary, Indiana protests about Michael
2-00-21+G5...ET <38s> (gq)
Janet Jackson dishes dirt on Madonna and brother Michael
1-55-20-f4...ET <35s> (gq)
Dowdy Debbie makeover, dinner with Karen Faye
1-59-21+G5...ET <31s> (gq)
Michael to appear on the cover of Disney Adventures comic
2-20-01-f4...ET <30s> (gq)
National Enquirer 25 years of scandals
2-04-04-f4...ET <30s> (gq)
Michael in Cannes
0-28-49-f4...ET <30s> (gq)
Jacko puts Lisa on back burner
0-08-52-f4...ET <30s> (gq)
Michael collapses
2-23-13-e4...ET <30s> (gq)
Happy 36th birthday Michael
0-33-59-r1...ET <30s> (eq)
Michael's motorised glove
1-47-56+A3...ET <30s> (eq)
Michael on Dating Game
0-21-24-r1...ET <30s> (eq)
Motown release of unheard J5 songs on American Dream CD
1-41-37-r1...ET <30s> (eq)
Pepsi controversy over Michael using a white kid to portray him
0-37-05-h1...ET <30s> (eq)
Polygram party, American Dream on home video
2-50-30-e4...ET <30s> (gq)
History not selling well
0-07-10+M2...ET <30s> (eq)
CBS to go ahead with Jackson Family Honours
0-01-41-s1...ET <30s> (eq)
Liz's wedding film of Neverland Valley
0-38-58-s1...ET <30s> (eq)
Michael's glove auction, Ernest Valentino modelling it
1-01-17-s1...ET <30s> (eq)
Ivory Coast controversy
1-09-24-s1...ET <30s> (eq)
Cory Feldman speaking about Michael and drugs
1-17-20-s1...ET <30s> (eq)
Michael having dinner in Bombay Beach, playing in Disneyland
2-36-03-e4...ET <30s> (gq)
Michael's boy scout calendar controversy
2-35-50-e4...ET <30s> (gq)
Elvis tribute
0-04-08+C1...ET <30s> (eq)
Do The Bartman collaboration
0-51-40+C1...ET <30s> (eq)
Michael and Macaulay playing in Disney World
1-51-30-d5…ET <30s> (vgq)
Making You Rock My World
0-35-57-f4...ET <25s> (gq)
Michael/Lisa marriage finally over
2-09-52+H5...ET <25s> (qgq)
Michael to perform with his brothers again at the Jackson Family Honours
1-58-54+G5...ET <20s> (gq)
The Jacksons to perform together again
0-55-22-f4...ET <20s> (gq)
Chandler files second lawsuit against Michael
1-17-54-r1...ET <20s> (eq)
NAACP Image Award
1-43-48-s1...ET <20s> (eq)
Herb Ritts on location
0-09-34+C1...ET <20s> (eq)
Beat It with Alvin the Chipmunk
2-27-13-f4...ET <20s> (gq)
Which star got his big break appearing in Michael's video
1-25-27-p5…ET <17s> (vgq)
David Guest explains his friendship with Michael
3-36-54+F5...ET <15s> (gq)
Jackson Family Honours Big Show, big scandal. Family in-fighting
4-04-40+F5...ET <10s> (gq)
Children’s Choice Humanitarian award
0-55-40-f4...ET <10s> (gq)
Lisa revenge on Michael