2-06-08-z5E! NEWS <2.25m> (vgq)
Birthday Party report, Michael wearing Bash Bashir jacket
1-51-18-j5E! NEWS <33s> (vgq)
Michael shopping for books then getting mobbed for autographs
3-43-27-w4E! NEWS <2.52m> (vgq)
Michael Jackson the triple train wreck, ABC vs CBS vs NBC
0-30-10+X3...E!NEWS <6m> (eq)
No child molestation's to be filed/GQ article/was Michael set up
1-20-40-x4...E!NEWS <5m> (vgq)
Splitsville for Michael and Lisa. Doubt that they were ever married in the first place. Division of assets
0-40-04+A3...E!NEWS <4.10m> (eq)
Michael apologises to Jews, Jermaine cashing in on Michael's comeback
1-18-46+V3...E!NEWS <4m> (eq)
Report that the marriage is not legal/LaToya's Playboy video
1-49-50+G2...E!NEWS <3.30m> (eq)
Sneak peek at HIStory
0-18-32-o2...E!NEWS <3.20m> (eq)
Michael and Lisa to divorce/ Michael On Line
2-47-17+H2...E!NEWS <3.20m> (eq)
Report on the divorce, the marriage not being legal to begin with, Lisa returning to Danny
0-50-14-p5E! NEWS <3.16m> (vgq)
Baby dangling discussion, at the Berlin Zoo, Psychologist explains Michael
3-04-35-e5E! NEWS <3.05m> (vgq)
Liza Minellis wedding
0-42-05-d1...E!NEWS <3m> (eq)
Michael to become a Daddy any day now, Elizabeth Taylor not able to be present at the birth
0-14-10+V3...E!NEWS <3m> (eq)
2-23-55+G2...E!NEWS <3m> (eq)
Michael's personal message, how the HIStory promotional video was made
1-02-20+V3...E!NEWS <3m> (eq)
Report on all the lawsuits resulting from the Jackson Family Honours/Hungry video shoot
2-26-58-w2...E!NEWS <2.53m> (eq)
The marriage down under, round two
2-05-53-w2...E!NEWS <2.40m> (eq)
HIStory tour news, baby news
3-00-11+Y5E! NEWS <2.40m> (vgq)
Celebrity OOOps!
1-25-44-p5E! NEWS <2.39m> (vgq)
Bambi Awards, Jermaine speaks for Michael
2-13-38-w2...E!NEWS <2.30> (eq)
The King Of Pop is going to be a Pop!
2-14-07-x1...E!NEWS <2.30m> (eq)
Problems with HIStory tour
3-15-30+A3...E!NEWS <2.30m> (eq)
Lisa an impostor
2-23-39+V3...E!NEWS <2.30m> (eq)
Report on MTV's VMA's 1994
3-04-39+Y5 E! NEWS <2.29m> (vgq)
Michael arrives at court for Marcel Avram trial, anti-Sony speech, 
Michael and Liz Taylor at the MSG
2-17-38-w2...E!NEWS <2.20m> (eq)
Report on marriage #2
1-32-02+V3...E!NEWS <2.20m> (eq)
Chocolate commemoration
0-13-40-d5E! NEWS  <2.20m> (vgq)
Michaels comeback concert report
0-44-01+H2...E!NEWS <2m> (eq)
Report on Michael's illness
2-56-37+F2...E!NEWS <2m> (eq)
Reports on Michael's collapse at Beacon Theatre during 
rehearsals, hospital stay and release
1-21-27+A3...E!NEWS <2m> (eq)
Re-writing HIStory
1-00-15+Z3...E!NEWS <2m> (eq)
To sue Hard Copy
2-57-30-w3...E!NEWS <2m> (eq)
LaToya bounces back
1-29-36-x1...E!NEWS <2m> (eq)
Report from LA court where Michael testified in the Jackson Family Honours trial
2-44-04+T5E!NEWS <94s> (gq)
Elizabeth Taylor turned her wedding at Neverland into a charity event
2-49-38+T5E!NEWS <90s> (gq)
Greatest celebrity comeback of 2001. Michael wins!
0-26-43+G2...E!NEWS <90s> (eq)
Children's congress
1-49-56+N5...E!NEWS <66s> (vgq)
Corey Feldman and his obsession with Michael
1-11-59+X3...E!NEWS <60s> (eq)
Christopher Andersen unauthorised biography
1-53-25+X3...E!NEWS <60s> (eq)
Dee-Dee's drowning mystery
2-19-00-l2...E!NEWS <60s> (eq)
Filming video in Brazil
2-06-06-d1...E!NEWS <58s> (eq)
Michael sorting through legal problems, wife arrested at Neverland
0-23-25-d1...E!NEWS <55s> (eq)
The birth of Michael's baby
0-24-53+A3...E!NEWS <50s> (eq)
Scream sold 64,000 units in USA
1-09-37+F2...E!NEWS <50s> (eq)
Money problem rumours incorrect
0-29-47+I5...E!NEWS <50s> (vgq)
Frank Deleo speaking about how the BAD video came 
about, his role in the music industry
1-44-28-d1...E!NEWS <45s> (eq)
Michael under wraps in Cannes
2-34-53-w3...E!NEWS <45s> (eq)
The King of Pop causes pandemonium at a music store
3-39-06-v4E! NEWS <44s> (eq)
Michael stops by the House of Commons
2-57-46+U5E! NEWS <42s> (eq)
Michael/Sony fight
3-24-59+Y5E! NEWS <41s> (vgq)
Michael asks to play hooky from court next week
2-47-52-a5E! NEWS <39s> (eq)
Michael and Al Sharpton continue to blast the music industry
0-51-10+X3...E!NEWS <35s> (eq)
Judge orders Michael to do a second DNA test
3-35-25+Y5E! NEWS <35s> (vgq)
Baby dangling
2-37-24-s1...E!NEWS <30s> (eq)
Comments on new Pepsi commercials
2-59-32+C4...E!NEWS <30s> (eq)
Michael wins sex allegations lawsuit
2-11-26+H5...E!NEWS <30s> (qgq)
Michael attends a D.A.R.E event
2-10-58+H5...E!NEWS <28s> (qgq)
Local press say Michael will perform with his brothers, 
Michaels publicist says hes not aware of this
0-27-30+O5...E!NEWS <28s> (vgq)
Michael with Mandella. Speech
2-13-00+H5...E!NEWS <25s> (qgq)
Michael pays surprise visits to Heal LA agencies
2-09-33+H5...E!NEWS <20s> (qgq)
Michael visits Hasboro Toy Factory
2-01-09-s1...E!NEWS <20s> (eq)
Crystal Carter sues Michael for allegedly stealing Dangerous
2-36-40-w2...E!NEWS <20s> (eq)
Michael returns to Manila