0-19-03+L3...CURRENT AFFAIR <20m> (vgq)
Michael Jackson: The Curtain Closes. Michael and a boy playing in an amusement park, on dodgems, in ball pool, wandering about, Heal LA speech, footage of Michael’s new open image and appearances then how it all began to fall apart. How scandals effect advertising endorsements, Asian fans aren’t interested in the allegations in the US; all they want is for Michael to be Michael on stage
0-10-19+J2...CURRENT AFFAIR <19m> (vgq)
The Accusers. Quindoy’s “telling all” in a press conference. Liz Taylor, Katherine Jackson, Dan O’Daud, Norman Winter, Anthony Pellicano supporting Michael
0-12-54-p2...CURRENT AFFAIR <18m> (vgq)
The case against Michael Jackson. A re-enactment of the depositions Larry Feldman took from “witnesses”. A look-a-like Michael and a look-a-like Jordan in bed together and at Toys R Us etc. Other look-a-likes portraying key characters n the abuse allegations
0-30-52-p2...CURRENT AFFAIR <12m> (vgq)
Mark Quindoy speaking about Michael’s paedophilia after Michael’s Neverland statement and saying Michael should stop trying to heal the world and try to heal himself and that he should kill himself, then demonstrating Michael’s bizarreness. Giving more explicit details of what he had watched Michael do to little boys. Saying that Michael does not have Vitiligo and that he knows for a fact that Michael bleaches himself. Describing a typical day at the ranch - Michael and a boy behaving like honeymooners and asking for a turkey-dog and ice cream
1-34-25+O2...CURRENT AFFAIR <10.30m> (vgq)
Hats off to Larry. How Liz did a makeover on Larry to make him presentable, wedding preparations, analysis of Liz, where/how Liz and Larry met, perfume
2-19-07-y2...CURRENT AFFAIR <10m> (vgq)
Speculation that Michael is soon to be in BIG trouble after the revelations from the maid. Re-run of all the other accusers and how bad it’s looking for Michael. Report on Anthony Pellicano and him methods. Fans getting into Neverland to be near Michael
0-45-32-p2...CURRENT AFFAIR <8m> (vgq)
Descriptions of how Michael arrived back in the USA and knocking him for going back early. Speculation on the return being a direct result of a deal with Gil Garcetti. Eddie Reynosa talking about the strange phone call he received from Michael. Reporters trying to get into Neverland and not succeeding through a gate so they got a helicopter and fly over Neverland describing all the activity going on below
2-13-30+E2 ...CURRENT AFFAIR <8m> (vgq)
J. Randy Taraborrelli defending Michael, LaToya accusing Michael, people voicing their support or non-support of Michael
1-03-40-p2...CURRENT AFFAIR <8m> (vgq)
Michael’s road to ruin. Video of Michael in a fair ground, slipping out of Mexico, Bert Fields press conference, Michael and a boy in a ball pool playing, Larry Feldman saying Michael’s afraid. How key moments and mistakes destroyed an idol, a monologue over lovely video footage of Michael? Piers Morgan describing what he clearly saw Michael doing at the World Music Awards
1-22-01-p2...CURRENT AFFAIR <7.30m> (vgq)
Security video of Michael and his “boy toy” shopping at F A O Schwartz, an exclusive toy store, two days before Christmas 1989. Dr Joyce Brothers, psychiatrist, analysing the behaviour of Michael and his “boy toy”
2-08-16-h2...CURRENT AFFAIR <7m> (vgq)
New Jackson Bombshells. Michael in Connecticut, Ben Brown telling Michael to change his lifestyle then speaking of when he ran the recording studio at Encino while Michael was Michael
2-51-35+E2...CURRENT AFFAIR <7m> (vgq)
Support for Michael, nothing found in Neverland search, Dan O’Daud showing exclusive photos of Michael with people and supporting him. Norman Winter, Wade Robson voicing their support
1-03-52+H3...CURRENT AFFAIR <7m> (vgq)
LaToya saying Michael is guilty, report on British “Devils Advocate”, Jack Gordon trashing the Jacksons, celebrities voicing support for Michael
1-11-30-p2...CURRENT AFFAIR <6.30m> (vgq)
The five bodyguard’s attorney describing how his clients saw Michael with little boys and what happened to cause the termination of their employment at Encino
2-40-23+G3 ...CURRENT AFFAIR <6.30m> (vgq)
The Neverland Tapes. Surveillance videos taken at Neverland of Michael bedroom, playroom etc. Alleged spying activities. The Missing Tapes. Ben Brown finding “Big Boy” and planning to re-release it. The five bodyguard’s attorney describing how his clients saw Michael with little boys and what happened to cause the termination of their employment at Encino
1-14-34+O2...CURRENT AFFAIR <4m> (gq)
Michael arriving at Harringay with Mickey and Minnie, Mirror controversy, bits of Jam live, Bert Fields putting the record straight over Michael’s surgery, clips of making “Dreams”, denying rumours of Michael’s bizarreness, Michael in Harringay Hospital
0-58-38+J2...CURRENT AFFAIR <4m> (vgq)
Carlton TV’s Big Story, video of Michael and a boy playing in a ball pool in a New Jersey theme park
0-20-25+G3...CURRENT AFFAIR <4m> (gq)
Encino Man - Michael’s media blitz to re-do his image. Pictures of Encino kitchen, Michael’s bedroom, trophy room, fleet of cars, shopping spree in Hong Kong
1-07-12-y2...CURRENT AFFAIR <4m> (vgq)
Michael Home For Christmas. Speculation on Michael returning to the USA and plea bargaining. Johnnie Cochran joins Michael's team and LaToya lashes out
1-41-27-k2...CURRENT AFFAIR <3.30m> (gq)
Suing the Mirror, putting rumours straight
1-19-43+H3...CURRENT AFFAIR <3.30m> (vgq)
Barry Slotnick {Defence Attorney}, speculating on a deal being worked out so Michael can return to the USA. Report on Vanity Fair article, Johnny Cochran joining the Jackson team. Larry Feldman wanting to talk to LaToya, Janet cancelling a concert
2-46-00+S2...CURRENT AFFAIR <3.30> (vgq)
Bootleg video footage of Janet praying for Michael in one of her concerts then breaking down, Paul McCartney supporting Michael, drug clinic, Norma Stakos emerging
1-59-34-y2...CURRENT AFFAIR <3m> (vgq)
Helicopter pictures of what is happening at Neverland after Michael has returned
2-56-14+S2...CURRENT AFFAIR <3m> (vgq)
Family support for Michael, even from Jermaine who allegedly warned Michael about his relationship with boys. Michael suing Steve Howel
0-42-30-p2...CURRENT AFFAIR <3m> (vgq)
Charlie Michaels describing how Michael would sneak into Neverland late at night with little boys and the sexual dance Michael performed with a little boy and that she was warned that blood would be spilled if she ever spoke of what she had seen
1-10-52+H3...CURRENT AFFAIR <3m> (vgq)
Tito saying everything is under control and that he doesn’t doubt that Michael will win the copyright case. Report on the Vanity Fair article “Nightmare in Neverland”. Tito saying the Jacksons are united, LaToya trashing Michael, Katherine trashing LaToya
1-17-50-p2...CURRENT AFFAIR <2.30m> (vgq)
Rafael Abramovitz doing a synopsis of what’s happened so far in the abuse allegations story
2-07-08+O2...CURRENT AFFAIR <2.30m> (vgq)
Plans for paparazzi to photograph the Liz/Larry wedding, bizarre expectations
0-19-35-w4...CURRENT AFFAIR <2m> (vgq)
MJ to buy French chateau