3-32-38+X4…COURT TV <71s> (vgq)
Michael is saddled with debts and is on the brink of Bankruptcy.  Michael must give a deposition in Indiana. Sotheby’s bill settled. Michael has given 500 depositions and had 15,00 lawsuits and he is tired of it all
3-35-20+X4…COURT TV <2.34m> (vgq)
Michael discovers how costly, financially and personally, court cases can be. Myung-Ho-Lee vs Michael case may be thrown out of court
4-28-56-w4…COURT TV <3.18m> (vgq)
Brian Oxman speaks of the traumer the Bashir interview has had on the Jackson family
1-25-01-p5…COURT TV <26s> (vgq)
Celebrity Justice: Michael late for Court
3-18-37+Y5…COURT TV <70s> (vgq)
Fans scream and Michael waves, then the trial reports
1-15-15-p5…COURT TV <6.46m> (vgq)
Discussion, Is Michael a bad Dad?  Is dressing his children in veils a crime.  Should the 1993 allegations be re-opened?