0-59-30+G5...CNN NEWS <3.25m> (qgq)
J. Randy. Taraborrelli speaking about Michael
1-02-09-d5…CNN NEWS <104s> (vgq)
MSG concert report
1-03-54-d5…CNN NEWS <86s> (vgq)
Invincible is here, round-up of what he’s been doing since HIStory
1-29-06-d5…CNN NEWS <80s> (vgq)
NASDAQ report
0-33-27+H6…CNN ON THE RECORD <104s>
Quincy Jones speaks about We Are The World and the next charity record he will make
0-42-20+V3...CNN SHOWBIZ <4.20m> (eq)
Michael's legal year
0-00-00+M3...CNN SHOWBIZ <4.20m> (eq)
Report on the Jackson Family Honours
1-03-41+X3...CNN SHOWBIZ <3m> (eq)
Christopher Andersen's unauthorised biography
0-15-37-r1...CNN SHOWBIZ <3m> (eq)
Report on Jacksons: An American Dream
3-22-00+Y5…CNN Connie Chung Tonight <2.59m> (vgq)
Why Michael didn’t show up in court until 1pm, is he as weird as he looks, people love him,  he is idolised
1-39-21-r1...CNN SHOWBIZ <2m> {eq}
Pre-Superbowl build-up
3-02-40+Y5…CNN <90s> (vgq)
The King Of Pop In Court. Marcel Avram Trial
3-46-35+Y5…CNN TALKBACK <85s> (vgq)
Jonnie Cochran speaks about Michael and child endangerment charges
1-31-23-d1...CNN SHOWBIZ <55s> (eq)
Rock and Roll Hall Of Fame Induction rous kick-off speech, Michael arriving in Germany