0-00-35-z3...BLITZ SPECIAL <37m> (eq)
Arriving at airport, waving to welcoming fans, saying how much he loves all the fans, going into Park Hotel, meeting fans, meeting the Mayor, signing the visitors book, sorting out the camera angles, Teddy Lakis, speaking to fans from balcony, touring the mayor's building, meeting fans, signing autographs, being hugged, given toy, standing on table, being helped off table, in hotel, in elevator, speaking about his fans and tabloids, Stranger In Moscow live, backstage, costumes, Billie Jean beginning, people undressing Michael, John Isaac photographing Michael on stage, meeting kids, Taco Falcon showing how he teaches the kids to perform on stage with Michael, stage erection, food preparation, preparing fans for Michael's appearance, playing at Phantasialand, Heal The World live, Taco Falcon teaching kids, Michael being photographed with kids, band, backing singers and dancers, Michael's makeup kit, Scream live, kids backstage, Michael saying how he never stops, Heal The World live
0-00-00-x3...BLITZ SPECIAL<23m> (vgq)
Blood On The Dance Floor report, You Are Not Alone live, ticket sales, Mystery hot line, profile of Michael growing up, freeing Europe, with Marcel Marcau, walking about, arriving n Brazil, Spike Lee, Brits back stage/on stage, partnership with Al Waleed, playing in Fantasialand, in Monte Carlo, making Stranger In Moscow, walking about, They Don't Care About Us live, wandering about Australia, Elizabeth Taylor's Birthday performance, wandering about, Marcel Avram, collage, wandering about, Debbie Rowe speaking silly, inside her apartment, Michael walking about, 3T and Michael - Why, 3T speaking, Sisterella
2-05-13-w3...BLITZ SPEZIAL <5.10m> (eq)
Live report from History concert in Bremen, Billie Jean as it's happening, Michael wandering about earlier in the day, fans queuing, Jennifer Batten speaking, History live, more Billie Jean Live
2-58-50+B4...BLITZ <4.30m> (eq)
Michael in Munich for Michael and Friends concert
2-30-50-w3...BLITZ <4.03m> (eq)
4-01-23+R5...BLITZ <3.47> (vgq)
Concert report, bridge collapse, Michael in hospital
2-10-23-w3...BLITZ <3.24m> (vgq)
Michael arriving in Bremen for History, setting up the stage, Lavelle Smith speaking, Michael wandering about, waving and grinning and signing autographs
2-12-29-d1...BLITZ <3.10m> (eq)
Exclusive report on the Bremen History concert, live footage and backstage/ off stage footage
2-16-45-w3...BLITZ <3m> (vgq)
Taco Falcon, Michael's assistant, showing how he teaches children to perform properly with Michael on stage
2-13-47-w3...BLITZ <2.58m> (vgq)
Report on John Isaac, the photographer who took the photos of Michael and his baby, showing photos that weren't in "OK" magazine and loads of other fabulous photos he has taken of Michael
2-00-56-d1...BLITZ <2.50m> (eq)
The King Of Pop in Germany signing the Bremen guest book, meeting fans, saying he loves them
3-25-45+R5...BLITZ <86s> (vgq)
Michaelís í99 appearance on Wetten Dass