0-11-34+I5...AUSTRALIAN ENTERTAINMENT NEWS <14.33m> (vgq)
Dancing the Dream, Maria Carey singing "I’ll Be There", draw for competition to go to see Michael at Wembley winners, Jam, Dangerous tour news, live clips, Pepsi report, Paul Pink of Capitol radio speaking about Michael’s illness and his time in London with clip of Michael with prince Charles accepting a cheque and an award, in Hackney, ITC, "scarface" picture. Illness/cancelled concert/suicide fan report
Janet speaking of her relationship with James DeBarge, LA Gear boots
0-13-00-h4...AUSTRALIAN GOSSIP AND SKITS <2.10m> (vgq)
1-53-25-g4...AUSTRALIAN NEWS <70m> (vgq)
Michael arriving in Brisbane without mask, school choir, Michael mania in Melbourne, snubbed by Melbourne Mayor, Penthouse hideaway in Scarborough, Perth standing by for MJ Roadshow, cuddling Koala, greeting fans, signing autographs, watching little children moonwalking for him, having a ball in Scarborough, road crew in battle with security. Book hunting in Northridge, fan invited into Michael's car, Burswood Dome, "The greatest performer of all time", concert clips, meeting fans, signing autographs, waving goodbye, in Perth, he sang, he conquered. Rescuing a six-year-old fan. Showing that the world media has pictures of the wrong bride. Fans reaction to Michael's wedding, the King of Kink, Opera House appearance, Hospital visit
0-02-20-g4...AUSTRALIAN NEWS <22m> (vgq)
Michael's arrival in Sydney, SCG, mingling with fans, entertained by fans and Aborigine dancers, wandering about waving, grinning, playing, live clips
1-17-49+G5...AUSTRALIAN NEWS <20m> (gq)
Michael sues the Mirror newspaper for Bad pictures of him, Ken Lennox denying the picture was tampered with, comparing Michael to a damaged car, Michael cancels Wembley. Dangerous world tour proving to be a sell-out, tour jacket competition, make a wish foundation, happy 34th birthday Michael, Dangerous tour facts, Michael in Bucharest, speech, Jam live, speech launching Heal The World, watching children sing HTW, WBSS live, win Limited Edition Dangerous CD, nominations for Video Smash Hits, Berry Gordy speaking about Michael
0-47-33+G5...AUSTRALIAN NEWS <12m> (gq)
The top stars say welcome to the Clinton era, launch of the latest round in the Cola war, Michael in Bangkok accepting HTW cheque and thanking Pepsi. Michael wants to conquer Australia big time with Dangerous. Michael and Madonna warned not to upstage everybody at the Oscars, backstage at the Sammy Davies Jr tribute, Michael at Harringay Hospital, arriving with Mickey and Mini Mouse, Grammy’s, 2300 Jackson Street, Janet’s big recording contract
2-12-27+I5...AUSTRALIAN NEWS <11.58m> (vgq)
Bad tour hits Australia. Michael battling through crowds of fans at Sydney airport. Arriving more sedately in Melbourne and receiving an Aborigine welcome. Look-a-like. Fan chosen to meet Michael, bedlam
3-15-30+F5...AUSTRALIAN NEWS <8.50m> (gq)
Michael’s new plans for movies as well as a new album, beating Janet’s recording deal, Michael and Madonna planning a duet, planning a world tour to raise money for Heal The World, Pepsi deal, Australia’s Pepsi launch, Coke Vs Pepsi – Elton Vs Michael, Michael marries the King’s princess, curious marriage, Janet saying she’s not the most successful Jackson, evolution of the J5
0-09-49+G5...AUSTRALIAN NEWS <8.37m> (gq)
Michael/Lisa marriage reports, video of them holidaying together in Disneyworld
3-18-57+I5...AUSTRALIAN NEWS <8m> (gq)
George Michael the new reigning Prince of Pop, Bad album report, Bad looking to repeat the sales of Thriller, 13 sell-out concerts on the first leg of his BAD tour, Michael in Japan report, arriving, Quincy speaking, souvenirs
2-35-44+I5...AUSTRALIAN NEWS <7.35m> (vgq)
Michael in Sydney waving through car roof, live clips from concert, firm strategy to keep away chaos when Michael returns to Sydney, Michael arriving from a different direction than expected and riding up and down waving at fans, tour facts, live concert clips
2-26-00+I5...AUSTRALIAN NEWS <7.30> (vgq)
Analysing Michael’s signature, Parratta Stadium before the concert begins, live clips from the concert, ticket policy, and rumours about Michael’s weirdness
1-55-55-f4...AUSTRALIAN NEWS <7.25m> (gq)
Liz Taylor's birthday bash, the hunt for photos of baby Jackson
0-43-29-g4...AUSTRALIAN NEWS <7m> (vgq)
Michael in Queensland, big welcome in Brisbane, serenaded by choir, given Aussy hat, in Melbourne, with white doves
1-42-00-f4...AUSTRALIAN NEWS <6.42m> (gq)
Michael's baby is born
2-58-33+I5...AUSTRALIAN NEWS <6.20m> (vgq)
Bizarre activities, release of I Just Can’t Stop Loving You, Janet speaking about being a Jackson, predictions about the Bad album and concert, Kim Wilde speaking about touring with Michael
1-02-55+G5...AUSTRALIAN NEWS <6.15m> (gq)
Michael to give up touring, LaToya talking about being abused by her family and appearing in Playboy, Black or White’s strong message about racism, stunning effects
1-44-45-g4...AUSTRALIAN NEWS <6m> (vgq)
Michael in Adelaide, given a Koala, divorce rumours, pre-nup details, kneeling down in Perth
2-25-54+G5...AUSTRALIAN NEWS <5.54m> (gq)
Michael announces his AUSTRALIAN tour will begin in November Pepsi Thailand and Asia present Michael with a cheque for HTW, Pepsi’s new campaign, competition between Madonna with Coke and Michael with Pepsi
3-46-30+F5...AUSTRALIAN NEWS <5.40m> (gq)
LaToya explaining why the Jackson family is strange, unable to answer questions properly, walking off the set
0-28-15-g4...AUSTRALIAN NEWS <5.23m> (vgq)
Security scare in Sydney, at Zoo, ghosts premiere scrimmage, Michael in tears in the chaos
1-39-00+G5...AUSTRALIAN NEWS <5.16m> (gq)
Autopsy on Oprah Winfrey interview
2-04-35+G5...AUSTRALIAN NEWS <4.52m> (gq)
LaToya speaking, Award from Guinness World of Records Museum, report on the terminally ill children who visit Michael at Neverland
2-55-09+H5...AUSTRALIAN NEWS <4.51m> (gq)
Michael flies into Heathrow to accept cheque, makes a speech, then flies to Munich
0-31-46+G5...AUSTRALIAN NEWS <4.28m> (gq)
The world’s most famous married couple make their first public appearance, visiting children in Hungarian hospital, shooting a video, boosting Michael’s tarnished image
2-33-30+G5...AUSTRALIAN NEWS <4.23m> (gq)
Michael arriving, speaking, leaving Heathrow Airport, First night of the Dangerous tour in Munich, Kriss Kross, LaToya’s new book, Pepsi competition
2-42-03-e4...AUSTRALIAN NEWS <4.15m> (gq)
Autopsy on Primetime Live interview, arrival of HIStory album
0-37-16-g4...AUSTRALIAN NEWS <4.12m> (vgq)
Presentation at Sydney Opera House for best selling artist, at Prince Of Wales Hospital, thunder storm makes Michael stay another night in Sydney, giving out gifts at Sydney Children's Cancer Hospital
0-36-25+I5...AUSTRALIAN NEWS <4.11m> (gq)
LA GEAR /PEPSI speeches
2-23-10-f4...AUSTRALIAN NEWS <4m> (gq)
Michael leaving Auckland and arriving in Perth, is marriage really over, Adelaide HIStory concert footage
3-53-44+F5...AUSTRALIAN NEWS <4m> (gq)
I want you back, Katherine Jackson etc called to testify, Hollywood child stars, nobody got paid at the JFH
0-51-31+I5...AUSTRALIAN NEWS <3.30m> (gq)
Pepsi Australia’s Marketing Manager speaking about the new Pepsi adverts, how the collaboration with Michael works
2-03-55+I5...AUSTRALIAN NEWS <3.18m> (vgq)
Japanese traffic cop moonwalking while directing traffic, Michael’s pets toys, Quincy Jones speaking about Michael, feedback from the Molly Meldrum interview
0-42-08-f4...AUSTRALIAN NEWS <3.12m> (gq)
Michael/Lisa divorce filed
0-22-00+G5...AUSTRALIAN NEWS <3.08m> (gq)
Music merger makes Michael and Lisa the wealthiest merger ever
0-16-11+K5...AUSTRALIAN NEWS <3.05m> (gq)
Sisterella Premiere
0-17-38-f4...AUSTRALIAN NEWS <3m> (gq)
Michael's collapse
3-30-00+F5...AUSTRALIAN NEWS <2.41m> (gq)
Michael sued by Crystal Cartier, LaToya to be in audience not on stage, Michael sings Billie Jean in court, Michael did not steal Dangerous
1-21-36+I5...AUSTRALIAN NEWS <2.38m> (gq)
Security camera footage of Michael acting suspiciously in a gift store. LaToya’s tell all book
1-49-04-f4...AUSTRALIAN NEWS <2.34m> (gq)
Liz's Birthday bash, Michael and Marcel Marcau promoting One Night Only show
0-02-46+G5...AUSTRALIAN NEWS <2.30m> (gq)
Celebrity look-a-like contest
3-37-09+F5...AUSTRALIAN NEWS <2.21m> (gq)
Preparations for the JFH not going well
1-37-57-f4...AUSTRALIAN NEWS <2.15m> (gq)
An over enthusiastic fan causes a security scare in Bremen
0-28-01+G5...AUSTRALIAN NEWS <2.09m> (gq)
Computerised image of what the Michael/Lisa baby will look like, Trump Tower lovenest
3-40-50+F5...AUSTRALIAN NEWS <2.04m> (gq)
Jackson Family Feud
0-23-15-f4...AUSTRALIAN NEWS <2m> (gq)
Michael's departure from Hospital
0-31-34-f4...AUSTRALIAN NEWS <2m> (gq)
Divorce explanation
0-58-01-f4...AUSTRALIAN NEWS <2m> (gq)
Michael kicks off HIStory tour, coming to Perth, footage of previous non-performing visits to Australia, Janet's juggernaut comes to Perth
1-52-02-f4...AUSTRALIAN NEWS <111s> (gq)
Baby pictures, Michael in Disneyland
3-27-20+F5...AUSTRALIAN NEWS <103s> (gq)
Grand Jury investigating Jackson case
1-17-28-f4...AUSTRALIAN NEWS <100s> (gq)
Liz Taylor's friendship with Michael
3-02-37+H5...AUSTRALIAN NEWS <97s> (gq)
Michael wants a special car built for him, Dreams preview
0-40-59+I5...AUSTRALIAN NEWS <96s> (vgq)
Jackson Mania in Sydney, chaos in the airport as Michael arrives for his Bad concert. Saying he loves Australian fans
3-13-58+I5...AUSTRALIAN NEWS <95s> (vgq)
Michael’s reaction to LaToya’s appearance in Playboy, AMA’s report
0-42-35+I5...AUSTRALIAN NEWS <92s> (gq)
Bad concert report, nice concert footage
1-35-10+I5...AUSTRALIAN NEWS <88s> (gq)
Liberian Girl premiere
1-50-30+G5...AUSTRALIAN NEWS <88s> (gq)
0-00-00+F5...AUSTRALIAN NEWS <80s> (gq)
Jackson’s Birthday Show for the Sultan of Brunei. Live clips
2-11-51+G5...AUSTRALIAN NEWS <68s> (gq)
Michael knocked to the ground by a fan
0-42-44-h4...AUSTRALIAN NEWS <56s> (vgq)
Children's Congress at Neverland report
2-27-37-h4...AUSTRALIAN NEWS <53s> (vgq)
Birth of baby Paris, Michael wins Guiterrez lawsuit
2-23-26-e4...AUSTRALIAN NEWS <50s> (gq)
Marriage report
1-16-30+G5...AUSTRALIAN NEWS <50s> (gq)
Michael fined for exceeding the sound levels at Wembley, LaToya’s performance in Paris
1-45-16+I5...AUSTRALIAN NEWS <47s> (vgq)
Michael getting dissed for using "Revolver" in an advert
1-56-30+G5...AUSTRALIAN NEWS <45s> (gq)
Michael’s movie plans, Soul Train Awards, attending tribute to Elizabeth Taylor
4-04-00+F5...AUSTRALIAN NEWS <40s> (gq)
Carer of Children Award
1-46-49+G5...AUSTRALIAN NEWS <38s> (gq)
Oprah interview autopsy, Michael visits Benny Hill in hospital
2-00-59+G5...AUSTRALIAN NEWS <34s> (gq)
Ryan White’s funeral
2-21-00+G5...AUSTRALIAN NEWS <32s> (gq)
Janet speaking about Michael on Oprah interview and LaToya in Playboy
0-18-53-h4...AUSTRALIAN NEWS <30s> (vgq)
Michael attending the US Memorials service for Diana
1-01-17-f4...AUSTRALIAN NEWS <30s> (gq)
Tunisia report
1-54-55-f4...AUSTRALIAN NEWS <25s> (gq)
Waxwork unveiling
0-51-26-f4...AUSTRALIAN NEWS <25s> (gq)
Michael's slum song
0-55-06-f4...AUSTRALIAN NEWS <20s> (gq)
Michael in Monte Carlo
3-18-35+I5...AUSTRALIAN NEWS <22s> (gq)
LaToya in Playboy