1-36-00-i5…ACCESS HOLLYWOOD <53s>
Michael’s clothing line, Aventura Mall footage
1-54-00-z5…ACCESS HOLLYWOOD <74s> (vgq)
How to get into Neverland for Michael’s Birthday Party
1-55-52-z5…ACCESS HOLLYWOOD <16s> (vgq)
Neverland Party invitation.
1-56-51-z5…ACCESS HOLLYWOOD <9.16m> (vgq)
Party Rehearsals, Navi, Arica’s Michael tattoos, inside Michael’s Birthday show, Michael arriving and 
watching the show, singing Happy Birthday, waits in the wings then goes on stage and speaks and 
sings and cuts the cake, Michael again attacks Tommy Mattola in his speech then calls Martin Bashir a rat.  
Watching the show, speaking on stage about working on new album.  We Are The World, cutting 
birthday cake and throwing cake to fans,
0-36-26+H6…ACCESS HOLLYWOOD <44s>
Jermaine speaks about David Guest and his connection to Michael
2-18-57-w5…ACCESS HOLLYWOOD <100s> (vgq) 
James Brown cloaked by Michael at the BET Awards, LaToya and Michael enjoy watching Beyonce, Eminem apes Michael, Beyonce’s Jackson moment, Michael thinks she’s beautiful 
0-43-20-z5…ACCESS HOLLYWOOD <106s> (vgq) 
Michael’s private Home Movies preview showing lovely footage of Michael 
0-55-24-z5…ACCESS HOLLYWOOD <30s> (vgq) 
Anticipating Michael’s Home Movies as a contribution to the May Sweeps 
1-32-47-j5…ACCESS HOLLYWOOD <74s> (vgq) 
Michael given the key to Gary Indiana and cheered by fans
1-38-08-j5…ACCESS HOLLYWOOD <57s> (vgq) 
Michael speaks in a sports stadium and visits old home and Roosevelt School 
3-25-33+X4…ACCESS HOLLYWOOD <2.44m> 
LaToya speaks about the Jackson’s family day which happens again, her 1993 allegations against her brother are all in the past and were not true, her album, her abuse at the hands of Jack Gordon, Playboy 
Five hours of Michal Jackson, Rodney Jerkins Gary Pudney speak about the Dateline Special 
0-53-14+Y5…ACCESS HOLLYWOOD <5.37> (eq) 
Corey Feldman speaks of the end of his friendship with Michael.  Jackson family defend Michael 
1-09-35-d5…ACCESS HOLLYWOOD <5.07> (vgq) 
Michael moonwalks over Manhattan, MSG report with quotes from performers and guests 
0-14-24+S5...ACCESS HOLLYWOOD <4.36m> (vgq) 
Michael’s MTV interview, new image, bought Prince a camera so he can make movies, cosmetic surgery, wants to marry again. Poe movie 
1-46-53+N5...ACCESS HOLLYWOOD <3.06m> (vgq) 
Prince in Hospital, Pavarotti concert cancelled 
2-42-58-a5…ACCESS HOLLYWOOD <2.54> (eq) 
Next round in the war of words between Michael and Sony.  Michael speaks out.  We go months without seeing Michael and now he’s out and about every day 
0-27-58+O5...ACCESS HOLLYWOOD <2.53m> (vgq) 
Michael at Fulham football match and radio interview
0-04-01+Y5…ACCESS HOLLYWOOD <2.52m> (gq) 
Michael kicks off the rating war 
1-53-26+D4...ACCESS HOLLYWOOD<2.50m> (gq) 
Michael will be at the AMA’s but will he perform? CBS goes against the AMA’s on ABC by showing the Michael/Britney duet 
1-07-23-p5…ACCESS HOLLYWOOD <2.40m> (vgq) 
Michael’s brothers, Jermaine and Jackie, come to his defence, Michael at the pre-Bambi charity auction donating his jacket, Liza and David Guest discuss Michael 
0-56-52-p5…ACCESS HOLLYWOOD <2.38m> (vgq) 
The King of Pop on the Berlin Balcony.  Michael shows off more children and will still receive the Bambi Award 
0-49-18-w4...ACCESS HOLLYWOOD <2.30m> (vgq) 
The reporting of the birth of Michael's baby. The price of pictures of the baby 
2-08-17+D4…ACCESS HOLLYWOOD <2.28m> (vgq) 
Michael speaks to VIBE magazine, Regina Jones speaks about interviewing Michael 
1-54-52+N5...ACCESS HOLLYWOOD <2.27m> (vgq) 
Debbie speaks out about Princes’ illness 
3-39-50-v4…ACCESS HOLLYWOOD <2.26m> (eq) 
Michael pushed over in station then leaps from the car in Exeter and joins fans at party and rides on a bus through 
3-00-38+T5…ACCESS HOLLYWOOD <2.26> (gq) 
AMA’s vs. Grammy’s – law suits, Michael backs out 
2-59-32+U5…ACCESS HOLLYWOOD <2.25m> (eq) 
Michaels’s problems with Sony. Michael Levine says Michael is foolhardy. Michael in his bus in Manhattan 
0-01-41+Y5…ACCESS HOLLYWOOD <2.20m> (gq) 
Michael ‘s decision between the AMA’s or Grammy’s. Michael at Jingle Awards 
0-30-51+O5...ACCESS HOLLYWOOD <2.14m> (vgq) 
Divorce papers for Michael/Debbie split. Who will get custody of the children 
0-44-00-w4...ACCESS HOLLYWOOD <2m> (vgq) 
Top 10 Events of '96 (features MJ as #1, divorce to Lisa, marriage to Debbie) 
0-45-52-w4...ACCESS HOLLYWOOD <2m> (vgq) 
Michael in Honolulu 
0-51-34-w4...ACCESS HOLLYWOOD <2m> (vgq) 
The auction for the pictures of Michael's baby 
0-25-33+O5...ACCESS HOLLYWOOD <117s> (vgq) 
Michael at the Atlantis resort opening. Singing HTW 
3-13-58+Y5…ACCESS HOLLYWOOD <95s> (vgq) 
Michael in court, fan frenzy, Michael a no-show, footage of Michael at the Venetian in Las Vegas 
1-11-26+S5…ACCESS HOLLYWOOD <90s> (gq) 
AMA’s/Grammy’s feud 
0-06-49+Y5…ACCESS HOLLYWOOD <85s> (gq) 
Michael calls Dick Clark to say he’ll be on the AMA’s.  CBS using Michael in the ratings war 
2-57-40-e5…ACCESS HOLLYWOOD <85s> (vgq) 
Liza Minelli’s wedding 
3-36-51+Y5…ACCESS HOLLYWOOD <81s> (vgq) 
Michael almost drops baby over balcony 
0-53-24-w4...ACCESS HOLLYWOOD <80s> (vgq) 
The National Enquirer scoops the baby pictures 
2-01-06+N5...ACCESS HOLLYWOOD <79s> (vgq) 
MJ and Friends in Munich on the Internet. $3.3m raised from both concerts 
1-47-00-d5…ACCESS HOLLYWOOD <71s> (vgq) 
Randy and Jermaine’s statement why they have pulled out of the MSG concert 
3-37-35-v4…ACCESS HOLLYWOOD <61s> (eq) 
Michael knocked over by fans 
2-42-26+T5…ACCESS HOLLYWOOD <48s> (gq) 
Michael digitally enhanced for the CBS broadcast of the MSG concert 
3-25-40+Y5…ACCESS HOLLYWOOD <46s> (vgq) 
Courtroom report, leather jacket 
2-00-21+N5...ACCESS HOLLYWOOD <45s> (vgq) 
Arriving in South Korea for concert 
0-09-59+O5...ACCESS HOLLYWOOD <35s> (vgq) 
Michael’s obituary to Frank Sinatra 
0-55-54-w4...ACCESS HOLLYWOOD <35s> (vgq) 
Michael makes Joe Yennish's dream come true