2-15-23 f4 - 11AM INTERVIEW {1994} <2.18m> (gq)
   Janet explaining the hands on her tits photograph
1-44-00-h4 - 20/20 INTERVIEW {Original US version} <13m> (eq)
   Speaking about groupies and how he wasn’t going to sing "Dirty Diana" when Princess Diana was in the audience, but she persuaded him to include it, how he heard about and felt about Diana’s death, how he feels about the tabloids, he doesn’t like them photographing him on the toilet, he’s not a "Jacko" he’s a "Jackson", defining his private life against his public life, why he allowed pictures of his baby to be made public, how he intends to protect his baby from the media, fatherhood, having to dance to stop his baby from crying, demonstrating a little dance he does for Prince
0-00-00-h4 - 20/20 BARBARA WALTERS INTERVIEW (1997) (Australian version)<12m> (eq)
2-36-46+T4 - 20/20 BARBARA WALTERS INTERVIEW (1997) (Dutch subtitles)<12m> (eq)
0-17-24+I4 - 20/20 BARBARA WALTERS INTERVIEW (1997) (German version)<12m> (eq)
0-18-59-w2 - 60 MINUTES <3.40m> (qgq)
   Michael speaking about working with Quincy on "Off The Wall" and "Thriller", Quincy speaking about Michael
1-55-45+I5 - 60 MINUTES {Australia} <8.10m> (vgq)
   Molly Meldrum showing pictures and putting us straight about Michael’s cosmetic surgery, Sequins and Shades, racism in America effecting the way Michael grew up, Michael’s a genius. Interview preview
1-49-08+F5 - 60 MINUTES INTERVIEW [Australia] Janet 1995 <3.35m> (gq)
   Does she think she’s normal, Michael wishing her the best, competitiveness looks and sounds like Michael, following in Michael’s footsteps, she’s a tom-boy playing the drums, breaking away from the family, LaToya, children, meeting Aboriginal children, handing over cheque, keeping integrity
2-44-49+G5 - AUSTRALIAN TODAY SHOW INTERVIEW <13.40m> (gq)
   Janet – her new album is sensual, she’s a late bloomer, the album’s cover, overcoming the Jackson name by doing it on her own with no involvement from her family, competing with Michael for the biggest selling album of all time, LaToya’s revelations and the allegations against Michael, making Scream with Michael, how LaToya has changed
0-52-55+O2 - BEAT IT INTERVIEW <4.50m> (qgq)
   Michael speaking about Beat It, being raised on stage never being on the streets, private schools and tutors, his work, avoiding talking about friends, fantasising, Disneyland, fasting, dancing, liking classical music
0-00-00+S4 - CHUCK HENRY FOR KNBC {21-5-1997} <5.27m>
   Debbie Rowe speaking about her life as Mrs Michael Jackson, with pictures of Michael
0-53-48+O5 - CHUCK HENRY FOR KNBC {2nd interview} <12m>
   Debbie Rowe speaking about her life as Mrs Michael Jackson, with pictures of Michael at Neverland playing with Prince
   Michelle McQueen speaking with Jackson family members at Encino about what Michael said in his interview with Oprah and what LaToya is saying about them all
3-02-33-r2 - DIANE SAWYER INTERVIEW {BBC} <57m> (eq)
2-15-30+S3 - DIANE SAWYER INTERVIEW {German version} <45m> (eq)
2-01-31+J1 - DIANE SAWYER INTERVIEW {original US version} <57m> (eq)
2-47-07+B4 - DUBAI INTERVIEW 1997<5.33> (gq)
2-50-44-e3 - EBONY/JET SHOWCASE <5m> (vgq)
   Interview with Katherine Jackson, Katherine speaking about her famous children, showing videos of them as youngsters, how she encouraged them, the special talents of each of the children, how quickly Janet grew up and how she is closest to LaToya, how Michael is a little shy and misquoted, family day, when she was most proud of her children, what her wish is for her children
2-55-32-e3 - EBONY/JET SHOWCASE <5m> (vgq)
   Michael speaking about how he made the Bad album, how the songs are created, it’s God’s work not his, where he got the idea for the track from Bad, speaking about his sexy rap intro to "I Just Can’t Stop Loving You", crazy stories, what "Dirty Diana" is about, travelling around the world, and the meaning of "Man In The Mirror"
1-33-10-g4 - HEY, HEY 1996 <11.30m> (vgq)
   Molly Meldrum interviews Michael Jackson
2-02-43+F5 - HEY, HEY 1997 <20m> (vgq)
   Performing Together Again live, Janet interview, performing Got ‘Til It’s Gone live
2-23-15-a1 - I LOVE QUINCY INTERVIEW 1983 <7m> (gq)
   Michael talking with Quincy, goofing about pulling daft faces
3-04-14-c1 - INTERVIEW WITH BUBBLES <4.30m> (eq)
0-12-28+F5 - JANET INTERVIEW Rotterdam 10-4-90 <2.21m> (gq)
0-06-20+E4 - JAPANESE INTERVIEW 1996 <8.30m> (qgq)
   Michael having a fit of the giggles while the interviewer tries to ask him questions
0-32-07+I5 - KATHERINE JACKSON INTERVIEW <2.30m> (vgq)
   Speaking about her son’s charity activities and the untruths the media tell about him, denying he’s gay, the old days before her sons were famous
1-36-00-h4 - LATOYA’S PLAYBOY INTERVIEW <6.38m> (vgq)
0-38-48-w2 - MICHAEL INTERVIEW <4.30m> (gq)
   Michael speaking about performing on the Ed Sullivan Show, seeing himself as a cartoon, Victory Tour, winning Grammy’s, burns centre, writing "We Are The World", Japanese tour, doing 14 instead of 9 concerts, Australia is fun, his backup singers and dancers
1-22-07-h2 - MICHAEL JACKSON: ROCK THRILLER 1984 <4m> (gq)
   Extract from the 90 minute radio interview, Michael speaking about his llama, snake, writing songs and always competing against himself being hard and he’s not getting older, he’s getting better over footage of Michael visiting the circus, wandering about and watching the show and video clips
1-28-00-h4 - MIDDAY <5.35m> (vgq)
   Janet plugging Velvet Rope and not speaking about her family, especially not Michael.
2-28-36+K5 - MTV’S 100 GREATEST VIDEOS {1999} <15.52> (vgq)
   Just the Michael interview
2-19-17+W1 - MOLLY MELDRON INTERVIEW 1988 <20m> (vgq)
   Performing, entertainment machine, saying Janet is funky, speaking of his dreams, dancing, bizarre press, hiding, escaping, disguises, shopping, Quincy saying how he met Michael on the Wiz, Michael speaking about making the Bad album, sales, imitators, what/who he loves, writing We Are The World, why Bad album took six years, how he wrote it, what he wishes for
2-13-58-r4 - MOLLY MELDRON INTERVIEW 1974 <2.20m> (vgq)
   Molly interviewing Michael in Club 54
2-48-18+H5 - MOLLY MELDRON INTERVIEW <3.30m> (gq)
   Molly announcing that Michael will definitely be touring Australia in November and interviewing Janet
0-00-00-i1 - OPRAH WINFREY INTERVIEW <70m> (eq)
0-00-00-z2 - QUINCY JONES INTERVIEW 1984 <3.30m> (vgq)
   Michael speaking about working with Quincy, making albums, ET, Muscles, llamas, sheep, monkeys, The Wiz
2-33-03+F5 - RHYTHM NATION INTERVIEW <9.40m> (gq)
   Rhythm Nation/Miss You Much performances, interview – advantages and disadvantages of being a Jackson
0-08-15-w2 - ROBERT BERNETHY INTERVIEW 1970 <7m> (qgq)
   Jackie and a 12-year-old Michael speaking about Motown, money, records, Motown sound, Michael’s $7 a week allowance, doing chores at home, his siblings, singing solo, his voice changing, new album "Goin’ Back To Indiana", school and wanting to do fine art
2-47-50+A4 - ROYAL ALBERT HALL INTERVIEW <66s> (eq)
   Michael and Elizabeth speak before they watch the show
0-35-57+O2 - SPORT INTERVIEW <60s> (qgq)
   Michael being asked about sport and evading the questions
1-36-38+I5 - TWT JANET INTERVIEW {1988} <8.38> (vgq)
   Bad concert tickets on sale round Australia, Janet speaking about having the name Jackson, having to work hard, what Michael’s really like, his eccentricities, performing, relaxing, the animals they have, food, maybe she’ll go to visit Michael in Australia
2-23-08+F5 - VELVET ROPE INTERVIEW <3.41m> (vgq)
   Janet speaking, then her dancers speaking about the tour
0-58-59-w4 - VH1 INTERVIEW {1996} <22m> (eq)
0-29-45-h4 - WITNESS <13m> (vgq)
   Trying to get an interview with Janet, planning what to ask her, setting up, Janet plugging her Velvet Rope album and not speaking about Michael