2-26-35+O4 - 100 WORST BRITAIN’S <2.15m>
   #5 Martin Bashir
0-08-10+H6 - 101 JUICIEST HOLLYWOOD HOOK-UPS <102s> (vgq)
   #31 Michael and Lisa, was the marriage for real?
0-35-01-i5 - 1986 FOREVER <83s> (eq)
   Janet speaks about having the name Jackson opening doors for her and her nick-name and how she would give anything to have the success Michael has achieved, disguises
2-02-23-w2 - 9 O’CLOCK LIVE <3.30m> (eq)
   Astrological look at what kind of father Michael will be
1-40-59+Z4 - ALLSORTS <4.16>
2-04-00+E3 - ARCINIO HALL SHOW <4m> (vgq)
   Clapometor to decide between young and old Michael, like the Elvis stamp
0-04-50+H6 - BEST MUSIC ARTISTS OF ALL TIME <3.30> (vgq)
   Artists speak of the influence Michael and his music has had on them. Dick Clark says about seeing Michael making Thriller. The multi-talented artist emulated by many others who lost his childhood along the way.
1-24-59+Z4 - BIG BREAKFAST <16m> (eq)
   Devon performance
2-45-48+T5 - BREAKUP – MAKEUP <3.50m> (gq)
   Janet and Rene Elizondo, Michael and Lisa
0-22-12+O5 - CELEBRITY FLASHBACK <104s> (vgq)
   Michael on the Dating Game
0-59-58-r1 - CELEBRITY POLL <90s> (eq)
   Michael in 50-years time
0-06-12+V1 - EXPLOSIV <6m> (eq)
   Michael look-a-like going to airport, hotel, restaurant, school pretending to be the real thing
1-46-47+C5 - HISTORY IN BUCHAREST {1996} <19m> (vgq)
   Retrospective footage of Michael wandering about and enjoying himself in Bucharest. No dialogue, just Michael and music
2-58-18+J4 - I LOVE 1970 <2.25m> (eq)
   The Jackson Five’s contribution to this year 0-00-00+H6 - I LOVE 1972 <94s> (vgq)
   Discussing Ben the movie and Michael’s Ben the song
1-08-58+E5 - I LOVE 1983 <8.16m> (eq)
   John Landis, Ola Ray, Vincent Paterson and others discussing Thriller
0-15-26+H6 - I LOVE THE 80’s <74s>
   Rock With You video – making of and discussion
0-16-40+H6 - I LOVE THE 80’s <79s>
   Bad video – making and discussion
1-32-23-g5 - LIZA AND DAVID Guest’s WEDDING <21m> (vgq)
   The wedding that turned into a block-buster movie production – Michael is Best Man.
2-37-53+G5 - MICHAEL AND LISA <6.56m> (qgq)
   Their lives before they met and after they married
2-37-40+I1 - MICHAEL WITH PEOPLE <5m> (gq)
   Michael on Arcinio Hall Show, with Paul McCartney, with Madonna at Oscars 1991, Michael’s trainers, Captain Eo clip, with Macaulay Culkin In Disney, Goin’ Places, with Donald Trump.
1-52-32+D4 - MTV20 <38s> (eq)
    Michael’s influence to play black music
2-58-19+A4 - MTV20: MOST OUTRAGOUS MOMENTS <117s> (eq)
   #9 We So Horny. 1994 VMA’s Michael and Lisa kiss
3-00-17+A4 - MTV20: MOST OUTRAGOUS MOMENTS <50s> (eq)
   #7 Baby Got Banned. Black or White end section
3-01-07+A4 - MTV20: MOST OUTRAGOUS MOMENTS <2.40m> (eq)
   #3 Who’s Bad. The abuse allegations
1-50-21+I5 - MTV Australia <4.37> (vgq)
   Bon Jovi pretending to speak to Michael on the phone and wanting him to take them pizza
0-14-47+Y5 - MTV’s HISTORY OF SEX <3.13m> (gq)
   # 13 Janet, #3 Michael 0-24-53+H6 - MTV VMS’s UNCENSORED <4.30>
   Embarrassing moments – Michael’s Birthday, Michael kisses Lisa
    Discussion on some of the wacky stuff about Michael
2-28-58+T5 - NETWORK EAST LATE <6.20m> (eq)
   Navi fools the fans into thinking he is really Michael.
2-43-28-d1 - OZONE <11m> (eq)
   Competition winner's trip to Wembley to meet Michael and explore back stage. They Don't Care About Us/Scream live
2-23-00-h4 - PLANET DANCE CONTEST <4.37m> (vgq)
    Michael dance-a-likes
1-36-41+O4 - POP YEARS 1983 <6.30m> (eq)
   Dissecting Thriller and Beat It.
1-43-11+O4 - POP YEARS 1995 <3.50m> (eq)
   Dissecting Scream
1-49-30 E1 - PROFILE <10m> (eq)
    J5, Ed Sullivan, Pepsi speech, in airport, Lisa Minnelli, car chase, UNCF Honorary Degree, Reagan, Moonwalker dancing, Hitsville USA Museum opening, Berry Gordy, Michael thanking Berry Gordy, Janet.
2-46-05-e5 - ROCK AND ROLL HALL OF FAME WEEK <2.50m> (vgq)
   Multiple inductees
2-27-23-g5 - STARS IN THEIR EYES <6.10> (eq)
   Children’s show – Tonight Matthew Aston Merrigold is going to be Michael Jackson singing Rockin’ Robin
2-53-00+B4 - SUNDAY SHOW <3.50m> (eq)
   Pop Pilgrimage - a look at Michael's roots
1-58-00-x1 - SUNDAY SHOW <55s> (eq)
   Mystery drink/Ghosts
2-51-56-w3 - SUNDAY SHOW <50s> (eq)
   South Africa wedding
1-06-59+F2 - SUNDAY SHOW <50s> (eq)
   With Ghana president, then shopping
2-56-46-w3 - SUNDAY SHOW <44s> (eq)
   E Casanova
2-36-03-w3 - SUNDAY SHOW <43s> (eq)
   Michael at local baby wear shop wearing a shower cap and mask and crawling about on the floor
2-30-09-w5 - TEEN IDOLS <102s> (vgq)
   The Jackson Five at #7
0-20-11+H6 - THE OTHER HALF <3.59m>
   Johnny Ciao, Michael’s Chef: How he got the job as Michael’s chef, what he made to encourage Michael to eat more healthily. Michael will call and thank you after a meal, he is appreciative.
0-33-53-i5 - THE ULTIMATE CHART <68s> (eq)
   The UK’s top 100 best selling singles: #69 Earth Song. Britney Spears, Shaggy and Jarvis Cocker speak about Michael
0-36-24-i5 - TOP 50 of 2001 <3.39m> (vgq)
   #25 Alien Ant Farm speak about how Michael influenced them to cover Smooth Criminal
1-55-34+D5 - TOP TEN BOY BANDS <54s> (eq)
   Jackson Five
2-59-30+L4 - TOP TEN OF DISCO <5.30m> (eq)
   #3 The Jacksons - their contribution to the disco era
0-40-03-i5 - TOP VIDEO ARTISTS <2.35> (vgq)
   #7 Michael P Diddy, Limp Bisket and other artists say how great Michael and his videos are and how he influenced them as performers
2-47-50+J4 - TV TO DIE FOR <4.50m> (eq)
   Jarvis invades Earth Song autopsy
0-09-52+H6 - VH1 COLLABORATIONS <117s>
   Michael Vs Paul McCartney – Paul’s antagonism against Michael over the Beatles songs.
1-51-51-j5 - VH1 TOP SONGS OF THE LAST 25 YEARS<3.39m> (vgq)
   #40 Beat It #2 Billie Jean – musicians discuss how great these two songs and Michael are
0-01-34+H6 - WADE ROBSON PROJECT <3.16> (vgq)
   Michael’s protégé speaks about how Michael discovered him and how his career progressed with Michael as his mentor. Working with Britney and NSYNC
0-24-20-d1 - YOU BET <10.30m> (eq)
   Michael Jackson Challenge