0-07-05-t5 - MICHAEL TAKES LEGAL ACTION AGAINST GRANADA [2003] <16.14m> (eq)
   A collection of News reports from RI:SE: How Bashir stitched Michael up. Michael takes legal action. GMTV: Michael takes legal action against Granada over video footage of his children. RICHARD AND JUDY: Bashir sliming up to Michael. Marc Freden speaks on the American take on Bashir. LIQUID NEWS: Michael Jackson Vs Martin Bashir continues in the High Court next Friday. Celebdaq report., Michael leaps ahead. BBC: Fans support Michael against Granada outside the High Court. LIQUID NEWS: Granada agree not to broadcast footage of Michael’s children or put it on DVD until after April.
3-13-39-p5 - MEDIA RESPONSE TO “LIVING WITH MJ TAKE 2” [2003] [UK News]<27.13m> (eq)
   GMTV: Jackie Brambles Journalist and Brian Oxman Michael’s lawyer discuss the American reaction to the documentary and show clips of Debbie and Michael and the Jackson family speaking about Michael. RI:SE: Mindy Burbando reports on the Take 2 documentary and shows clips. Ed Laskos from Fox News reports from Neverland. SKY NEWS: Jackson response to the Bashir programme. Showing footage contradicting what Bashir said in his version. Family and friends speaking for Michael. Showing the part when Michael praised his father after saying he beat him. 5 NEWS: The Michael Jackson Interview: The Footage You Were Never Meant To See. Debbie speaks and footage of Michael playing with children at Neverland is shown. MORNING SHOW : Footage of Michael saying he has sex with Debbie, 28 million Americans watched, Alex Stanger reports from LA – will there be more programmes coming out of this dispute. Legal action is unlikely.
1-32-30-r5 - MEDIA RESPONSE TO “LIVING WITH MICHAEL JACKSON" [2003] [UK News] [Part 1] <90m> (eq)
   ITN NEWS: Nina Nannah previews the Bashir Interview, Uri Geller explains how he persuaded Michael to let it happen ~ THIS MORNING: Senior Producers, James Goldston Julie Shaw, of the Bashir Interview speak about what we should expect from the Interview and give us an idea of how they felt about Michael and Neverland ~ ITV NEWS CHANNEL MICHAEL JACKSON SPECIAL: This live discussion happened immediately after “Living With Michael Jackson” was broadcast. David English Record Producer, Connor Dignam Broadcast Magazine, Patrick Keegan Freud Communications, Nina Nannar Media and Arts Correspondent, Rupert Smith Guardian Newspaper, Nicola Methven Mirror Newspaper Simon Holden Teletext critic in the ITV News studio speaking about Michael and giving their opinions of him Martin Bashir and the programme. Lisa Minnelli says how Michael is always there for her and also for many other people and how generous he is financially and with his time ~ GMTV: The morning after the “living With Michael Jackson” programme, David English, former Pop Manager, Patrick Keegan Freud Communications, Uri Geller, Emma B DJ, Dr Hilary Jones self-appointed psychiatrist, Uri Geller - views and discussions about Michael and Bashir. Loraine Kelly speaks to AZ Hakeem psychotherapist about Michael’s lies in the programme. Reading text messages from viewers.
1-32-30-q5 - MEDIA RESPONSE TO “LIVING WITH MICHAEL JACKSON" [2003] [UK News] [Part 2] <87m> (eq)
   THIS MORNING: Fern Britton and Paul Schofield discuss “Living With Michael Jackson”, mostly sympathetic towards Michael. Viewers like Michael more after the programme and think Bashir was unfair ~ RICHARD AND JUDY: Uri Geller tries to explain Michael, discussion about Michael feeding Blanket, 6 out of 10 TV’s were tuned to “Living With Michael Jackson”, Bonnie Greer who knew Michael as a child, writer defends Michael Kevin O’Sullivan Journalist is sceptical ~ THIS MORNING: Child experts in the USA call for Michael to be investigated before the programme has been broadcast in the USA. Stephen Lock, Michael’s spokes person, explains how Michael was set up. Psychologist explains why she thinks no way is Michael a paedophile. Granada’s statement is read out. How America reacted to “Living With Michael Jackson”, Paul Reaney speaks from Los Angeles ~ GMTV: Report from Times Square then Santa Ynez where most of the people have been to Neverland at some time. Flo Anthony again supporting Michael. She says she has more respect for him since watching the programme. Barbara Walters was too harsh. Michael was betrayed and pimped. Mark Lester, child actor played “Oliver”, speaks about Michael his children and the “Living With Michael Jackson” programme. More people from Santa Ynez speak about Michael, Flo Anthony again defends Michael. Gloria Gruber in San Francisco speaks about her concerns about Michael’s inappropriate behaviour.
4-47-25-e5 - MEDIA RESPONSE TO “LIVING WITH MICHAEL JACKSON" [2003] [UK News] [Part 3] <58m> (eq)
   RI:SE: Viewing clips from “Living With Michael Jackson” and discussing them with a psychologist and a Plastic Surgeon ~ THE WRIGHT STUFF: Matthew Wright and panel discuss “Living With Michael Jackson”, is Michael mad? Viewers phone in ~ ITV NEWS: Concerns after the “Living With Michael Jackson” programme, should Michael’s children be taken away from him? Psychologist Glen Wilson believes Michael is A-sexual, cosmetic surgeon believes Michael has had many ops, Kylie Minogue is staggered, DJ Fox thinks Michael is far from finished. Gloria Allred wants Michael investigated, USA anticipate the programme, Michael fights back, Steven Lock and Debbie Rowe speak for Michael ~ TONIGHT WITH TREVOR MACDONALD: Gloria Allred attacks Michael and Debbie Rowe defends him. Santa Barbara Sherifs Office say they aren’t going to investigate Michael. Mother says she is going to send her son to Michael. Charlie Gibson from ABC tells the reaction from the US. LIQUID NEWS: The frenzy over Living with Michael Jackson, his records flying out of the shops, speculation on “Take 2”, everybody wants a bit of Michael. America’s reaction to Martin Bashir. LIQUID NEWS: Bashir V.S. Michael the battle hots up as Fox pepare “Take 2”. US Doctor says he can prove how many operations Michael has had. Bad sales 5170% up. National Enquirer. Jacko alert on the East Coast, wall to wall Jacko in the USA. Tatum challenges what Michael said about her.
1-39-02+Y5 - DECEMBER 2002 ACTIVITIES [UK News] <79m> (vgq)
   LIQUID NEWS: Michael in court testifying in Marcel Avram trial LIQUID NEWS: Michael and the Marcel Avram trial LIQUID NEWS: Michael takes off his mask and testifies in the Marcel Avram case EXCLUSIV: Michael in Berlin SAT1: Michael arriving in Berlin, waving at fans from window ITV: Michael dangles a baby over the balcony RTL : Michael mobbed in Germany LIQUID NEWS: Michael dangles baby SKY NEWS: Michael dangles baby GMTV: Discussion about Michael dangling his baby over a balcony ITV NEWS: Michael apologises for dangling baby, Uri Geller defends Michael EXCLUSIV: Michael mania in Berlin. Is Michael mad? SKY: Michael issues a statement saying he did wrong dangling baby LIQUID NEWS: Michael apologises for dangling baby, waves with Prince RTL: Discussion about Michael and his children, nice video of him in Berlin and shopping with Prince and Paris in Las Vegas BRISANT: Michael auctions his jacket for charity RTL 1: German family met Michael in his hotel room before the Bambi Awards. Michael waves at fans as auctions his jacket for charity. Accepts Bambi Award wearing reading glasses for the first time and visits zoo SAT 1: Michael at the Bambi Awards EXCLUSIV: Giggling with fans on balcony, at the Bambi Awards, auctioning jacket for charity RI:SE: Bambi Awards GMTV: German police decide if they should bring charges against Michael for baby-dangling. Michael’s brothers Jermaine and Jackie voice their support for Michael Donny Osmond speaks about baby-dangling incident RTL: Michael signing autographs as he leaves the Bambi Awards LIQUID NEWS: Is Michael fit to be a father? Joe Yennish and Matt Fiddes voice their support for Michael THIS MORNING: Fern Britton tries to rubbish Michael while Donny Osmond and Linda Papagolplous [Psychologist] explain that he’s normal and suffers from Vitiligo, Donny points out to Fern that she’s not Michael LIQUID NEWS: American authorities are now searching for the mother of Michael’s new baby LIQUID NEWS: Long report about what Michael did in Berlin as well as dangle the baby Lisa and David Guest explain that Michael is a regular guy
3-00-11+Y5 - DECEMBER 2002 ACTIVITIES [USA News] [Part 1] <48m> (vgq)
   E! NEWS: Celebrity OOOps! CNN: The King Of Pop In Court. Marcel Avram Trial NEWS 7: Michael in court E! NEWS: Michael arrives at court for Marcel Avram trial, anti-Sony speech, Michael and Liz Taylor at the MSG ET: New trouble for Michael in Court, waves to fans, lottery for seats inside INSIDE EDITION: Michael arriving at Court fans chanting support for Michael EXTRA: Michael in court DECCO: Michael in court NEWS 6: Judge makes Michael remove his mask and reveals his bandaged nose INSIDE EDITION: The mask is off, Michael at Court, explaining magic ET: Day 2 of the trial, no mask today, testimony, fans ACCESS: Michael in court, fan frenzy, Michael a no-show, footage of Michael at the Venetian in Las Vegas FOX NEWS: Michael shakes hands with fans outside courthouse INSIDE EDITION: Day 3 in the Marcel Avran trial. Michael calls I Love You to fan and gives a message. Michael 4 hours late for court, Michael’s surgery and testimony. COURT TV: Fans scream and Michael waves, then the trial reports ET: Reporters more interested in Michael’s face than the trial, Michael causes another frenzy, ichael asks for time out to go to Berlin, report on Michael’s cosmetic surgery CNN Connie Chung Tonight: Why Michael didn’t show up in court until 1pm, is he as weird as he looks, people love him, he is idolised E! NEWS: Michael asks to play hooky from court next week ACCESS: Courtroom report, leather jacket EXTRA: Michael says the trial is interesting FOX NEWS: Baby dangling ET: Michael in Germany waving to fans and dangling baby INSIDE EDITION: Michael dangling baby and holding Paris at window, fan is injured NEWS 7: Baby dangling NEWS 4: Michael’s a danger to children MSNBC: Is it illegal to dangle babies? Leading “expert” says Michael was inappropriate but not illegal. Michael’s nose is falling off E! NEWS: Baby dangling MSNBC: Is Michael a fit parent ACCESS HOLLYWOOD: Michael almost drops baby over balcony EXTRA: Baby dangling bizarre NEWS 4: Can the dangled baby breathe under the towel? INSIDE EDITION: Is it safe for children to be around Michael? Michael appears again with a different child, issues a statement, Marlon supports Michael DECCO: Michael’s baby dangling statement, takes his children to the Zoo CNN TALKBACK: Jonnie Cochran speaks about Michael and child endangerment charges MSNBC [Lester Holt Live]: Should Michael be prosecuted or not? Michael’s apology and strangeness, he has many fans all over the world, cosmetic surgery
0-43-05-p5 - DECEMBER 2002 ACTIVITIES [USA News] [Part 2] <47m> (vgq)
   FOX NEWS: Jeanie Wolfe and Tom O’Neil discuss the baby dangling and how it effects the financial aspect of Michael’s career NEWS 4: Michael takes his children to the Zoo and support is shown NBC NEWS: German police investigate Michael E! NEWS: Baby dangling discussion, at the Berlin Zoo, Psychologist explains Michael NEWS 7: Michael apologises for baby dangling, Sparks off a global storm. Is he a danger to children? ACCESS HOLLYWOOD: The King of Pop on the Berlin Balcony. Michael shows off more children and will still receive the Bambi Award EXTRA: Michael compared to Mufasa in the Lion King. Goes to the Zoo, fans are supportive ET: Marsh Clarke [OJ Simpson prosecutor] speaks about Michael and the baby dangling incident, there is no criminal liability LARRY KING: Discuss the baby dangling ET: German police investigate Michael and the baby dangling incident, Jermaine supports Michael, fans mob Michael, German family meet Michael ACCESS HOLLYWOOD: Michael’s brothers, Jermaine and Jackie, come to his defence, Michael at the pre-Bambi charity auction donating his jacket, Liza and David Guest discuss Michael THE VIEW: They discuss Michael in Berlin, bad judgement vs craziness COURT TV: Discussion, Is Michael a bad Dad? Is dressing his children in veils a crime. Should the 1993 allegations be re-opened? INSIDE EDITION: Who is the baby who was dangled? Who is the Father? Who is the Mother? CELEBRITY JUSTICE: Michael late for Court ET: David Guest explains his friendship with Michael E! NEWS: Bambi Awards, Jermaine speaks for Michael ET: Bambi Awards, no charges from German authorities, trial news
0-23-50-j5 - DECEMBER 2002 ACTIVITIES [USA News] [Part 3] <21m> (vgq)
   LIQUID NEWS: Michael tells Gloria Allred to go to Hell and gets bitten by a spider LIQUID NEWS: Michael is wasting money fighting the law suit from Marcel Avram and not helping his career by dangling the baby. Michael’s whole life is a show ENTERTAINMENT NOW: Round-up of Michael’s time in Germany for the Bambi Awards RI:SE: Internet babydangling game INSIDE EDITION: Bambi Awards, German family meet Michael. Is it Michael or a look-a-like at the hotel window? Marlon speaks for Michael, Michael signs autographs in a museum ET: The marriages and divorces of Lisa Marie Presley. Gloria Allred jumps on the bandwagon to get Michael over the baby dangling and speaks at length against Michael EXTRA: Gloria Allred wants Michael to pay for dangling the baby. Michael negotiating with the BBC for an interview. Back in Court. ET: Lisa Marie enjoys shocking people with her marriages INSIDE EDITION: Gloria Allred files a complaint against Michael in Californian Court
3-42-46-v4 - NEW YORK DEMO/RACISM ALLEGATIONS [2002] [USA News] [Part 1] <21m> (eq)
   FOX NEWS: Michael lashes out at Sony, Fox exclusive interview with Michael speaking about Sony, Tommy Mattola, racism and money being the root of all evil AT LARGE with Geraldo Rivera: The disagreement between Michael and Sony, Al Sharpton explains why he is backing Michael and what the problem is that Michael has with Sony MSNBC: Michael v.s. Sony controversy
2-40-08+U5 - NEW YORK DEMO/RACISM ALLEGATIONS [2002] [USA News] [Part 2] <23m> (eq)
   CNN TALKBACK: Does it matter if you’re Black or White - in the music industry it does. Al Sharpton and Karel Bouley [Billboard] speak about Michael’s accusations against Sony NEWS 7: Michael Jackson Blasting the Biz. Michael is stirring up the music industry with the help of Al Sharpton and Johnnie Cochran and Sony firing back. Demo outside Sony offices E! NEWS: Michael/Sony fight ET: Michael/Sony controversy ACCESS HOLLYWOOD: Michaels’s problems with Sony. Michael Levine says Michael is foolhardy. Michael in his bus in Manhattan INSIDE EDITION: Back lash over Michael’s attack. Sony fires back and Michael’s supporters rally round.
2-23-00-a5 - NEW YORK DEMO/RACISM ALLEGATIONS [2002] [USA News] [Part 3] <35m> (eq)
   ET: Michael releases a tirade against Sony and Sony fire back EXTRA: King of Pop calls his boss a racist, Michael’s battle plan FOX NEWS: Bert Fields, Michael’s former attorney and now representing Sony speaks about Michael’s recent behaviour. Michael is being misguided, he has a high IQ and is intelligent CNN CONNIE CHUNG TONIGHT: Is it more than coincidence that Michael is attacking Sony at the same time his album is flopping FOX NEWS ON THE RECORD: The King of Pop in a fight with the King of Sony. Demo in Manhattan. Al Sharpton and Toure Rolling Stone contributor argue about Michael’s credibility and plying the race card MSNBC: Michael is to blame not Sony FOX NEWS: Michael’s racism accusations ACCESS HOLLYWOOD: Next round in the war of words between Michael and Sony. Michael speaks out. We go months without seeing Michael and now he’s out and about every day EXTRA: Fireworks are still flying in Michael’s showdown with Sony. An all out blitz to label Tommy Mattola a racist. VIBE magazine support Michael E! NEWS: Michael and Al Sharpton continue to blast the music industry ABC NEWS: Is Michael right about Tommy Mattola being a racist? Are record companies equal opportunity? THE VIEW: Star backs Michael the others rubbish him, they compare him to Elvis and the Beatles ET : Michael lashes out again at a summit on racism
2-10-45+D4 - MICHAEL IN ENGLAND [June 2002] [UK News] [Part 1] <50m> (eq)
   LIQUID NEWS: Fans waiting for Michael to arrive at the Renaissance Hotel - LIQUID NEWS: Report about the Sony controversy, fans speak outside Renaissance Hotel LIQUID NEWS: Fans surround Michael’s car, dancer halts it. What is due to happen at Exeter when Michael is there RI:SE: Report from outside the Renaissance Hotel and Exeter EXCLUSIV: Michael in the Houses of Parliament LIQUID NEWS: Michael knocked over in station. Visit to the Houses of Parliament and Exeter SKY NEWS: House of Commons, Exeter, helps old lady caught in the crush BBC NEWS: House of Commons report – Michael questioned about Guy Fawkes, knocked over in station CH4 NEWS: Michael knocked to the ground LIQUID NEWS: Sony protest LIQUID NEWS: England visit round-up
3-15-44-v4 - MICHAEL IN ENGLAND [June 2002] UK/USA News] [Part 2] <29.30m> (eq)
   MTV: London, Exeter and Killer Thriller Exeter Speech: Full speech over footage of Michael in London and Exeter Killer-Thriller Speech: Private recording of Michael’s anti-Sony speech ACCESS HOLLYWOOD: Michael knocked over by fans EXTRA: Nose repaired E! NEWS: Michael stops by the House of Commons ACCESS HOLLYWOOD: Michael pushed over in station then leaps from the car in Exeter and joins fans at party and rides on a bus through EXTRA: Michael trampled by fans
0-00-00+Y4 - MICHAEL IN ENGLAND FOR OXFORD UNION SPEECH [June 2001] <160m> (eq)
   Michael arrives in UK to speak at Oxford [C5]*[C4]*[C4]*[GMTV] ~ Michael arrives at Oxford Union [SKY]*[SKY]*[SKY]*[SKY] ~ Rabbi Book signing [C5]*[C5]*[C4]*[BBC]* [SKY]*[GMTV]* ~ Daily Mail ~ Out and About shopping [SKY]*[RTL]*[C5]* ~ Michael falls and hurts his foot again [C4] ~ Tonight With Trevor Mcdonald, Michael in England to promote Rabbi Shumley Boteach’s book, speak at Oxford Union, be best man at Uri Geller’s wedding and attend MJ Day 10 ~ Michael in London [RTL]*[MTV]*[C5]*[C4] ~ Carla Romano speaks about Uri Geller’s wedding [GMTV] ~ Waiting for Michael to arrive at the Apollo [LN] ~ Michael ~ Oxford [C5]*[ITN]*[ITN]*[GMTV]*[C5] ~ Daily Star ~ Michael fashions in the shops [C4] ~ Oxford [ITN]* ~ Live link to Oxford Union covering the wait and then the arrival of Michael to give his speech [LN] ~ Michael in England [RTL] ~ Oxford [BBC]*[GMTV] ~ MJ Day 10 [GMTV] ~ Oxford [CNN] ~ Oxford [NOW] ~ The Big Speech. Full report documenting the build up and preparations for Michael’s visit to speak at the Oxford Union. Clip of Michael speaking and breaking down and crying.