1-32-43+F1 - JACKSONS [Rainbow, London 1978] <52m> (vgq)
   Dancing Machine ~ The Things I Do For You ~ Ben ~ Keep On Dancing ~ I Want You Back/ABC ~ Iíll Be There ~ Enjoy Yourself ~ Destiny ~ Show You The Way To Go ~ All Night Dancing ~ Blame It On The Boogie
0-44-00+P1 - JACKSONS [Mexico 1976] <45m>
    (You Were Made) Especially For Me ~ Never Can Say Goodbye ~ Papa Was A Rollin' Stone ~ I Am Love ~ Rockin' Robin ~ The Life Of The Party ~ Forever Came Today ~ Ben ~ I'll Be There ~ Medley: I Want You Back ~ ABC ~ The Love You Save ~ Dancing Machine ~ Body Language (Do The Love Dance)
1-56-29-f3 - NASSAU COLISEUM [1980] <3.40m>
   Rock With You 0-00-00+O2 - TRIUMPH [1979] <20m> (qgq)
   ABC ~ The Love You Save ~ Iíll Be There ~ Enjoy Yourself ~ Doní t Stop Ď Till You Get Enough ~ Off The Wall ~ rehearsing for Suzuki motor bike commercial ~ dancing with Disney characters
0-35-00+L1 - TRIUMPH [-81] <3.11m> (gq)
   Off The Wall
2-03-08-t4 - JACKSON FIVE CONCERT REHEARSAL 1970 <4m> (gq b/w)
   Rehearsing I Want You Back and Zip A Dee Doo Dah
   One Day In Your Life ~ Looking Thruí The Windows ~ Shake Your Body ~ Get Happy
3-24-00+J6Ö JACKSON FIVE [Paris, France 1972] <28m> (qgq)
    I Want You Back/ABC ~ Mama's Pearl ~ Michael's welcome in French ~ I'll Be There ~ Goin' Back To Indiana ~ We've Got A Brand New Thing ~ Lookin' Through The Windows ~ Ben ~ Walk On/The Love You Save ~ conclusion (Includes part of Ain't No Sunshine)
2-42-07-L5 - JACKSON FIVE [Paris] <101s> (ngq)
   Iíll Be There
2-07-42-t2 - JACKSON FIVE IN PHILADELPHIA 1970 <2.05m>
3-52-35-e5ÖI Want You Back/ABC [J5]<120s> (vgq)
3-02-50-z2 - Let It Be - Acappella [J5] <60s> (qgq)
0-47-53+K1 - Ainít No Words To This Song <2.36m>
2-39-22+K1 - Ben <2.24m>
0-38-53+K1 - Blues Away <2.13m>
1-54-45+K1 - Body Language <2.50m>
0-21-10+G1 - Dancing Machine <2.37m>
1-36-35+K1 - Dancing Machine <2.37m>
1-01-22-f1 - Dreamer <3m>
1-39-10+Z1 - Enjoy Yourself <2.16m>
0-26-51+K1 - Enjoy Yourself <2.30m>
0-14-24+E3 - Enjoy Yourself <3.30m>
0-00-34-f1 - Especially For Me <2.20m>
0-01-06+G1 - Forever Came Today <2.42m>
1-39-04-d2 - Forever Came Today <3.24m>
0-26-00-f1 - Get Happy <2.54m>
2-57-58+F1 - Get Happy <3m>
0-49-44-f1 - Get It Together <2.30m>
2-57-44+K1 - Get Ready <70s>
0-21-00-f1 - Goiní Back To Indiana <2.21m>
2-50-39-b2 - Goiní Places <1.30m>
0-38-22+L1 - Goiní Places <3.22m>
3-04-02+K1 - Good Times <2.22m>
2-42-33+K1 - I Am Love <3.10m>
3-07-00+K1 - I Canít Quit Your Love <2.31m>
0-01-09+K1 - I Want You Back/ABC <66s>
1-08-30-f1 - Just A Little Bit Of You Every Day <2.40m>
0-42-14+K1 - Keep On Dancing <2.36m>
2-18-50+K1 - Life Of The Party <3m>
0-44-47-f1 - Living Together <2.30m>
2-51-02+F1 - Looking Thruí The Windows <3.18m>
0-19-51+K1 - Never Can Say Goodbye <2.18m>
2-47-25+F1 - One Day In Your Life <3.40m>
1-11-48+K1 - Rockiní Robin <106s>
2-59-00+D3 - Shake Your Body [1979] <3.36m>
2-40-47-f2 - Shake Your Body/Get Happy <7m> (vgq)
1-05-48+K1 - Show You The Way To Go <3.17m>
2-08-15+K1 - Style Of Life <2.30m>
2-24-08+K1 - Sugar Daddy <2.20m>
1-31-03+K1 - The Love You Save <2.18m>
0-13-00+G1 - Try A Little Tenderness <4.38m>
2-00-14+K1 - Weíre Gonna Change Our Style <2.25m>
2-48-20+K1 - What You Donít Know <2.25m>
1-23-38+K1 - World Of Sunshine <2m>
1-52-45+K1 - World Of Sunshine <2m>