0-15-59-y1 - CLIPS "A" <61m>
   Michaelís 27th birthday report - on stage goofing about with girls ~ Thriller over clips then video ~ Gothenburg concert Ė fans ~ stage ~ Benny Collins speaking about how it all works with bits of Michael singing Human Nature and Dirty Diana then video ~ Michael and Bruce Springsteen ~ Another Part Of Me ~ Madrid concert Beat It/Billie Jean /Heartbreak Hotel ~ fans ~ stills ~ fans ~ Wanna Be Starting Somethiní/Heartbreak Hotel/ Another Part Of Me ~ I Love Quincy ~ UNCF speech ~ Another Part Of Me ~ Kansas City and Heartbreak Hotel ~ Rome ~ at the circus ~ wandering about ~ watching show ~ videos ~ speaking about his llama and snake ~ writing songs and always competing against himself being hard ~ heís not getting older, heís getting better
0-10-4-a1 - CLIPS "B" <46m>
   Grammy's 1988 ~ Suzuki motorbike advert ~ bootleg album ~ chest pains ~ Bad advert ~ Lego ~ Iíll Be There ~ Raisin advert ~ richest earner ~ with Frank Sinatra ~ Goiní Places ~ with Donald Trump ~ in Disney ~ dancing with motorbike ~ private video outside Dorchester Hotel/Harringay/suicide fan ~ back stage at Sammy Davies tribute ~ Jermaine on TV-AM
2-06-57-z2 - CLIPS "C" <45m>
   Pepsi signing ~ Jonathan Ross ~ searching for Michael ~ at Dorchester after African visit ~ Brompton Hospital ~ Dangerous tour kick off speech ~ arriving in UK for Bad tour ~ Michaelís life up to Bad ~ The Jackson Legend ~ Bad tour earnings ~ concert reports ~ lovely live footage ~ ticket cowboys ~ George Hamilton speaking about Michael ~ Paul Gambaccini speaking about the good things Michael does ~ Randy speaking about making 2300 Jackson Street ~ Jermaine and Tito speaking about Christmas in the Jackson family and Disneyland ~ at White House ~ Ryan Whiteís funeral ~ Michael hugging Jeannie White ~ speaking about Heal The World Congress ~ at Clinton inauguration party ~ Quincy speaking about Michael and Frank Sinatra ~ La Is My Lady
0-13-07+Y1 - CLIPS "D" <40m>
   Pepsi clips ~ Pepsi conference ~ presented with plaque and football ~ We Are The World {skit} ~ Look-a-likes ~ Dangerous album ad ~ Karen Faye Romance ~ Ivory Coast report {SKY} ~ Glove auction ~ Pakistan report ~ Nation Records controversy ~ Bad news reports
1-17-25-y1 - CLIPS "E" <38m>
   Barcelona ~ Jam/Wanna Be Starting Somethiní ~ girls singing Black Or White ~ chatter ~ Who Is It over clips of Michael doing all sorts of things ~ chatter ~ Pepsi commercial ~ fans outside Barcelona Hotel ~ making Jam video ~ Madrid concert Jam ~ with Spanish police ~ fidgeting about then presented with cheque ~ chatter ~ grinning then given a guitar ~ strumming it and giggling ~ thank you ~ chatter ~ Jam ~ in Rumania making speech ~ Joe Jackson taking Inside Edition back to the beginning of the Jacksons ~ J5 ~ Johnny Jackson speaking of early days ~ Big Boy ~ J5 clips ~ Janet speaking of Michael ~ LaToyaís playboy pictures ~ Gary House ~ neighbours ~ Encino House and grounds ~ in Encino recording studio ~ in Michaelís museum ~ pictures ~ The Jacksons - An American Dream compilation ~ chatter over Heal The World ~ sending aid off to Sarajevo ~ Heal The World over sad people and disasters ~ Michael in the plane then talking again
1-14-20-b1 - CLIPS "F" <37m>
   Fan obsession {Network 7} ~ fans {TV-AM} ~ Wembley {TV-AM} ~ Milton Keynes Bowl {BBC} ~ Smash Hits award 1988 ~ Brit award ~ Moonwalk report ~ chest pains {BBC}*{ITN} ~ Black Or White {Newsround}
0-00-00-e2 - CLIPS "G" <36.33m>
   Arriving in Munich, Austria and Switzerland ~ making Dreams ~ with kids and babies in Bucharest ~ clips from France and Turkey ~ on and off stage in Munich, Bad live ~ making Give In To Me ~ Heal The World over clips of Michael ~ Pepsi speech ~ cheque and guitar presentation ~ giggling ~ Rumanian speech ~ clips of live Jam ~ with babies ~ more speech to children
0-00-00+O1 - CLIPS "H" <32.23m>
   BMI awards ~ circus visit ~ making Beat It ~ Victory tour press conference ~ number one artist in the world ~ at White House ~ painting ~ Smash Hits award 1988 ~ 110 million selling albums ~ Goodbye to the 80ís ~ Savoy ~ Disney Club tour clips ~ private video outside Mayfair Hotel ~ Children Of The World Video Award ~ at Oscars 1991 ~ Michael on the Chipmunks
0-46-00-z2 - CLIPS "I" <31m>
   Pre-Grammyís tribute ~ young Michael speaking ~ Triumph tour ~ White House ~ HTW speech ~ Michael sitting in a teacup ~ in New York ~ Black Or White ~ interview ~ Dangerous clips from Munich concert ~ at airport ~ wandering about ~ in orphanage ~ LA Is My Lady ~ with Eddie Murphy ~ Someone Put Your Hand Out ~ Who Is It retro ~ making Jam ~ guitar presentation ~ 1,000 Points Of Light ~ with Canillas police ~ Heal LA speech ~ Good Scout Award ~ I Just Canít Stop Loving You ~ Lladro factory ~ Orphanage ~ J5 in parachutes ~ NABOB Award
2-33-00-M1 - CLIPS "J" <30m>
   Bad tour reports from breakfast TV ~ Paul Gambaccini ~ and George Hamilton telling cute stories about Michael ~ Michael arriving at Heathrow ~ look-a-likes ~ outside Wembley ~ on stage at Wembley
1-08-45-Z1 - CLIPS "K" <30m>
   Black Or White {skit} ~ NABOB award ~ Pepsi sponsorship ~ German Dangerous dates ~ throwing stuff off Dorchester roof ~ Jonathan Ross ~ Dangerous press conference ~ Neverland ranch and guests ~ Heartbreak Hotel ~ making Black Or White ~ Leeds concert report ~ Jonathan Ross ~ Michael speaking with Charles and Diana ~ at football match ~ going to Africa ~ cuts African visit short ~ shoots video in Africa ~ going to Africa
0-41-46-Z1 - CLIPS "L" <28m>
   Michael with kids ~ in airport ~ given flowers ~ Heartbreak Hotel ~ more kids ~ chatter ~ Rock With You ~ Dirty Diana ~ Pepsi advert ~ Wanna Be Starting Somethiní ~ in airport walking and waving ~ fans ~ Smooth Criminal ~ Heartbreak Hotel ~ Another Part Of Me ~ with kids ~ goofing with cheque ~ awards ~ with Frank Dileo ~ Moonwalker ~ raisins advert ~ Japanese calendar ~ Ryan White speaking then his funeral ~ cinema awards ~ tabloid news ~ BMI awards ~ fans ~ Another Part Of Me ~ waving through roof of car ~ Madison Square Garden, Another Part Of Me ~ missing glove ~ Helmsley Palace suite ~ with bellboy
0-41-24-L1 - CLIPS "M" <28m>
   In childrenís hospital ~ on Arcinio Hall show ~ Sony contract ~ Cinema Awards ~ deaf school visit ~ NABOB award ~ Karen Faye romance report ~ Pakistan report ~ the story of Motown - Iíll Be There ~ ABC ~ raisin advert ~ ET tribute ~ Florida rehearsals ~ with Frank Sinatra ~ at Oscars ~ different story of Motown ~ Ryan White tribute ~ report on Michaelís chest pains
2-40-20-a2 - CLIPS "N" <20m>
   Billie Jean skit ~ Eddie Murphy on Michael ~ Fat ~ David Lee Roth ~ boy giggling Pepsi advert ~ Quincy on Michael ~ Michaelís and Jacksonís stage costumes to be auctioned ~ Heartbreak Hotel live Victory tour ~ Human Nature live Bad Tour ~ Special Michael Jackson The Love You Save ~ ABC ~ Shake Your Body ~ Marlon ~ Joe then Michael speaking ~ discs ~ more speaking ~ Michael mobbed on stage then speaking ~ Rock With You live then over skaters ~ I Want You Back ~ Katherine then Michael speaking ~ hospital visit
2-37-40+I1 - CLIPS "O" <27m>
   Michael on Arcinio Hall Show, with Paul McCartney, with Madonna at Oscars 1991, Michaelís trainers, Captain Eo clip, with Macauley Culkin in Disney, Goiní Places, with Donald Trump ~ Encino and Neverland Home Report - Encino house, garden, animals ~ Neverland house, grounds, dining room, kitchen, games room, bedroom etc, Encino house and grounds, auction ~ Prisma - Bad concert clips ~ Blame It On The Boogie/Shake Your Body ~ Bad clips of Michael in Rome and Japan - on and off stage, magazine covers, eccentricities, cute pictures of a young Michael, Never Can Say Goodbye [retro], Got To Be There [retro]
2-34-08-y1 - CLIPS "P" <22m>
   Fans talk ~ Michael sings on stage ~ fans talk ~ Michael does robotics ~ finances ~ tour footage ~ Gary house ~ Jacksons on Top Of The Pops ~ solo career ~ sales figures ~ royalties ~ marketing ~ at White House ~ Pepsi commercial ~ Billie Jean ~ Michael getting burnt ~ apologising for tickets being so expensive ~ dancing ~ talking ~ Kansas City ~ costs of tour ~ souvenirs ~ Jonathan King speaking ~ Victory concert footage ~ Guinness Book ~ Pepsi burns ~ presented with award ~ thank you
0-00-00+S3 - CLIPS "Q" <42m>
   Arriving in Tenerife ~ Jam live ~ private video of Michael on hotel roof ~ Captain Eo ~ at James Brown concert ~ security van ~ at Sophia Hospital wandering about and singing ~ fidgeting ~ waving ~ grinning ~ presented with cheque ~ in Russia with army ~ clips ~ stadium ~ Pepsi commercial ~ at airport ~ Jam ~ in Hard Rock Cafe
2-33-04-g1 - CLIPS "R" <24m>
   Teenage Michael speaking ~ Sammy Davies Jr speaking about Michael ~ Wanna Be Starting Somethiní and Jam from Stockholm ~ on dodgems after Munich concert ~ cheque presentation ~ arriving in Sweden ~ clips ~ Heartbreak Hotel ~ Diana Ross speaking about Michael ~ signed Heal The World T-shirt competition ~ clips of young Michael ~ Jacksons speaking about 2300 Jackson Street ~ clips ~ private video of Michael playing in an amusement park in Japan
3-02-16-b1 - CLIPS "S" <26m>
   Running ~ Guinness Book ~ Jackson Five ~ Jacksons ~ Wiz ~ Off The Wall Era ~ donating Victory Tour money to charity ~ UNCF speech ~ meeting people ~ grinning and nodding ~ I Just Canít Stop Loving You ~ Michael appearing on a puppet show and being presented with a cheque ~ Making Dreams ~ Cinema ~ Wanna Be Startiní Somethiní, Rock With Youí Dirty Diana live in Rome ~Boy In Dressing room advert ~ live clips ~ wandering about ~ Rock Tokyo ~ in airport
1-40-18+L3 - CLIPS "T" <21m>
   Gentlemen of the press ~ Michaelís orphanage visit ~ speech ~ arriving in Japan ~ presented with a hardhat ~ on fairground ride ~ singing with children ~ given a lion and cuddling it ~ on hotel balcony ~ laughing ~ clapping ~ at airport ~ getting on bus ~ waving ~ grinning ~ getting in car ~ marching ~ at Mirage Hotel ~ being given things
2-35-39+F1 - CLIPS "U" <18m>
   Burnt by Pepsi ~ on stretcher waving ~ Victory tour controversy ~ clips from Soul Train ~ video clips ~ Jonathan King introducing Victory concert footage ~ Marlon and Tito talking ~ concert footage ~ unveiling star ~ at Tusauds ~ talking about waxwork of himself ~ on roof of limo ~ running through crowds ~ waving ~ Bad sales ~ with Katherine and Joseph ~ Rockiní Robin clip
2-06-03+N1 - CLIPS "V" <18m>
   Magic and the Madness ~ Madonna to re-do Michaelís image ~ Michael helps at Disneyland ~ Black Or White video hype ~ Magic and the Madness ~ Liz Taylorís wedding
2-00-00+L1 - CLIPS "W" <17.30m>
   Discussion on Michaelís bizarreness ~ Disneyland suit ~ German reports on Bad Tour ~ Leeds concert report ~ Breakfast TV clip
1-15-53+E4 - CLIPS "X" <23m>
   Polish TV news reports - Michaelís visits to Poland, meeting with President , given flowers, wandering about
1-15-30+N1 - CLIPS "Y" <16.50m>
   Arrest at Zales Jewellers ~ Las Vegas report ~ Lego news ~ Moonwalker game report ~ Goiní Places clip ~ with Donald Trump ~ Prisma Ď87 ~ nose job report ~ Mirage Hotel report ~ Seth Riggs - The Word ~ Madonna
0-14-40+Z1 - CLIPS "Z" <15m>
   Pepsi conference ~ making Black Or White ~ Legend continues clip ~ Grammyís 84 clip ~ Michael on Chipmunks
1-21-54-t2 - CLIPS "AA" <28m>
   Pictures of Michael ~ live from French concerts ~ Jackson Five footage ~ under stage ~ on tour coach being mischievous ~ Dirty Diana live with people saying how wonderful Michael is ~ live footage ~ Michael being cute ~ fans
3-48-17+H4 - CLIPS "BB" <11m>
   German TV news reports on Michaelís arrival in Germany for the Dangerous concerts, concert footage, walking about airport, after show party, fans outside Michaelís hotel, Jennifer Batten, Moonwalker report ~ Bad concert Hamburg Ď88 report
1-57-10-e2 - CLIPS "CC" <14m>
   Sophia Hospital fund raiser ~ live clips ~ Press Conference clips ~ Rock Over Europe ~ Bad tour clips
0-25-27-h2 - CLIPS "DD" <13m>
   Talking with sections of Jam and Wanna Be Starting Somethiní ~ Eddie Garcia speaking ~ Michael in Rumania ~ in playground ~ with children and babies ~ Wembley - Bad Tour ~ MTV promo ~ Brit Award ~ Captain Eo clip ~ Rock Over Europe Award ~ Heartbreak Hotel live, Eaten Alive
2-44-30-k1 - CLIPS "EE" <13m>
   Lifestyles of the rich and famous ~ clips of Michael ~ Michael and the Jacksons speaking about J5 days ~ Michael at James Brown concert ~ Jackson Five in parachutes
0-10-45+Q1 - CLIPS "FF" <13m>
   Thriller opening at Theatres ~ extracts de Moonwalker ~ Rome Conference ~ Suzuki motorbike advert ~ Spielberg Tribute ~ Pepsi accident
0-29-06+I4 - CLIPS "GG" <4m>
   German TV news Reports on Princess Diana memorial service, Michael arriving, during, leaving and saying he loves her, in London for Brit awards, waving from balcony in Disneyland, backstage at Brits
2-48-09+V1 - CLIPS "HH" <14m>
   Jam, Wanna Be Starting Somethiní, HTW from Tokyo Dome, Michael given lion, riding on boat, at hotel, walking out of Hotel, in Airport, HTW, Jennifer Batten
1-19-54-f1 - CLIPS "II" <10m>
   Milton Keynes Bowl News Reports ~ Wembley cancellation ~ Mirror suing ~ Euro Disney news clip ~ Jackson Five arriving at Wellington Airport ~ ET on Bad tour
1-39-17-e2 - CLIPS "JJ" <7m>
   Clips from Tokyo Dome Dangerous concert ~ wandering about Japan ~ presented with a lion and cuddling it
1-25-30-h2 - CLIPS "KK" <4m>
   Wanna Be Starting Somethiní ~ goofing with press ~ Pepsi commercial "the chase" in full ~ Jam ~ chatter ~ Dangerous teaser
2-00-00+R3 - CLIPS "LL" <27m>
   Video history - ABC to Come Together with facts flashing up ~ Circus visit ~ LA Gear promotion ~ Michael quick speech then presented with a satin jacket and a shoe ~ Frank Dileo speaking about working with Michael ~ Music of the 1980ís ~ Michaelís face changes ~ LaToya ~ Dirty Diana live ~ Puppets shrieking, Pepsi Press Conference speech, curtain rising and Michael boarding plane and leaving, puppets shrieking, drawings for Michael, children presenting Michael with a cheque, puppets shrieking and Michael giggling and fidgeting, Heal The World live Frankfurt
3-42-00-f2 - CLIPS "MM" <22m>
   Receiving flowers at airport ~ in Switzerland ~ cheque and guitar presentation ~ with Spanish Police ~ at Lladro factory kissing statue ~ Jam live in Madrid ~ clips ~ on balcony ~ walking and waving ~ another cheque presentation ~ at party ~ on dodgems ~ at airports ~ getting in and out of cars ~ going in and out of places ~ Jam live in Moscow sliding about on the stage while his people mop up the water ~ marching with Russian army ~ with Russian babies leaving Russia ~ Rock over Europe award
1-55-15+W4 - CLIPS "NN" <50m>
   Michael arriving, presented with bouquets of flowers, on stage , waving from hotel window and throwing flowers and things from his hotel window, wandering about , Japanese speech , signing things, given things, getting mobbed, saluting, smiling saying, "I love you" and grinning, another speech, ceremonial handprint in concrete and signing it, another speech, attending preview of Ghosts, grinning, waving and pointing at people, teacher using Michaelís song words to help students learn English, Michael on stage, off stage in airport ~ Bit of Dangerous footage, given Lion, on boat waving from hotel balcony
0-00-00-e4 - CLIPS "OO" (similar to above but more) <117m>
   Arriving,In airport, getting off plane, waving, mobbed, given flowers, throwing stuff from Hotel window, waving, visiting children in Hospital, Mark Quindoy speaking, TDCAU live, tabloids, Tower records visit, handprint ceremony, live clips from concerts, Tokyo Dome, Debbieís apartment, tabloids, Encino, at Ghosts premiere, watching children perform, walking and waving, flashback, statue, Iíll be seeing you soon, Japan, in Bangkok, Scream, Ghosts, 2Bad, making Ghosts, in Disneyland Paris at Christmas, Dangerous Manila, allegations, Give In To Me, married Lisa, news reports about History, allegations, Brazil, Bucharest, concert clips, Philippines, walking off plane, hugging and kissing fan, with Lisa, baby expected, getting mobbed waving from balcony, demonstrators wanting to stop Michael performing, Mark Quindoy, Philippine problems, Michael in Thailand, in Australia, married, with kids, at zoo, Ghosts premiere, with Lisa, New Zealand, MTV news
1-37-30+O1 - CLIPS "PP" <34m>
   Japanese news ~ Tokyo Dome ~ Ryan White funeral ~ cinema awards ~ Another Part Of Me ~ Look-a-likes
1-13-09+G1 - CLIPS "QQ" <20m>
   Liz Taylorís wedding - News reports from {BBC]*{C4}* {ITN}* {SKY}*{ET}
3-05-21+F5 - CLIPS "RR" <10.10m>
   Look-a-like, Motown 25, Grammyís í88, Sammy Davies Jr Tribute, Superbowl, AMAís í93, Jackson Family Honours, World Music Awards, VH1 Honours, MTV Music Awards Ď95, Rock and Roll 25th, Brits, Carmina Buera