2-55-11-p3 - Airport 1999 <5m>

   The resident press searching for Michael and trying to get him to answer questions when he is found with the regular passengers
3-00-43+J4 - Airport 2001 <4.15>

   Flies in for the Oxford Union speech
0-53-08+L3 - Bad and Speed Demon <4.30m>

   How Speed Demon was conceived and Michael being cute
0-43-16-w2 - Bad Concert Rehearsal <10m>

   Michael rehearsing the Bad show in Florida ready for the Kansas City opening, walking about, talking, putting the show together, telling people what to do, goofing with Frank Dileo, what it's all about, rehearsals are hard work, working out routines, new show for USA then back to Tokyo, back stage at Kansas City, prayer and "war hoop", walking to stage, excerpts from the show
2-14-41-f3 - Beat It <11m>

   Shooting the video and Michael speaking about it and his life
0-58-13+O2 - Black Or White [NBC] <5.40m>

   Playing on the video set
0-45-24+L3 - Black Or White [Current Affair] <15m>

   Michaelís Smash Hits. Making the Black Or White video, rehearsing with children, practising dancing while trucks race past, fighting with John Landis using stage props, Michael getting smothered in fake snow then chasing John Landis to get him back. Buzz on Dangerous. A New Michael Jackson. People anticipating Black Or White, cute footage from behind the scenes, how Pacific Data changed Michael into a panther, Seth Riggs speaking about Michael
2-01-33+L3 - Black Or White [Eyewitness] <12m>

   In depth report on making Black Or White Video, showing Michael goofing about behind the scenes
2-40-00+P1 - Captain Eo <45m>

   Fascinating insight into how this 3D movie was created
2-20-30-k1 - Captain Eo <24m>

   Fascinating insight into how this 3D movie was created
1-21-00+B5 - Captain Eo [Japanese dialogue better quality] <17m>

   Fascinating insight into how this 3D movie was created
2-57-30-k1 - Childhood <2.40m>

   Lisa Marie joins Michael on the set to watch the filming of the video
1-19-30-p1 - Dangerous [Wembley] <3m>

   Dangerous backstage in 1992 Michael leading the camera crew along backstage passages
0-00-00+B6 - Dangerous Rehearsals <107m>

   From Michael's own personal archive, this is a video of Michael's Dangerous Tour rehearsals live in Neverland. Michael singing songs that didn't make the final playlist and practicing his amazing dance moves. Jam ~ Wanna Be Startiní Something ~ Human Nature ~ Smooth Criminal ~ I Just Can't Stop Loving You ~ She's Out Of My Life ~ J5 Medley ~ Rock With You ~ Thriller ~ Billie Jean ~ Remember The Time ~ Working Day And Night ~ Beat It ~ Will You Be There ~ The Way You Make Me Feel
1-00-13-i2 - Dreams <3.30m>

   Filming the Pepsi commercial
0-00-00-s5 - Ghosts [2002 version] <23m>

   Fabulous new footage of Michael as he creates the short film
0-40-00-d4 - Ghosts (MJJ version) <9.30m>

   How Michael was made up to play all the major parts
1-47-13-d1 - Ghosts [C4] <3.51m>

   Discussing the video premier
2-16-37-x1 - Ghosts [CNN] <3m>

   On the set, discussing the video
2-21-02-x1 - Ghosts [ET] <3.40m>

   On the set, discussing the video
2-24-21-s1 - Give In To Me [MTV] <20s>

   Shooting the video
1-28-27+E3 - Give In To Me and Jam [Current Affair] <3m>

   Shooting the video
0-31-52-w4 - History [Thailand and Bangkok] <5.07m>

   Michael backstage, shopping, giggling, speaking, playing. Michael's private backstage moments before the concerts
0-47-19-o4 - History [Thailand and New Zealand] <13m>

   Comforting a crying child, greeting a musician friend and chatting with camera crew, visit to Starship Childrenís Hospital
2-31-20-d1 - History Concert [Sheffield] <2.43>

   The children who appeared on stage with Michael speaking about their time with him, coach presentation, fans speaking about the show, clean up, Michael singing
2-54-28-d1 - History [Wembley] <9m>

   Unseen new pictures of Michael's baby, Michael's big night at Wembley, Lisa sues the National Enquirer, Michael takes ET backstage at Wembley
1-17-50-s1 - In The Closet <11m>

   Michael and Naomi playing and getting close on the ground, shooting the video
1-59-25-s1 - Jam [ET] <2.20m>

   Michael and Michael Jordan playing
2-53-36+H5 - Jam [Eyewitness] <74s>

   Michael and Michael Jordan playing
0-00-00-v1 - Miss Castaway <6.52>

   Michael's cameo appearance and joking from Neverland
2-16-48+O4 - MJ + Friends<37s>

   Rehearsing Sheís Out Of My Life with Maria Carey
2-04-06-c1 - Moonwalker [BBC] <30m>

   Lovely footage of Michael rehearsing and directing
0-23-00+C1 - Moonwalker [FILMNET] <9m>

   Lovely footage of Michael rehearsing and directing
0-53-00+L5 - Moscow History concert 17-9-96 <38m> (private)

   Setting up the stage, support band rehearsing, fans arriving
2-40-23+G3 - Neverland <6.30m>

   The Neverland Tapes. Surveillance videos taken at Neverland of Michael bedroom, playroom etc. Alleged spying activities
2-31-28+X3 - Neverland <2.30m>

   Private video of Michael's bedroom and closet
1-42-25+B5 - MTV 10 <4.30m>

   Rehearsing and shooting the video
2-19-40+Y4 - Oxford Union Speech [Cutting Edge] <17.20m>

   The Big Speech. Full report documenting the build up and preparations for Michaelís visit to speak at the Oxford Union. Small part of Michael speaking and breaking down and crying
1-03-24-s1 - Remember The Time [Countdown] <3m>

   Shooting the video
2-37-50+O2 - Remember The Time [Current Affair] <6m>

   Shooting the video
0-41-44-s1 - Remember The Time [ET] <4m>

   Shooting the video
2-02-50+F3 - Scream <25m>

MTVís Michael Jacksonís Scream - History in the making
1-05-15-c4 - Stranger In Moscow [MJJ version] <66m>

   A soggy Michael is VERY sexy!
0-23-40-j2 - Suzuki Motorbike Commercial <3m>

   Bare chested Michael dancing about then riding the motorbike
0-00-00+V2 - The Making Of Michael Jacksonís Thriller <60m>

   Official release
0-34-38-f3 - They Donít Care About Us [Brazil version] <14m>

   Arriving in Brazil, applying make-up for New York prison scenes, Brits clips, prison footage, Brazil, clips of filming in Brazil ~ prison and Brits, Spike Lee, video footage in prison, video shoot in Brazil, Brazil ~ New York mixed together, Michael sightseeing and wandering around Brazil
0-43-00-x4 - They Donít Care About Us [Prison version] <8.11m>

   World Exclusive inside the making of "They Don't Care About Us". Lots of wonderful footage of Michael rehearsing, eating, laughing, playing and Spike Lee speaking about making the video. Close-up of Michael singing controversial lyrics. Mingling with the extras and joking with the crew, having fun with Karen Faye, with Marcel Marcau
0-00-00-b1 - We Are The World" <56m>

   Jane Fonda describing the event, video footage of Michael practising with the other singers, goofing about, laying down rhythm tracks, recording guide vocals, hugging, practising, trying out stuff that didnít end up on the release, laughing
0-45-27+C6 - We Are The World <4.33>

   Michael, Lionel Ritchie and Stevie Wonder and Quincy Jones rehearsing and working out
1-46-03-h1 - Whatzupwitu <3.50m>

   Eddie Murphy speaks about Michael and Whatzupwitu, some footage of Michael and Eddie
2-08-44+H5 - Whatzupwitu <50s>

   Michael and Eddie
1-16-06+S5 - What More Can I Give/MSG concerts <12.20>

   Secrets of Michaelís show, making WMCIG, Michael speaking on the phone, directing, mixing and sorting people out. Telling ET about the MSG show