1-38-17-s1 - 1,000 Points Of Light Award 1992 <40s>
0-53-18-i2 - 1,000 Points Of Light Ceremony 1992 <30s>
2-46-15+E1 - 110 Million Album Sales Breakfast Presentation 91 <2m>
1-02-46+S5 - American Music Awards 2002 <8m>
0-11-25+D5 - American Music Awards 1993 <26m
2-26-49+F5 - American Music Awards 1990 <7.46m>
   Janet accepting awards, Miss You Much performance
2-40-00-b5 - American Music Awards 1989 <2.30m>
   Michael receiving award from Eddie Murphy, tells him to pull up the microphone
2-43-20+I5 - American Music Awards 1989 <8.40m>
   Just the Janet bits - performance and receiving awards, finale
2-00-00+X1 - American Music Awards 1984 <30m>
2-04-00-f3 - American Music Awards 1980 <8m>
1-30-00+P1 - American Music Awards 1972-1989 <58m>
1-10-00-i1 - American Music Awards 1972-1988 <99m>
1-20-00+Z5 - Arcinio Hall 89 <4.33m>
   Michael presents Eddie Murphy with the MTV King of Comedy Award and Eddie presents Michael with the MTV Greatest Video in the history of all Videos
2-37-55-v1 - Artist of a generation award {1996} <4m>
0-09-18+F5 - Australian Music Awards 1992 <2.03m>
2-52-33-g5 - Bambi Awards 2002 <9.30m>
   Iincludes the backstage interview when Michael shows his speaking book
2-27-51+E1 - Best Selling Male Artist Of The 1980s <90s>
2-33-45-w5 - BET Awards <15.12m> 2003
   Tribute to James Brown then Michael presenting him with a Lifetime Achievement Award, dancing on stage and getting cloaked, speech telling James Brown how he inspired him, Tyrese praises Michael
2-01-12+O4 - Billboard Awards 2002 <6.30>
0-16-27+H2 - Billboard Awards 1995 <3.26m>
0-42-51-r1 - Billboard Awards 1992 <6m>
2-21-03+K5 - Billboard Awards 1990 <7.30m>
   Tribute to Janet, accepting award for Rhythm Nation
0-00-00+O1 - BMI Awards 1987 <2.39m>
3-07-16+E1 - BMI Michael Jackson Award Presentation 1990 <6m>
1-58-36+M3 - Body Sculpt Carer Of Kids Award 1994 <2m>
2-49-07-u4 - Bravo Golden Otto Award 1988 <40s>
2-49-12-v1 - Bravo Golden Otto Award 1994 <98s>
0-58-14-x1 - Brit Awards 1996 <16m>
2-37-15-c3 - Brit Awards 1996 {uncut} <16m>
2-37-30-f2 - Century Plaza Good Scout Award 1990 <3.30m>
3-01-42-y1 - Cinema Awards 1990 <90s>
2-20-33+E1 - Clive James Award For Rebuild Of The Decade 89 <63s>
1-28-27+O4 - Essence Award <7.42m>
   Janet present the award to Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis then introduces a tribute
2-02-35+S1 - Football and Plaque Presentation 1992 <2m>
1-25-16-c4 - Golden Microphone Award 1996 <60s>
3-26-00+P1 - Grammy's 1972-1986 <15m>
2-30-00+X1 - Grammy's 1984 <31m>
1-36-06+D5 - Grammy's 1993 <15m>
1-17-30+Z3 - Harry Chapin Humanitarian Award <38s>
2-40-40+D6 - Hollywood Walk of Fame 1980 <110s>
   Ceremony for star outside Mann’s Chinese Theatre
1-07-45+Q5 - Kora Awards 1999 <10m>
1-33-02-f4 - Logie Awards <5m>
   Human Nature singing "Wish", speaking of touring with Michael
3-11-00+L2 - MTV EMA'S 1995 Best Song Nomination <4.30m>
1-38-41+B5 - MTV Video Vanguard Artist Of The Decade Award 1988 <2.30m>
1-09-20+C1 - MTV Video Vanguard Award 1988 <30s>
0-00-00-u2 - MTV Video Vanguard Award 1988 <8m>
1-09-43+C1 - MTV Michael Jackson Video Vanguard Award 1991 <3m>
2-23-23-g5 - MTV VMA’s 2002 <4.16>
1-21-21+E5 - MTV VMA’s 2001 <5.49m>
   Michael performs with NSYNC
2-35-08+F3 - MTV VMA’s 1995 <25m>
1-52-44+V3 - MTV VMA’s 1994 <2.04m>
1-37-32+D4 - MTV VMA’s 1990 <5.03m>
   Janet performs Black Cat
2-42-45+F5 - MTV VMA’s <4.53m>
   Janet's Black Cat performance
0-00-00+D5 - NAACP Image Award 1992 <14m>
0-40-10+E4 - NAACP 1993 <7m>
   Michael presenting Debbie Allan with award and reminding everybody a person is presumed innocent until proved guilty in a court of law
1-13-11+O2 - NABOB Award 1992 <1.30m>
1-09-48-s1 - NABOB Life Achievement Award 92 <35s>
1-44-42-s1 - Operation One To One Award 92 <20s>
1-50-03+W5 - MTV’s Rate The 80s 1989 <4.30m>
   Michael appears on the Arcenio Hall Show to present Eddie Murphy with the King of Comedy Award and Eddie then presents Michael with an Award for the Greatest Video of all Videos for Thriller
2-43-39+D6 - Radio Music Awards <10.46> 2003
   Beyonce introduces Michael, he introduces the “What More Can I Give” video, is presented with the RMA Humanitarian Award
1-55-00+A5 - Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame Induction 97 <20m>
   Jackson Five inducted
1-53-43-d5 - Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame Induction 2001 <11.17m>
   Michael is inducted
1-58-52-e2 - Rock Over Europe Children of the World Music Video Award 89 <2.34m>
0-32-18-r1 - Smash Hits 1992 <90s>
1-34-00+M2 - Smash Hits 1993 <2m>
3-15-30+L2 - Smash Hits 1995 <60s>
1-57-15+E1 - Soul Train Awards 1989 <2m>
0-45-23+S2 - Soul Train Awards 1993 <25m>
2-53-18-g2 - VH1 Honours 1995 <8.04m>
1-54-22+O4 - World Awards 2002 <105s>
0-00-00-u2 - World Music Awards 1993 <19.10m>
2-47-30+J3 - World Music Awards 1996 <27m>
2-48-06+A4 - World Music Awards 2000 <10.13m>
3-11-28-c1 - World Music Video Awards 1989 <11.30m>