1-47-01+O4 - ASSORTMENT #1 <29m>
   Men In Black cameo appearance ~ Jackson Five speak about the MSG concert and Michael ~ Alphabits commercial ~ Giggles with children ~ Ensonic ad ~ Michael’s disguises ~ Video message to Black & White ~ Flood message to Germany ~ World Awards 2002 ~ Pre-Bambi Awards ~Singing in hotel room ~ Vogue Photo shoot ~ Billboard Awards 2003 ~ Christmas message to German children ~ Christmas shopping with Paris ~ Beat It “Just Say No” campaign ~ Michael tells Gloria Allred to “Go To Hell”
1-21-21+E5 - ASSORTMENT #2 <27m>
   MTV VMA’s: Michael performs with NSYNC ~ A Night At The Apollo: Dangerous ~ American Bandstand 50 [2002]: Dangerous ~ United We Stand: What More Can I Give ~ BET Interview: Michael speaks about Invincible and You Rock My World ~ FOX Interview: Michael speaks about Tommy Mottola, 911 and directing a movie ~ Shopping in Berlin
0-00-00-i5 - ASSORTMENT #3 <34m>
   Carnegie Hall Heal The Kids speech ~ Elizabeth Taylor speaks to Larry King about the real Michael ~ We Are Family: The Jacksons: Lovely vintage footage of the Jackson Five chronicling their rise to superstardom ~ Michael At Christmas ~ Bill Maher speaks to Larry King about Michael ~ Priscilla Presley speaks to Larry King about Lisa and Michael ~ Lying To Michael Jackson: Lenny Henry and Rowan Atkinson skit on the Martin Bashir interview for Comic Relief
2-23-00+X4 - ASSORTMENT #4 <20m>
   ET: What went wrong at the Lisa photo shoot, Michael house-hunting, Lisa says how bad her marriage to Michael was, why she married him, Nick Cage ~ EXTRA: Lisa Marie: Her relationship with John Travolta, her rough time, Nick Cage was interested in her music, Michael wasn’t. Elton John. Michael in Palm Beach over the weekend ~ MTV TRL: Lisa Marie: She’s blocked out the MTV kiss, what would Elvis think of today’s music, her album, recording offers, honesty, tour ~ E! INTERVIEW: LaToya: Her album, her inspiration, what she’s been doing in the last 7 years, close with her family, sees Michael and his children, will she have children, Michael was not happy with the Bashir documentary, it’s difficult for him to bounce back from it. Playboy – will she pose again, speed quiz
3-25-33+X4 - ASSORTMENT #5 <13.20m>
   ACCESS HOLLYWOOD: LaToya speaks about the Jackson’s family day which happens again, her 1993 allegations against her brother are all in the past and were not true, her album, her abuse at the hands of Jack Gordon, Playboy ~ ET: Michael’s money. Is Michael a ticking time bomb to bankruptcy? ~ EXTRA: Michael shops ‘till he drops and ends up in hospital. Video of Michael shopping in an Indianapolis mall just before he was hospitalised ~ WHEN IN ROME: Michael wears a Spiderman mask and asks Congressman why there isn’t a Taco Bell in the area ~ ET: Joe Millionaire and Michael in the movie Castaway, some scenes to be shot at Neverland. Film due for release in the fall ~ COURT TV: Michael is saddled with debts and is on the brink of Bankruptcy. Michael must give a deposition in Indiana. Sotheby’s bill settled. Michael has given 500 depositions and had 15,00 lawsuits and he is tired of it all ~ EXTRA: Michael at P. Diddy’s party ~ INSIDE EDITION: Michael’s money woes, Neverland tax problems ~ ET: Priscilla Presley speaks out about Lisa’s marriage to Michael ~ COURT TV: Michael discovers how costly, financially and personally, court cases can be. Myung-Ho-Lee Vs Michael case may be thrown out of court
1-30-24-j5 - ASSORTMENT #6 <25m>
   EXTRA: Michael shopping in an Indiana Mall ~ CBS 4 NEWS: Michael thrills shoppers at an Indiana Mall ~ ET: Michael with Chris Tucker in Chicago ~ ACCESS HOLLYWOOD: Michael given the key to Gary Indiana and cheered by fans ~ EXTRA: Michael in Gary saying it’s great to be home and on a shopping spree ~ ET: Michael’s a hero in his home town, press conference and is given a Jackson Street road sign, waving to fans, returns to the Gary house where he grew up, visits his school ~ EXTRA: Michael accepts the key to the city than visits his Gary home and Roosevelt High School ~ ACCESS HOLLYWOOD: Michael speaks in a sports stadium and visits old home and Roosevelt School ~ ET: Michael speaks in Gary ~ LIQUID NEWS: Michael thanks Gary Mayor for the keys to the city and plays on car roof ~ DATELINE: Michael lives like a king and spends like a king too. The real state of Michael’s finances, is he running out of money. What he earns from music royalties, what he spends his money on. Costs of running Neverland, stupid Voodoo rumours, his income ~ TRIGGER HAPPY TV: Michael shopping in the mall wearing an orange mask ~ ET: Michael at Gregory Peck’s funeral ~ E! NEWS: Michael shopping for books then getting mobbed for autographs ~ VH1 TOP SONGS OF THE LAST 25 YEARS: #40 Beat It #2 Billie Jean – musicians discuss how great these two songs and Michael are
0-43-20-z5 - ASSORTMENT #7 <27m>
   ACCESS HOLLYWOOD Michael’s private Home Movies preview showing lovely footage of Michael ~ EXTRA: Video clips promoting Michael’s Home Movies ~ ET: Michael in the supermarket, pie party and other cute footage promoting his Home Movies ~ EXTRA: Michael and Janet playing at Neverland ~ ACCESS HOLLYWOOD: Anticipating Michael’s Home Movies as a contribution to the May Sweeps ~ ET: Michael’s relationship with his father ~ EXTRA: Michael in Bermuda ~ ET: Michael looks for buried treasure, Elizabeth Taylor giving Michael an elephant ~ EXTRA: Video of Michael shopping with Prince and Paris and LaToya, Brian Oxman explains why Michael is a great father ~ THE MYSTERY OF MICHAEL: Revealed in South Florida: Michael’s visit to Dairy Queen, and other places in South Florida, pictures of Michael with shoppers, security camera footage of Michael buying ice cream, shopping for clothes and antiques. In Palm Beach buying ice cream and posing with hair salon employees for photograph, looking at property to buy ~ ET: Michael and the Supa-soakers
1-28-27+O4 - ASSORTMENT #8 <15m>
   ESSENCE AWARD: Janet present the award to Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis then introduces a tribute to them ~ ET: Will Smith speaks about Michael in MIB II ~ POP YEARS 1983: Dissecting Thriller and Beat It. ~ POP YEARS 1995: Dissecting Scream
2-15-40+O4 - ASSORTMENT #9 <14m>
   Michael’s message to Germany after their floods ~ waving from balcony to fans ~ rehearsing She’s Out Of My Life with Maria Carey ~ fans sing Heal The World while Michael conducts ~ Celine Dion’s Bad impersonation ~ What More Can I Give: studio video ~ BSO: Give In To Me ~ Lenny Henry speaks about the Bashir Interview and making the skit about it for Comic Relief ~ Michael in an Afro ~ 100 WORST BRITAINS: #5 Martin Bashir ~ Michael speaks in Gary when given the key to the city ~ Diane Sawyer speaks about Lisa Marie and Michael and when she interviewed them
2-12-00-w5 - ASSORTMENT #10 <41m>
   E! TRUE HOLLYWOOD STORY: Emmanuel Lewis: just the Michael bits ~ ACCESS HOLLYWOOD: James Brown cloaked by Michael at the BET Awards, LaToya and Michael enjoy watching Beyonce, Eminem apes Michael, Beyonce’s Jackson moment, Michael thinks she’s beautiful ~ EXTRA: Michael brought to tears at the BET Awards ~ ET: Michael on stage and in tears and dancing paying homage to James Brown, LaToya says Michael’s appearance was a secret from James Brown, Eminem pokes fun at Michael ~ DECO: Eminem’s strange antics, Michael steals the stage at the BET Awards ~ MSNBC: Eminem dangles baby in Scotland ~ BET AWARDS REPORT: Michael bits ~ TEEN IDOLS: The Jackson Five at #7 ~ ET: Michael opens up Neverland for the Wolf family to visit ~ NEWS 10: Michael shopping at the Aventura Mall Disney Store, speaks to a fan on the phone ~ BET AWARDS: Tribute to James Brown and Michael presenting him with a Lifetime Achievement Award, dancing on stage and getting cloaked, speech telling James Brown how he inspired him, Tyrese praises Michael ~ DISNEYLAND PERFORMANCE: Michael in Disneyland singing "Wish Upon A Star" while standing on a rock in a pond, "Yellow Brick Road" dancing about with Disney characters, "Ease On Down The Road" with the seven dwarfs ~ MSG Sept 2001: Michael/Britney Duet The Way You Make Me Feel
0-33-53-i5 - ASSORTMENT #11 <34m>
   The Ultimate Chart ~ The UK’s top 100 best selling singles: #69 Earth Song. Britney Spears, Shaggy and Jarvis Cocker speak about Michael ~ 1986 Forever: Janet speaks about having the name Jackson opening doors for her and her nick-name and how she would give anything to have the success Michael has achieved, disguises ~ Top 50 of 2001: #25 Alien Ant Farm speak about how Michael influenced them to cover Smooth Criminal ~ TOP VIDEO ARTISTS: #7 Michael P Diddy, Limp Bisket and other artists say how great Michael and his videos are and how he influenced them as performers ~ E! TRUE HOLLYWOOD STORY: Cory Feldman: Michael’s influence and friendship ~ WOLF FAMILY IN NEVERLAND: The Wolf Family, who lost their home in the German floods, visit Neverland and spend time with Michael ~ LIQUID NEWS: Jermaine speaks of the Jackson Five reunion album and the speculation that the J5 and Osmonds will tour together, Michael’s trust being exploited by Bashir, Wacko Jacko, how the media treats Michael in the US compared to the UK, parties at Neverland, baby dangling, Michael’s uniqueness, how will the reunion work, wanting to punch David Guest, family bickering, their musical show “Legacy” coming to London, what the next Jackson generation are going to do with their lives, what TV Michael watches
0-00-00+O5 - ASSORTMENT #12 <24m>
   Will You Be There live ~ Seinfeld cast dancing to Michael ~ Michael’s obituary to Frank Sinatra ~ Michael’s World Peace Foundation Speech + Reports ~ Michael In Namibia 1998: Arriving in Windhoek, with dignitaries, World Economic Forum speech, wandering about ~ Michael on the Dating Game
0-23-56+O5 - ASSORTMENT #13 <30m>
   EXTRA: Michael at the Atlantis resort opening. Singing HTW ~ ACCESS HOLLYWOOD: Michael at the Atlantis resort opening. Singing HTW ~ E!NEWS: Michael with Mandela. Speech ~ ACCESS HOLLYWOOD: Michael at Fulham football match and radio interview ~ ACCESS HOLLYWOOD: Divorce papers for Michael/Debbie split. Who will get custody of the children ~ FOX NEWS: Divorce ~ ET: Jackson divorce papers. Michael’s Rabbi’s reaction to divorce ~ AM LIVE: People discussing the allegations and speaking up for Michael. Nice footage of Michael and Marcel Marcau on stage together ~ ET: Celebrity reactions to Michael/Debbie divorce … Berry Gordy, Brooke Shields ~ Chuck Henry 2nd interview: Debbie Rowe speaking about her life as Mrs Michael Jackson, with pictures of Michael at Neverland playing with Prince
2-39-00+D6 - ASSORTMENT #14 <20m>
   Michael’s beaded pants ~ Shopping for books ~ Arriving at Santa Barbara airport with Blanket ~ Scary Movie Ad Michael hated ~ Ceremony for Hollywood Walk of Fame star outside Mann’s Chinese Theatre ~ Michael says, “You’re watching the #1 music channel in Asia, Channel V” ~ Michael arrives at Munich airport ~ Waving to fans at his Neverland Birthday party ~ RADIO MUSIC AWARDS: Beyonce introduces Michael, he introduces the “What More Can I Give” video, is presented with the RMA Humanitarian Award ~ Las Vegas Mayor gives Michael the key to the city ~ at the Orpheum theatre, signing autographs
1-19-41-i5 - ASSORTMENT #15 <18.09>
   DECO ~ Michael running from Aventura Mall to escape crowds ~ NEWS 7: Michael back at the Aventura Mall in South Florida, Michael in the music section of the Mall, helicopter pictures of Michael running from the Mall ~ NEWS 6: Michael causing chaos in the Aventura Mall ~ NEWS 4: Michael at the Aventura Mall, what he bought and where he went ~ NEWS 7: Michael’s exit from the Aventura Mall ~ ACCESS HOLLYWOOD: Michael’s clothing line, Aventura Mall footage ~ ET: Lisa Marie in Jane magazine complaining about Michael using songs for advertising ~ ET: Edward Moss, Michael look-a-like
1-46-02-z5 - ASSORTMENT #16 <32.45m>
   LIQUID: Michael’s Birthday Party in LA report, clothing line, making Neverland more accessible for his fans ~ LIQUID NEWS: Reporting from inside Neverland at Michael’s Birthday Party ~ ET Michael to open Neverland for his Birthday ~ ACCESS HOLLYWOOD: How to get into Neverland for Michael’s Birthday Party ~ DECO: Paris falls and breaks her nose ~ ACCESS HOLLYWOOD: Neverland Party invitation ~ ET: Preview of Neverland party ~ ACCESS HOLLYWOOD: Party Rehearsals, Navi, Arica’s Michael tattoos, inside Michael’s Birthday show, Michael arriving and watching the show, singing Happy Birthday, waits in the wings then goes on stage and speaks and sings and cuts the cake, Michael again attacks Tommy Mattola in his speech then calls Martin Bashir a rat. Watching the show, speaking on stage about working on new album. We Are The World, cutting birthday cake and throwing cake to fans ~ E! NEWS: Birthday Party report, Michael wearing Bash Bashir jacket ~ ET: Inside the Neverland Birthday Party, speaking to guests, Michael’s appearance and food fight, singing Happy Birthday while Michael blows kisses ~ NEWS 4: 70’s party invitations, Michael at the party in an enormous afro wig ~ EXTRA: Miami beach party ~ ET: The story behind Michael’s “out to there, hair” ~ INSIDE EDITION: Michael with Prince and Paris at the Epcot Centre ~ DECO: Michael in hospital for observation
0-00-00+H6 - ASSORTMENT #17 <37m>
   I LOVE 1972: Discussing Ben the movie and Michael’s Ben the song ~ WADE ROBSON PROJECT: Michael’s protégé speaks about how Michael discovered him and how his career progressed with Michael as his mentor. Working with Britney and NSYNC ~ MUSIC ARTISTS OF ALL TIME: Artists speak of the influence Michael and his music has had on them. Dick Clark says about seeing Michael making Thriller. The multi-talented artist emulated by many others who lost his childhood along the way. ~ 101 JUICIEST HOLLYWOOD HOOK-UPS: #31 Michael and Lisa, was the marriage for real? ~ VH1 COLLABORATIONS: Michael Vs Paul McCartney – Paul’s antagonism against Michael over the Beatles songs. ~ MICHAEL JACKSON ILLUSTRATED: Neverland Ranch and the Space Rocket ~ MICHAEL JACKSON ILLUSTRATED: Indestructible video ~ I LOVE THE 80’s: Rock With You video – making of and discussion ~ I LOVE THE 80’s: Bad video – making and discussion ~ ET: Ed Sullivan performances DVD ~ Edward Moss – Michael look-a-like: ~ THE OTHER HALF: Johnny Ciao, Michael’s Chef: How he got the job as Michael’s chef, what he made to encourage Michael to eat more healthily. Michael will call and thank you after a meal, he is appreciative. ~ NSYNC speak about getting Michael on stage to perform with them: ~MTV VMS’s UNCENSORED: Embarrassing moments – Michael’s Birthday, Michael kisses Lisa ~ OPRAH: Chris Rock and Bernie Mack speak about Michael sleeping with boys ~ DECO: Michael sues over Edward Moss in the Scream Movie advert ~ CNN ON THE RECORD: Quincy Jones speaks about We Are The World and the next charity record he will make ~ DECO: Scary Movie 3, Michael’s reaction ~ ACCESS HOLLYWOOD: Jermaine speaks about David Guest and his connection to Michael