2-26-15+O4 - Afro wig fancy dress <20s>
0-14-56+T3 - American Film Institute Salute To Liz Taylor <3.48>
1-29-00-c4 - Australian Heal The World Cheque/T-shirt presentation <5.30m>
0-49-25-k2 - Beat It “Just Say No” campaign <93s>
1-15-40+Y5 - Best man at Uri Geller’s wedding <52s>
2-33-45-w5 - BET <4m>
   Michael presents James Brown with an award and demonstrates the dance moves he learned from him
2-13-23+R3 - Bim Bam Bino <14m>
0-35-32+I5 - Brett Livingstone-Strong painting presentation <60s>
0-00-00-s2 - Bucharest Orphanage Visit <60s>
1-44-10-u5 - Carousel Of Hope [2001] <11m> (Private)
2-11-04+L3 - Chewing Gum <3m>
2-36-20-f2 - Circus Visit <80s>
0-00-00-b3 - Copyright Deposition {Mexico} <240m>
   Four wonderful hours of a charming Michael avoiding questions, singing, playing, causing havoc and slowly getting very stoned while being deposed in Mexico immediately before he scrapped the Dangerous tour and disappeared
2-17-25+O4 - Fans sing Heal The World while Michael conducts <46s>
1-50-14-j5 - Florida Mall shopping wearing an orange monkey mask<32s>
1-50-19+O4 - Giggles with children <10s>
1-09-04-u4 - J5 in Parachutes <15s>
2-58-49+C6 - J5 In Parachutes <25s>
   Introducing themselves - and Randy
1-44-17-t4 - Jackson Five Motown Audition {1968} <5m>
1-59-50-h1 - Jacksons Tug Of War <11s>
0-47-46-e2 - Japanese Heal The World Cheque Presentation <14.30m>
3-01-00+X1 - Just Say "No" Campaign <1.34m>
2-49-12-b2 - Lladro Glass Factory, Valencia Visit <2m>
1-47-01+O4 - Men In Black cameo appearance <25s>
0-37-21-t4 - Michael and Prince invited on stage at James Brown Concert <5.30m>
0-28-00-u2 - Michael Jackson Auditorium Dedication <37m>
1-37-50+E1 - Michael Jackson Auditorium Dedication <90s>
1-59-54+O4 - Michael sings in his hotel room <15s>
0-56-23+E1 - Michael winking repeatedly <10s>
1-23-00-m5 - Michael’s visit to Exeter football club and his speech <11m> (Private)
0-15-26+L3 - MTV "My Weekend at Michael's Neverland" competition <2.30m>
0-00-00+G3 - MTV "My Weekend at Michael's Neverland" winner <8.30m>
1-15-43-d5 - NASDAQ opening [CNBC version] <13.30>
   Michael rings their bell and gets presented with a birthday cake [not the same as CNN]
0-00-00-d5 - NASDAQ opening [CNN version] <12m>
   Michael rings their bell and gets presented with a birthday cake [not the same as CNBC]
1-14-44+G5 - Pepsi giving Michael cheque for Heal The World <30s>
3-40-00+P1 - Pepsi Prizegiving <5m>
2-41-02-b2 - Present to Michael from Paco De Lucia <2.30>
0-00-00-p4 - Prince Naseem Hamed MJ Walk In <4.31m>
1-50-16+L1 - Recording with Frank Sinatra <83s >
1-15-45+L3 - School Shooting <3m>
   Michael's visit to a school after a pupil had shot and killed many of her schoolmates, then visiting the survivors in hospital.
1-57-10-e2 - Sophia Hospital Fund Raiser <70s>
3-02-34-X1 - Swiss Heal The World Cheque Donation <60s>
0-00-00-f5 - Virgin Megastore Signing <170m>
   Just under 3 hours of Michael signing albums and interacting with his fans, he laughs, flirts and is absolutely charming as he promotes his Invincible album. Fans are interviewed as they leave the megastore, most are over whelmed by the experience. Facts and figures about Michael's career through the years
2-01-01+O4 - Vogue Photo shoot <11s>
2-16-10+O4 - Waving from balcony to fans <38s>