2-14-00-p1 - Alphabits ad <30s>
1-50-01+O4 - Alphabits ad <18s>
1-36-26+I5 - Australian Bad Concert promo <45s>
2-11-15+I5 - Australian Bad Tour promo <30s>
0-02-08-F5 - Australian Dangerous ad <30s>
3-00-42-c4 - Australian HIStory Concert promo <30s>
2-55-39-c1 - Bad Album ad <30s>
1-49-49+I5 - Bad Album {Australia} promo <30s>
3-55-00-P1 - Bad Is Coming {Bad album promo} <5m>
3-51-42+M4 - Behind the Mask promo <20s>
2-02-00-k2 - Big Magazine ad <30s>
0-41-18-r1 - Billboard Awards {1992} promo <20s>
2-56-35-v1 - Blitz Michael Jackson Special promo <30s>
2-53-41-p3 - Blitz Michael Jackson Special promo <90s>
2-53-39-v1 - Blood On The Dance Floor ad <10s>
2-54-19-v1 - Blood On The Dance Floor album ad <32s>
2-53-09-v1 - Blood On The Dance Floor promo <30s>
2-03-45-f4 - Blood On The Dance Floor {Australian} ad <20s>
1-32-48-f4 - Blood On The Dance Floor {Australian} ad <16s>
1-15-03+G5 - Brashes Dangerous album ad <30s>
2-07-23-f4 - Brashes HIStory ad <15s>
2-38-59+H5 - Brashes HTW donations ad <29s>
3-00-00+H5 - Brashes "Win A Trip To See Michael" competition <90s>
2-54-50+H5 - Brashes "Win A Trip To See Michael" competition <20s>
2-48-42-v1 - Brotherhood album ad <30s>
2-43-46-p1 - BBC Bucharest promo <30s>
2-14-27-t4 - Californian Raisins ad <60s>
2-03-17-f4 - Ch9 Ghosts ad <30s>
2-11-45+I5 - Countdown Magazine ad <20s>
0-40-36+I5 - Countdown Magazine ad <25s>
1-49-32+I5 - Countdown Magazine ad <15s>
0-19-10-u2 - Credit Card ad <30s>
0-25-15-s1 - Dangerous Album ad {dance in desert} <20s>
0-36-04+G5 - Dangerous album ad {Australian} <67s>
0-02-08+F5 - Dangerous album ad {Australian} <30s>
0-07-54+F5 - Dangerous Collectors Edition ad<29s>
0-08-23+F5 - Dangerous Collectors Edition + Short Films ad <28s>
0-01-48+F5 - Dangerous exclusive on 9 promo <20s>
2-06-44-G1 - Dangerous Teaser <90s>
2-08-42-v1 - Dangerous The Short Films ad <42s>
2-09-24-v1 - Dangerous The Short Films ad <23s>
1-59-10+G5 - Day One Interview – The Jacksons fight back promo <11s>
3-51-00+M4 - Elizabeth Taylor: A Musical Celebration ad <30s>
1-50-29+O4 - Ensonic ad <60s>
2-51-00-v1 - Ghosts Film Trailer <65s>
2-19-48-f4 - Ghosts Australian TV premier promo <15s>
3-52-02+M4 - GMTV New Season promo <24s>
0-41-38 f4 - Grammy Nominations Album ad <30s>
2-34-38-F1 - Greatest Hits Album ad <30s>
2-19-45-v1 - Greatest Hits promo <2.20m>
2-53-18+H5 - Hard Copy promo {inside Neverland) <18s>
2-50-28-r2 - HBO Dangerous Concert promo <2.16m>
1-59-52+G5 - Heal The World Children’s Congress competition <29s>
0-48-08-D5 - Heal The World Donations promo <30s>
2-36-30-v1 - HIStory Album ad <10s>
2-22-05-v1 - HIStory Album ad <12s>
2-22-17-v1 - HIStory Album ad <20s>
2-35-58-v1 - HIStory Album ad <32s>
3-00-08-c4 - HIStory Album ad {Australia ‘96} <32s>
2-53-37-e4 - HIStory album ad {Australian} <30s>
2-37-15-v1 - HIStory Album ad {BRITS 1} <20s>
2-37-35-v1 - HIStory Album ad {BRITS 2} <20s>
2-26-12-v1 - HIStory Begins Here promo {US MTV} <20s>
1-58-14+Z4 - History Of The Pop Video ad <30s>
2-14-10-v1 - HIStory promo <3.35m>
2-53-49-v1 - HIStory World Tour {1997} promo <30s>
2-33-10-v1 - HMV ad {1995} <34s>
3-51-30+M4 - I Love 1983 <12s>
3-52-40+M4 - Invincible Album out tomorrow <33s>
3-52-40+M4 - Invincible Album out now <33s>
3-53-13+M4 - Jacko’s Millions promo <30s>
2-11-30-v1 - Jackson Family Honours promo {PREMIERE} <36s>
2-12-06-v1 - Jackson Family Honours promo {SKY} <16s>
2-12-22-v1 - Jackson Family Honours promo {SKY} <18s>
2-56-02+B4 - Jackson Five – The Real Thing ad <46s>
2-11-00-v1 - LA Gear ad {beach} <30s>
2-09-47-v1 - LA Gear ad {street} <30s>
1-26-03-p1 - Leeds Dangerous Concert ad <30s>
0-07-25+F5 - Live and Dangerous on 7 promo <29s>
3-54-21-M4 - ”Living With Michael Jackson” and “Take 2” <5.33m>
   First ITN Announcement, Bashir speaking about Michael in Berlin, ads: Value of Fame, Climbing the “Giving” Tree, In The Company of Eternal Youth, Building Bridges, Baby Dangling Digging up the Past, Learning to Moonwalk, Retail Therapy, Take 2
0-01-20+F5 - Making Michael Jackson’s Thriller ad <28s>
2-23-32-v1 - Michael Jackson Changes HIStory promo <30s>
2-05-04-f4 - Michael Jackson Changes HIStory on 9 promo <35s>
3-01-08-c4 - Michael Jackson Changes HIStory promo {Australian} <30s>
2-33-44-v1 - Michael Jackson For One Night Only promo <10s>
2-34-26-v1 - Michael Jackson For One Night Only promo <50s>
2-01-20-x3 - Michael Jackson Saturday {SAT.1} <53s>
1-59-20-x3 - Michael Jackson Saturday {SAT.1} <52s>
2-02-13-x3 - Michael Jackson Saturday {SAT.1} <39s>
2-00-42-x3 - Michael Jackson Saturday {SAT.1} <38s>
2-52-40+B4 - Michael Jackson Saturday {SAT.1} {Autumn 1997} <20s>
2-54-51-v1 - Michael Jackson Special promo {RTL2} <30s>
2-55-21-v1 - Michael Jackson Weekend promo {SAT.1} <40s>
2-18-15-v1 - Michael On Most Wanted promo <20s>
1-15-05+Y5 - Michael’s Face promo <35s>
2-17-41-f4 - MJTV {Australia} promo <26s>
0-50-21-g4 - Molly Meldrum HIStory Downunder Special promo <30s>
2-51-48+E1 - Moonwalker ad <30s>
2-56-50+B4 - Moonwalker ad {1997} <30s>
3-04-28+F5 - Moonwalker promo {Australian} <53s>
3-00-46-c1 - Moonwalker Video/Book ad <30s>
2-24-32-v1 - Most Wanted Jams promo {US MTV} <1.42m>
1-01-50-s1 - Motown Hits Album ad <30s>
2-18-07-f4 - MTV becomes MJTV <10s>
2-38-11-s1 - MTV Dangerous Diary promo <40s>
2-47-42-v1 - MTV Michael Jackson HIStory Tour Competition promo {1996} <60s>
1-57-50-x3 - MTV Michael Jackson HIStory Tour Competition promo {1997} <92s>
2-52-44+E1 - MTV Michael Jackson Saturday promo {1990} <20s>
0-35-22-s1 - MTV Michael Jackson Weekend promo {1991} <20s>
2-14-18-s1 - MTV Michael Jackson Weekend promo {1992} <20s>
2-31-04-v1 - MTV Michael Jackson Weekend promo {1995} <20s>
2-42-57-v1 - MTV Michael Jackson Weekend promo {Spring 1996} <20s>
2-52-37-v1 - MTV Michael Jackson Weekend promo {Winter 1996} <32s>
1-49-22-x3 - MTV MJ Weekend promo {Summer 1997} <44s>
0-57-18-s1 - MTV My Dinner With Michael Jackson promo <50s>
0-42-39-k2 - MTV "My Weekend At Michael’s Neverland Valley" Contest <60s>
3-00-33-r2 - MTV "My Weekend At Michael’s Neverland Valley" promo <2m>
2-56-01-v1 - MTV Presents Michael Jackson’s European Tour {1997} <34s>
2-47-38+F5 - MTV Special Competition promo 1988 {Australian} <3.17m>
2-00-22-x3 - Mystery Drink ad <20s>
2-51-41+Q5 - Mystery Drink promotional video <5.30m>
1-40-52-r1 - NBA ad <30s>
1-48-42-f4 - News Weekly ad <46s>
1-48-00-x3 - NRJ ad {French version}<22s>
1-48-22-x3 - NRJ ad {German version}<30s>
2-35-09+F1 - Off The Wall Album ad <30s>
2-50-09-r1 - Oprah Interview promo <30s>
0-14-00-h1 - Oprah Interview promo {BBC} <20s>
0-04-37-h1 - Oprah Interview promo {BBC} <30s>
1-51-58+G5 - Oprah talks to Michael Jackson and Friends promo <47s>
0-31-47-r1 - Our Price ad <30s>
2-31-54-v1 - Our Price ad {1995} <32s>
2-36-40-v1 - Our Price Christmas {1995} ad <10s>
2-52-05-v1 - Our Price HIStory album ad {1996} <32s>
2-12-40-v1 - Pepsi "Boy In Dressing" Room <60s>
2-13-10-v1 - Pepsi "Boy In Dressing" Room <30s>
2-08-38+R1 - Pepsi "Concert" <60s>
2-10-50+R1 - Pepsi "Concert" <90s>
2-06-04-v1 - Pepsi "Dreams" <63s>
2-04-15+R1 - Pepsi "Michael Jackson" -The Magic Returns <2.19m>
2-13-40-v1 - Pepsi "Rolling Can" <30s>
2-08-10-v1 - Pepsi "Singing with Self" <32s>
2-07-07-v1 - Pepsi "Singing with Self" <63s>
2-09-42+R1 - Pepsi "Street" <60s>
2-12-27+R1 - Pepsi "The Chase" <90s>
2-13-54+R1 - Pepsi "The Chopper" <60s>
2-16-00+R1 - Pepsi "The Finale" <60s>
2-14-57+R1 - Pepsi "The Museum" <60s>
2-06-30+R1 - Pepsi Speeches - NY, May 1986 and NY, March 1, 1988 <2.9m>
0-37-23+G5 - Pepsi commercial premiere {Australian} <83s>
0-08-51+F5 - Pepsi Dangerous Competition ad <27s>
0-11-21+F5 - Pepsi Dangerous Competition ad<25s>
0-11-44+F5 - Pepsi Video Hits promo World Fan Clubs <43s>
2-06-15-f4 - Perth HIStory Concert promo <68s>
2-34-27-p1 - Premiere Bucharest Concert promo <30s>
2-34-52-p1 - Premiere Bucharest Concert promo <30s>
2-35-53-p1 - Premiere Bucharest Concert promo <30s>
2-29-47-v1 - Primetime Live Interview promo {ABC} <77s>
2-19-15-v1 - Primetime Live Interview promo {BBC} <30s>
2-22-37-v1 - Primetime Live Interview promo {RTL} <25s>
2-18-55-v1 - Primetime Live Interview promo {SKY} <20s>
2-39-11-e4 - Primetime Live Interview promo {Australian} 30s>
2-50-00+P3 - Primetime Live Interview build-up <3.45m>
2-26-32-v1 - Primetime Feature promo {ABC} <3.15m>
1-58-02+C1 - Ray’s Requests Michael Triple {1991} promo <30s>
2-40-25+D6 - Scary Movie 3 Ad Michael hated <15s>
2-35-16-v1 - Smash Hits Poll Winners Party promo {1995} <42s>
1-31-40-f4 - Sony Nice Price ad <40s>
2-10-17-v1 - Sony TV ad <43s>
2-01-10+M3 - Sound Of Cinema ad <20s>
2-59-15+C5 - Sugar Crisp Commercial <90s>
0-23-40-j2 - Suzuki Motorbike Commercial <3m>
1-17-20+G5 - Teen Idols ad <30s>
2-00-00-k2 - Tenerife Dangerous Concert promo <94s>
1-48-05-x3 - The Best of Michael Jackson & The Jackson Five <15s>
1-49-07-x3 - The Best of Michael Jackson & The Jackson Five <15s>
3-56-17+I5 - The Jacksons an American Dream Soundtrack ad <30s>
3-45-47-p5 - The Michael Jackson Story ad [2003] <30s>
2-34-11+F1 - Thriller Album ad <30s>
2-47-12-e3 - US MTV Premiere {1987} Pepsi commercial <3.30m>
2-24-02-v1 - VH1 Honours promo {ABC} <30s>
2-56-48+B4 - VH1 Jacksons Day promo <<20s>
2-31-24-v1 - VIVA Jam promo <30s>
0-02-37+F5 - Waverley Park Dangerous concert promo <4.48m>
2-32-58-v1 - Wetten Dass promo {VIVA} <12s>
2-32-26-v1 - Wetten Dass promo {ZDF} <32s>
1-51-38-f4 - Woman’s Day ad <30s>
1-16-21+G5 - Woman’s Day ad <10s>
2-23-02-v1 - Woolworths ad {1995} <30s>
2-33-54-v1 - Woolworths Christmas ad {1995} <32s>
2-18-08-h1 - World Music Awards promo {ITV} <30s>
2-18-35-v1 - World-wide Report: Michael Jackson promo <20s>
3-52-28+M4 - You Rock My World Premier promo {MTV} <12s>