Jam 1980
[very rough translation from Japanese]

  Thursday early afternoon.

  At the high-class studio which here Hollywood you are proud, 3 people among 5 sons of the Jackson house – Michael, Tito and Jackie around a table, the snack of the tropical color rich healthy food the cheek beam, just reached from fan club the laughing which is not the cuscus and voice through the eye is floated in the mountain of question.

  For the Jacksons perhaps music always music heals the strange medicine all illness of all diseases and the distortion of heart of the person.

  Michael talked.

  "If as for me, music it is all favorite what. When it probably is music of some type, you think that one the one of them have your own place somewhere on the earth. It is true.

  Don't you think? ,We want writing according to me saying the it is.

  Facing toward the child, as for this child as for the white this child as for the black this child the Japanese, it is kind of something which is said. As for everyone child there is no child? Race discrimination can be made to associate. Don't you think? label something it is Gomen. Very being foolish”

  When with it becomes, there is 'the reverse side jacket of Destiny', also Michael's and run attaching writing probably will most be.

  “In the bird every single those where color can be designated as one are just the Peacock.

  I, like this Peacock would like to designate the color of all skins as one through the love to music”.


  This thought was expressed, in my question, becoming answering, how it reacts to new sound

  For example, the new form where the fan of music of a certain kind appeared, next is criticized. Does the Beatles fan increasing the flat tire to the sacrifice stop being not to obtain?

  Tito, eluding story, acting playfully, after showing, tightened the mouth and last portion.

   “As for music, whatever saying, idea is game what. The effort which opens up predecessor Mitou's state is necessary, is. Something to try probably to do original thing, it is only that.

  Viewing, 'those which Little Richard achieves in 50 age. Don't you think? at that time a person criticized. So, now classic”

  Though the Jackson house how calls the entertainment family, the majority was limited to music, but in recent times as for the sibling, it is expanding interest to also the other media.

  For example it seems that closes taste in permanent characteristic of the movie that Michael around ahead performs to movie 'The Wiz,' the future keeps remaining in the form of ever since film.

  Because “the film remains permanently, don't you think?. That the tour it does go whether the following story does not come quickly.

  If it appears in tour, you are excited enormously. If so it ends, also the excitation goes out.

  But when you do, the period instant is attached the nail eternally, it is. Don't you think? as for the star dying. So, the movie of Charlie Chaplin that lifetime keeps connecting breath that way permanently.”


  Sibling each one, to tell the truth closing this taste little, it enters, it seems.

  People having video, as for the TV program where by their performs past over 10 years videotaping, it is left, so.

  “The small recording it is tremendously and there is from a Ed Sullivan show of time. Attaching in whatever form you laugh it is” With Tito.

  “So, the fact that you peep by your of time of the child at all is strange feeling” With Michael continued.

  “With special program of Diana loss, the highest basketball game was done, it is.

  Only the sport player where the figure body is large fearfully, Rams and Lakers of Elgin Baylor and of Russell building clearing snow away which to that is also 6 feet 9 inches with the player of the basket it was. That ball handling was tremendous.

   Though, adjusting to the rhythm, as for singing song however it was not possible, don't you think?”

  So saying, as for Michael when you laugh secretly, Jackie opened the mouth suddenly.

  Don't you think? “that tape of you it has? 1 we want in the collection. When this time coming, making the tape record.”


   In Michael in the margin other sibling applying in margin, and recording already completely having known performance, until you produce your own album with by your, it became.

  Michael with the solo album, has arranged Quincy Jones and the shoulder where also the name roars in history now as a co- producer.

  As for 2 people encountering, through movie 'The Wiz'. 


  “My patience was rewarded.”

  Michael of rapture talks to the success of produce. Or “it is good. I directly from small time blending to the first-rate people, am entered and left the studio. Since Gamble & Hough don't you think? directly.

  I am remembering simply with the body, once. You just see motionlessly study”

  Sign of this own power long-cherished desire, may say that source is sent to Stevie Wonder. “Looking the session of Stevie well, the cartridge it is something which returns. Placing the this or the that and the waist in that place, the fog you bore Stevie with something”

  Jacksons turns the here and there of the world with tour, but when talking concerning especially Japan, their words furthermore became hot.

  “Other than staging the Japanese people being warm very, reach the exhaust it is what. With stage, there is the kind of reaction which watches the eye.

  However even universal language you say, truly, while I are performing, we would like to think music that it has transcended the wall of word.

  So, very the person who speaks English fluently all the way is in the Japanese people, it is. You are surprised enormously and the fluent are. Certainly, don't you think? the school it probably is necessary what with something”.

  “As for me the welcome at the airport was deeply impressed most”

  In other words Jackie.

  When “the Beatles coming to America, it was the feeling which makes thing remember”.


April 22nd of 73, 'for Tokyo music festival' attendance and Tokyo & Osaka & Hiroshima performance first visit to Japan

  When it becomes private, those where either the fragment of rival consciousness is not found in the Jackson sibling the surprise just can truly.

  You become aware in run D prematurity, also tune ones those where the work was recommended are that person of Michael, until you say, there is no result, it becomes the ultimate hit of that 'Shake Your Body'.

  In the same way the other siblings, there is no paragraph which stops Michael's travelling alone in the air.

  Because they have recognized, when there is another direction which road should advance of his individual creation which it should achieve in Michael.


  “We would like to learning is about a mountain, it is”

  Michael said being able to brighten the eye,

  “Especially, you think that the queen sea we would like to do by all means.

  The queen sea splash, it is master what. There being a thing which many books manages the score of the movie, pop jazz soul, the end is to the opera, knowing with anything, the artist is. It is artist what”

  The extent which becomes. As for Michael requesting, the reason that it was the peacock of this kind?

  In that way, the number of albums increases, every river which overflows does reputation.

  It will retire even in tomorrow, but it is they who do not have the times when first it is troubled with the gold.

  But, until destiny it ends, it pierces and this tip many years, in them distance of the creation which it should stuff refrains.

  As for being more serious than what and for them, run D as much as 1 days rising to stage quickly, with them 'Shake Your Body' it reaches the point where it is possible. (* 'In March of 79 large accident is caused by the car, the right before the foot cutting sun/size the serious injury owes, while rehabilitating)

  Because of that day if, it is possible to throw out wealth and the reputation which clasp in the hand entirely. Even such a spirit it is transmitted from them.